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Jan , Materials Science and Engineering, University of Texas, Dallas, Texas , United States from X ray photoelectron spectroscopy we show that MoOx may be considered to behave as a high workfunction metal with a low density of states at the Fermi level originating from the tail of an oxygen vacancy

Feb , The roofing system of claim wherein each laminated shingle comprises a first shingle sheet having a headlap section and a buttlap section including a essentially of low density polyethylene, high density polyethylene, polyethylene vinyl acetate, polypropylene, polyvinylidene chloride, nylon, polyester,

May , The injection of a higher ( or more) quality steam is continued at a rate similar to or higher than the initial rate to cause the expansion and and being provided with insulation along said vertical portion and along said horizontal portion and extending towards said distal end substantially to said

Mar , The asphalt formulation of claim wherein said resin component is selected from the group consisting of tall oil pitch, maleated tall oil pitch, rosin All tests were performed in accordance with the Tex F, Hamburg Wheel Tracking test procedure issued by the Texas Department of Transportation.

Oct , A foam formed from a blowing agent, a surfactant, and a phenolic siloxane composition prepared by combining a phenolic resole resin chains to the resoles Use of such technique reduces high cross link density and improves flexibility of the resulting cured phenolic resin by lowering resin functionality.

Jan , Particulate and liquids carried within the gas stream have greater density than the gas stream , and a corresponding higher kinetic energy Vortices and gas flow within the annular space formed between outer tube and inner tube may cause the sheet flow liquid on the exterior of inner

Jul , If you re like me, there s something inherently compelling about packs and storage solutions I definitely fancy myself a pack connoisseur, although my wife uses a slightly different term So when ITS approached me about reviewing the Urban Assault from CamelBak, there was no way I could turn it down.

Aug , The resulting product is useful as a subsurface irrigation buried pipe, having high structural integrity effectively resisting soil loading pipe collapse, and it even resists collapse from moderately large rocks A dense sod, for example, may absorb a quarter inch or more of water before any of it enters the soil.

Sep , Most significantly, at least in my mind, he notes that a liveable city means different things for different people It s all about your priorities access to freeways or access to wi fi His evaluation system uses the following categories size, density, sensibility and attitude, security, chaos and danger, human scale

Aug , The foam adhesive article of claim wherein the polymeric foam material is a sheet and the outer surface comprises a first major surface and a second major surface, For example, acrylonitrile containing resins are useful where high tensile and cohesive strength are desired in a low density foam article.

Jul , Moreover, the higher solids and viscosity pre mixtures resulted in solids with significantly less percent ( ) shrinkage from the drying process while Suitable polyvinyl alcohols include those available from Celanese Corporation (Dallas, TX) under the CELVOL trade name including, but not limited to,

Fast Supercapacitors Based on GrapheneBridged VO VOx Core Shell Nanostructure Electrodes with a Power Density of MW kg X Pan, G Ren, MNF Perpendicular edge oriented graphene foam supporting orthogonal TiO (B) nanosheets as freestanding electrode for lithium ion battery G Ren, MNF Hoque,

Oct , The composition forms a coating having improved chemical resistance, water resistance and adhesion to sheet metal materials and wall coverings furniture (upholstery and furniture components, window shades), filters used in home appliances and in industrial applications, convenience articles such as

Aug , An insulating foam cover, preferably high density polyurethane, is then generated within and over the frame, to a depth that at least covers the A suitable foaming material is sold by Carpenter Insulating and Coatings Company (having an office in Dallas, Texas) under their notation B class II

Therefore, there is a trend towards employing higher concentrations of SAP polymers to achieve this purpose homopolymers, ethylene propylene copolymers and butene propylene copolymers available from Rexene (Dallas, TX) as well as Vestoplast alpha olefin copolymers available from Huls (Piscataway, NJ).

Primer compositions and adhesive compositions (e.g hydroxy terminated polyurethane adhesives) that display improved adhesion to organic high polymers under the trade designation ACL PLUS from Occidental Chemical Corporation of Dallas, TX) are preferred since they are more economical and available than

Mar , Department of Mechanical Engineering, The University of Texas at Dallas, son, Texas , United States Wet gels experience significant shrinkage, relative to their molds ( in linear dimensions), but the final aerogels retain high porosities ( v v), high surface areas (

Jul , The Dissolvable Article comprising the surfactant blend of the present invention delivers a higher rate of dissolution than a Dissolvable Article comprising surfactants outside the blend of the present invention For example a dissolvable article prepared from a wet density foam comprising only (Group I)

Feb , The second design has a greater capacity because the solid phase active sulfur contains a higher density of electroactive material While the second design In one specific embodiment, the separator is Celgard or Celgard available from Hoechst Celanese of Dallas, Texas The separator may

Aug , They proceeded to build these nanosheets into powerful energy storing supercapacitors with high energy density, thus creating a hemp based graphene. Essentially, Mitlin s team discovered a process for converting fibrous hemp waste into a unique graphene like nanomaterial that many say outperforms

Apr , A G MacDiarmid NanoTech Institute, University of Texas at Dallas, son, Texas , United States ยง Faculty of Applied Chemical Graphene oxide sheets induced growth of nanostructured Fe O for a high performance anode material of lithium ion batteries Xiangfei Meng , Youlong Xu

Jun , Apparatus as defined in claim , the elongated brush comprising a body of open cell foam material constructed for wiping engagement against the applicator This invention relates generally to sheet fed or web fed, rotary offset or flexographic printing press equipment, and in particular to an improved

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Jul , The outside of inner pipe is provided a thick coating of an arc resistant material such as high density polyethylene or polypropylene which may be extruded over an initial corrosion resistant coating A pair of low density plastic foam insulation panels of a material such as polyisocyanurate are

Aug , An article according to claim wherein the expanded polymeric foam material is a sheet and the outer surface comprises a first major surface and a second major For example, acrylonitrile containing resins are useful where high tensile and cohesive strength are desired in a low density foam article.

Jun , A new Pew study of the political polarization in this country has found some distinct cultural differences between liberals and conservatives Read about it after the jump, where I also offer some observations and propose something for us to discuss From Dan Balz, Pew poll In polarized United States, we