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Feb , Make this moss and wood monogram planter with a trip to the craft store for two supplies Wooden letter art with real moss added for texture Easy Sidenote Isn t that an adorable product line name Alphabet soup Makes me feel cozy and hungry all One, our bathroom doesn t get a ton of natural light.

But if you are looking for something more challenging and original, you can create these cute memory letter blocks You will need some basic wooden blocks, Mod Podge, glue, a sponge and lots of family pictures Also if you want to place a letter on each block, you should print out some pattern from the internet For the full

Mar , Instructables member vanweb came up with this beautiful design for his goddaughter s toy box, taking his inspiration from the classic wooden letter blocks that We especially appreciate the hidden castors on the bottom of the box and the heavy duty safety arm inside that ensures no small fingers will get

Nov , If you want to churn out a bunch of these, save money by buying a × piece of wood and having it chopped into blocks Also, check Etsy or eBay for precut blocks Tips Tricks Assembly line this project and it goes by super quick! Apply all the tape, then all the letters, then all the pattern tape, then paint

Sep , DIY Wood and Yarn Monogram Wall Hangings Keep doing this until the bottom edge of your letter is as full as you like it You can choose to color block the yarn as I did, or go with all one color If you wanted to get really fancy, you could even try some macrame or weaving Just make sure that you loop all

Jul , Each of these projects can be built from xs purchased at the lumber store OR get extra DIY points for milling your own xs from xs like Corey That s My Letter has an easy secret to making them colorful while still being kid safe, too plus several other projects you can use the wood blocks for.

May , So I immediately made a wooden letter photo collage a top priority on my must do project list! Now that I ve made one for our family Initial I m going to make one for Riley s st Birthday Party I m going to get a large wooden and display photos of her throughout her first year These Wooden Letter Photo

Sep , Anodyne Anodyne, a woodblock font design from Yellow Design Studio is an all caps font with hand printed texture and unique shadow options This font has four distress variations for each letter and at least two for every other character anodyne

Feb , Wooden blocks are so easy and cheap to come across, too they can be often found at thrift shops and dollar stores Funnily enough of alphabet blocks Nothing can be easier since The Questionable Domestique has already made the designs for all the letters, and you can download them on her page.

Mar , Wooden blocks are usually painted in various colors, stenciled with animals, letters and numbers to teach your kids such a great idea to learn while playing! The tutorial is pretty simple just buy some wooden blocks of the desired size and use alphabet stickers or stencils with letter, numbers or any other

It can be tricky to find slats of sturdy wood that perfectly fit the names you are trying to make! So that you can create perfectly sized key chains, I recommend buying a length of Basswood board from the craft store and cutting it down to sizedon t worry, no power tools are required! Start by laying out the letters you need and

Aug , The Twig Co designed these four sided wooden blocks, each that features two letters and four fonts They give you the option of buying blocks individually or as an A to Z set that contains blocks The Tykography Blocks are available here Tykography blocks Twig Co Tykography blocks Twig Co .

Aug , Sooner or later you ll have to help your kid or kids learn the alphabet, this is essential Sewing isn t difficult here, there are ready templates, get inspired! Whether you homeschool or just want to work on letters with your preschooler, these DIY wood alphabet learning slices are a great teaching tool.

Dec , vinyl letter scrabble tiles diy scrabble tiles If you choose to stain it then make sure to use a pre wood conditioner first and then stain it the color of your choice staining scrabble tiles You can add saw tooth hangars on the back or purchase some stands at the Dollar Tree to display wood diy scrabble tile.

Jun , Make cute DIY alphabet blocks with your kids! This easy decoupage craft is perfect for Easy DIY Alphabet Blocks Supplies used how to make alphabet blocks Small wooden blocks White craft paint Mod Podge Matte formula (or Mod Podge Hard Coat for added durability) Brushes Scrapbook paper,

Mar , The Catch My Party Blog Flower Monogram Letter Step Before gluing the flower buds to the letter, lay them on top of the letter to get an idea of how you would like them to be placed This will also give you Step Begin hot gluing the flowers to the wooden letter until the letter is completely covered.

Jul , I have a quick and easy project for you! I picked up these wood letters at Michaels in the bins near the register I thought it might be kind of fun to have some alphabet letter magnets for the fridge like we used to when the kids were little While I am a little afraid now of what they might spell out I am wiling to

This site is created to help you find wooden numbers and letters for your next DIY craft project Our wooden letters and Block Font or Standard Font Wooden Letters, giant wooden letters, block letters, block numbers, wooden numbers Or would you prefer a night out with the ladies to get crafty Please contact us to

Mar , fabric covered letters I purchased the cutest bundle from Riley Blake Designs called LadyBug Garden and when it arrived I couldn t wait to get started! I feel I must warn you before I continue with this tutorial You know that famous line from the movie Jaws where Roy Scheider s character says, We re

Jul , DIY Wooden Photo Blocks What you need × cut into cubes Acrylic Paint × photos Matte Modge Podge Paint brush Scissors First the blocks I was able to make these super affordably by purchasing a × beam at Home Depot and cutting it into cubes If you buy an ft beam, you can get approx

Mar , I got a great letter from a reader with a puzzle to solve, so let s dig in, shall we Here s what he wrote Love your column in Linux Journal I ve read it for years and learned a lot about shell scripting, but not quite enough to solve a puzzle on my own My parents have a set of or so wooden blocks on a shelf

May , Okay, lets get started! Here is what you I started with the silver mist white color scheme, so I painted all the letters that I wanted in that color scheme first And Voila an EASY DIY Nursery Decor Project that is stylish and functional! So.what do you think ABC Storage Block DIY ABC Wooden Box.

Feb , These adorable crafts were all made out of alphabet blocks! Do you have a few laying around the house I found a bag of alphabet blocks at the thrift store and decided to get crafting Can t find alphabet blocks Not to worry! You could also use wooden blocks cut to × Check out all of these fun

Mar , x wooden blocks Sand paper White Paint Scrapbook paper Mod Podge Vinyl Easter letters The Easter letters After the paint dried, we used Mod Podge to adhere the scrapbook paper to the wooden blocks I believe you can get the beak and feet wooden parts at Hobby Lobby or Michaels.

Jun , This is a somewhat rare form of wood type, where the letterform was applied to the wood block as a thin veneer Apparently it was only a Wood type was sold in sets (like a A set, meaning you get four of the letter A and a number of the rest of the letters scaled appropriately) The master letters were

Nov , The letter cubes set is a combination of blocks with letters up to sides of the cube While doing some rearrangement on my craft materials lately, I found a few packs of inches unfinished wooden cube blocks deep inside my cabinet CLICK HERE to get the DIY Wooden Letter Cubes Tutorial.