48 interior slab garden deck

Features, Benefits and Technical Details

Pouring concrete for a slab A cubic yard is the volume of material which fits in a space one yard wide by one yard deep by one yard high Cubic yards are used to measure materials ranging from concrete to mulch for your garden Common materials that are measured in cubic yards include Concrete Gravel Sand Rock

Dec , The garden can function on all levels with a bit of thought and careful design, from accommodating recreation and relaxation to providing fruit and inside and outside, and he put his ideas to work when building his own house, with wide windows and glass doors joining interior and exterior spaces.

Jul , Christian Rice Architects, Inc The Nitty Gritty Patio floor Poured concrete, after the asphalt paving was ripped up Threshold A roll up garage door links the interior with the exterior The existing interior floor was concrete, which the team kept They ground it down and added a clear coat to make it shiny.

Dec , They asked architect Tanya Hancock and interior designer Denai Kulcsar to pull together the rooms into a coherent whole Hancock s job was to The open plan living and dining area leads to a deck that overlooks a pool and large rear garden, with a pleasant view of surrounding trees The generous size

Feb , And our desire to connect our interior living spaces with the outdoors has only increased in recent years This makes metal an appealing choice if your preference is to reduce the amount of visible frame and obstructions between interior and exterior Beach Style Deck by Robert Young Architects.

Dec , Interior design and design consulting Architectural photography, lifestyle photography, More Email CommentLikeBookmarkPrintEmbed ADMINISTRATIVE in the master bath They found the dresser at an estate sale and turned it into a lovely vanity by adding the white basin and marble slab.

Apr , CommentLikeBookmarkPrintEmbed A foundation wall of either poured concrete or concrete masonry units (CMUs) A concrete floor slab A polyethylene vapor barrier installed between the concrete floor slab and the ground to keep ground moisture from migrating up into the slab A finish

Feb , But before I get started with all the details of Day , I wanted to let you know that Steve Wartman and his crew are continuing to work on the deck build we covered last week We ve had some difficult weather for exterior remodeling over the last few days, so Steve s crew is focusing on several indoor projects

Fill those cracks quickly with a Polyurethane Crack Sealant to prevent further damage from water and ice The sealant should stick well without sagging, but a good one will also be textured to blend in with the adjacent concrete surface It should also remain flexible after it dries so it doesn t crack as the slab expands and

Jul , New amenities, plantings and paving elevate these outdoor living spaces A patio can be more than a concrete slab, as these six transformations show designer Beth Mullins worked a near garden miracle, transforming the cracked concrete pad into a lush back patio with a new upper level ipe deck.

Dec , CommentLikeBookmarkKPrintEmbed Floor and wall tiles for interiors are usually inch thick, while countertop slabs are typically centimeters (? inch) or centimeters (? inches) thick Exterior stone pavers could This is a question not just for countertop slabs but for tiles, as well A fissure is a

Sep , Custom wood hood for a more traditional feel above the inch range Vertical storage above the fridge Two tier silverware d er Meanwhile, the kitchen had finally reached the state of being templated, and they were getting ready to cut the slabs We got a message that one of the slabs was unusable

Feb , All the major spaces in the house open to the interior courtyard that is a central feature of the house, providing plenty of natural light throughout the home The house wraps Barn doors hardware by T Motorsports, door slabs Spruce with Poplar trim and exposed fasteners tile porcelain tile, Arizona Tile.

Here, the fa?ade is pierced with windows of all sizes each with a deep sill to create much needed shade for the interior The natural The architects created two distinctly different garden areas on the roof, adjacent to the deck The plantings where The kitchen peninsula is topped with a thick slab of concrete A two sided

Aug , Made by hand, prefab or growing from the ground, garden walls are key landscaping elements Here s what to More Email CommentLikeBookmarkPrintEmbed Natural fieldstone or river rock walls are a logical complement to a patio fashioned from irregular flagstone slabs Taller retaining