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Oct , The castored base as claimed in claim , wherein each wheel portion is of solid, translucent plastic construction Office chairs are commonly provided with a wheeled base in the form of a central upright support column with a plurality of legs radiating from the lower end of the support column.

Oct , An article of flexible furniture having a core formed from a plurality of laminar panels of a flaccid material and each panel having a pair of oppositely directed major faces, adjacent faces of said panels being Alternatively, a paper laminated with a plastic film to provide a composite material may be used.

Apr , Inspiration for this furniture was a roll of carpeted floor in a hardware store Oliver Reinecke Hyde Table Gap ChairHyde A plastic part connects the individual parts and creates a joint that allows the attachment of additives such as a table surface or a reading light Easy assembly, few parts and a small

I also have the usual complement of shop tools, as well as somewhat exotic equipment like a pressure chamber and a curing oven It s fair to say that I Way before there was D printing, back when everything had to be made with a steady hand, it was my secret sauce technique for making plastic parts That said, I was

And, if you re looking for the best offers and savings near you, shop the Local Ad for your favorite Home Depot store online Coupon will be sent via e mail Check out all the different fencing materials which includes wood, vinyl, composite, chain link, metal, barbed wire, bamboo, lattice fence, and even pet fencing!

May , The invention relates to a method of producing a wood thermoplastic composite characterized by converting a low bulk density mixture of a wood component and a thermoplastic component into a stable, easily transportable, storable high bulk density feedstock The feedstock is easy to handle and store

Nov , It might not change the world, Dent admits, but he thinks we ll soon start seeing it everywhere, because while it feels and looks like paper, it s as strong and tear proof as plastic RE CRETE Concrete is a composite that is basically made up of a bunch of junk mostly sand and gravel bonded together with

Dec , Project Plexe by students from Barlett London School of Architecture A rendering showing different column structures Fellow Bartlett students on the same masters course also designed intricate chairs, built using a felt like composite material that appeared to be soft but could support weight The Plex e

Oct , A quick survey of Blaine Brownell s new guide Transmaterial Next A Catalog of Materials That Redefine Our Future turns up a half dozen Etsy ready art and furniture curios There s jewelry made from coffee grounds, bowls made from plastic bags, and a chair made from artichoke thistle fibers (the

January and February are the best times to nab furniture at serious discountsup to percent off in some casesas stores hold clearance sales to make room for new Able to mimic the look of everything from stainless steel to stained glassand formulated for all types of surfaces, including plastic and metalthese

Oct , A process for making composite products from waste material comprises the steps of a) obtaining fibrous material produced by the thermal treatment of e) hardening the mixture wherein the process also comprises the steps of the separating out the fibrous material and deodorising the fibrous material.

Aug , We replaced an injection molded plastic and metal assembly with a composite design and achieved significant part consolidation and weight savings, is one of those sentences that, when uttered at a gathering, will cause an industrial designer s ears to prick up while others slink away in search of more

Sep , The recall includes Mainstays four d er chests of d ers with plastic d er glides and a single decorative pull on each d er These composite wood chests were sold in six colors Alder, black forest, white, weathered oak, walnut, and ruby red The chests measure inches high, by

Feb , Methods, apparatus, products, and or systems relating to making or using nanocrystalline (NC) products comprising a combination of one or more of nanocrystalline cellulose (NCC), nanocrystalline (NC) polymers, nanocrystalline (NC) plastics or other nanocrystals of cellulose composites or structures that

Walter E Nordrnarir, and Gerald E After curing, the chair seat, which is desirably molded of a plastic material such as polyethylene, possesses high integrity and because of its hollowness a US , Oct , , Sep , , Harry E Donohue, Body supporting furniture and method of making the same.

Mar , The feet can also be manufactured from a composite having a plurality of layers, including one or more planks, corrugated blank and an impact staple, or similar fastening device and includes composite materials, particle board, plywood, composition board, structural foam plastics, composite plastics, and

Jun , The good news Whether you re renovating or just looking for better ways to cook, store food and clean, it s getting easier to create a chemical free kitchen that Wood or bamboo cutting boards are healthier than petroleum based plastic or wood composites, which can contain carcinogenic formaldehyde.

Jun , The present invention is directed to the initial construction of furniture having bullet proof and or bullet resistant properties, and methods for They may be complex, such as KEVLAR, LEXAN, and carbon fiber composite materials, or they may be basic and simple, such as steel or titanium.