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, Homes along the Malibu coast are a hot commodity and have hosted stars ranging from the Spielbergs to the uber rich Larry Ellison, who bought a home for Carrey s former contemporary home is set up as an entertainer s estate, with indoor spaces that flow into several decks and patios, all facing the

, Cerused walnut cabinetry beneath the marble warms up the space The custom cabinetry opposite was painted white with a gloss finish to recede to the perimeter of the kitchen and hide the appliances, Olson says The skylights bring additional sunshine into the space In combination with the low ceiling,

, This summer we have been crazy busy working on so many new outdoor (and indoor) projects like the brick patio makeover with an outdoor lighting and Now that the house is back together and our new coastal kitchen and family room are looking fabulous, the view through the kitchen window needed

, They repurposed the decking from an already filled in backyard pool, built a fieldstone fence to divide the yard and planted an array of beautiful plants moved into their home, the most dramatic change they made was cutting down several large trees to give the yard more sunshine and air circulation,

Mar , Their window filled rooms, porches and patios where they can enjoy the scenery It s bright, full of sunshine, has lots of comfy seating and a beautiful view into the backyard, Wu says Surrounded by forest, this deck offers Cindi Anderson an outdoor spot with privacy in the middle of a subdivision.

, The homeowners wanted their newly built house to make the most of the incredible views of the Cornish coast, so architect Rob Grieve of The Bazeley Partnership designed a home that has most It can be accessed either by a winding staircase from a ground floor deck or from the master bedroom suite.

, Native to North America from Saskatchewan and Quebec south to Florida, Mexico and Central America, and from the East Coast west to Nevada and its native habitats are moist stream banks or woodlands, it can handle a range of conditions, from wet to moderately dry soils and partial to full sunshine.

, Whether holing up inside, protected from the elements, or enjoying the sunshine on one of the home s outdoor decks, the lucky residents of this A sliding door on one side of the living room opens onto a small patio area, which extends the living space into the outdoors and invites residents to enjoy

, Love the patio floor Sunshine Coast (Australia) This sunshine coast deck in Australia has a nice beachy vibe Photo by Jared Fowler for Homelife Folding Windows We re also loving the idea of the folding windows which allows for easy flow to the outdoors Photo Sketch Building Design via Houzz .

, It s the perfect spot for dozing off in the afternoon, bathed in sunshine The floors are made of cork, a great material to flop down and relax on The family really likes the soft texture and patterns of the floors throughout the home, and underfloor heating here is a nice touch Here on the second story, the cork

, Overlooking a lake in the lush hinterland of Queensland s Sunshine Coast, Colleen s home was completely overhauled from a dilapidated condition to the I also added a sandstone patio to the rear of the house, renovated the exterior with smooth render and installed new roof sheeting, says Colleen .

, Native from the Rocky Mountains west to the Coast Ranges, from Saskatchewan to central Washington and south to New Mexico widely planted from the Great Plains to the Named for the blanket stripe appearance of its ray flowers, blanketflower thrives in poor soils, dry conditions and bright sunshine.

, Another exterior highlight of the home is the rain garden located next to the patio Houzz Tour Worthington Dr House Sketch by Bryn Davidson Davidson sketched out the concept, which includes a large concrete box filled with gravel and plants During a storm, all of the rainwater from the roof and patio

, The dry coast really suited us with its lack of humidity, making for easily tanned limbs and quick drying laundry From the wooden patio we watched Chilean men hauling loads of seaweed onto the rocky beach to dry, eventually to be sold locally and abroad Sea salt was plentiful, and a quick scramble down

Mar , When a town s name is Watercolor, and it s on the equally tantalizingly named Emerald Coast in the Florida panhandle, you have a hunch it s going to be With intense sunshine the norm here, the extended eaves help cut down on solar gain in the tower, and since hurricane winds pose a threat to ripping

, Beach Style Living Room by Sunshine Coast Home Design Sunshine Coast Home Design Canada This bright white distinctly coastal choices in this Japanese beach house Whitewashed ceiling panels and stained wooden floors suggest that you re relaxing on the deck of a boat rather than on land.

, We ve come so far on our back patio this summer, but it was still missing one of the most important things a table! From the very beginning, when we thought about how we want our backyard to function, we get all smiley imagining our friends gathered around a large table late into the evening No one

Mar , The window also acts as a serving station and bar area, allowing guests on the large ipe wood deck to engage with those in the kitchen Modern Living Room The younger couple s bedroom has double doors that completely open up to a small patio and staggering views of the lake Modern Kids by Uptic

, Even with Calgary s brutal winter weather, it was possible to let in the sunshine by specifying large, Energy Star rated plate glass windows and doors drought tolerant plants, turf and permeable decks work year round in Calgary s extreme weather, while water efficient, low impact landscaping thrives

This ceremony begins as guests are shuttled to the top of the gondola and seated near the Observation k, the lodge s outdoor patio with panoramic views of the Couples even have a long list of ceremony and reception venues from which to choose including Sunshine Mountain Lodge, Lake Louise (which is located

, If you don t have friends or family you can stay with, you have one shelter available The Darwin Fuchs Sunshine Pavilion (Tamiami Park) at p.m. In Hurricane Irma s relentless hour march across Cuba s north coast from east to west, the storm left people dead, including two women on a

, A curved roof mimics this slope, while the platforms upon which the house is built imitate the deck of a yacht or cruise ship Modern Exterior by Samara Greenwood On Australia s Sunshine Coast, this house has been designed with space and energy efficiency in mind It is a series of geometric volumes