plastic photo sensitive lenses

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Aug , Photo Ian Tuttle From code to real world The new lens board Photo Ian Tuttle It had to be triple thick to prevent any light leaks The back of the new lens board Photo Ian Tuttle The old lens precisely fit, and the rough plastic actually looked perfectly weathered The year old lens mounted on a

Sep , Photography and Camera News, Reviews, and Inspiration Unfortunately, cameras and equipment are sensitive to those extremes To create stunning If you absolutely must carry along an extra lens, consider putting it inside a plastic bag, and keep it in a small gear bag under your raincoat or umbrella.

Dec , The resin composition and plastic lens preform are selected such that the attached portion has a higher scratch resistance, a lower chromatic the heat activates the thermal initiator and forms the lens material mixture into a gel which freezes the photosensitive initiator in place throughout the lens material.

Mar , Today B amp H started selling these new electronic dry cabinets for lenses, photographic gear and other equipment These chamber, continue to recycle its sucking power (silica gel based or ultra cool chip based or whatever), will get your humidity sensitive items damaged if you set humidity low enough

Jun , A major problem with tinted lenses now on the market is that they do not filter out bright light, glare, infrared light or ultraviolet light As described above, these lenses are tinted for cosmetic or convenience purposes only Therefore, a light sensitive person or a person in bright light, such as sunlight, must

Jul , This hole acts as both the aperture (controlling depth of field and exposure) and the lens (controlling focus) I ve used Ilford Harman MG IV (multigrade) D M black and white paper black and white photosensitive paper Black and Now put a plastic bag over the top and seal it up with black gaffer tape.

Apr , As this TPG commenter mentions, expensive digital cameras and professional lenses may exceed the limits covered by some insurance I also thought The carry on compliant Think Tank Photo Airport International roller inside of a Pelican Air case, which must be checked The Air case design is

May , Fix your cloudy headlights today with things you already have in the house Headlight restoration is easy when toothpaste is your headlight cleaner Restoring hazy plastic car headlights with toothpaste is cheaper than using Fast Brite, and it works great Polish your hazy cloudy plastic car headlights with

Dec , If you re a fan of lo fi images produced by plastic or pinhole camera, you don t have to carry around multiple cameras or lenses The Subjectiv lens give you four shooting modes in one lens and is compatible with Nikon and Canon The four modes are Pinhole, Plastic, Zone Plate and Glass The lens

While we may get a sniffle or a chill from bad weather, the electronics inside our cameras are much more sensitive A little water, some sand, In a pinch, a non biodegradable plastic shopping bag will do the trick Make sure all the At best, it can become stuck inside the lens and cause spotty pictures At worst, it will get

May , Photography and Camera News, Reviews, and Inspiration All I m doing is mounting a X squeeze anamorphic lens in front of my normal camera lens to create the beautifully wide and shallow image You can find You can find lens examples on ebay for not much more than a plastic fantastic mm.

Apr , A method and apparatus for the stabilizing of napthopyran and spiroxazine photochromic dye in a coating or plastic media is presented The stabilization system is constructed so that the light radiation must first pass through a protective top coat before reaching any light sensitive photochromics in the

Aug , If the sensor is not bigger than an iPhone s then it should be equivalent to about f or f in terms of depth of field In terms of how much light it lets in per pixel it s the same as any f lens, all else being equal The glass instead of plastic probably means that it lets in even more light, though, I expect

Nov , Professional portrait photographers may favour top money lenses such as the Canon EF mm f or Nikon mm f G, but with both costing over as well as freezing any slight movement in the person you re photographing, without having to greatly increase your camera s sensitivity (ISO) setting.

Nov , The non availability of these combination lenses is due, in part, to the little research that has been conducted by sunglass companies on the detrimental effect of the blue light hazard to the retina of the eye and the technical problems encountered in combining the temperature sensitive polarizing film with

Feb , Their first creation used , inch black drinking st lenses that each provided the camera with an f aperture The light directly exposes photosensitive paper placed behind the st s There is very So the duo made another version of the camera using corrugated plastic instead of st s.

Nov , The process of claim , wherein the periphery sealing ring is made of at least one of a light weight plastic, light weight metal, light weight crystal, light weight liquid into the body of the lens, a complicated control system is usually needed thus such lenses are bulky, expensive and sensitive to vibration.

Apr , The Lomo Instant Wide is an Instax wide format camera that opens the flood gates to an unprecedented level of creative Instax photography But while the plastic wide angle lens is nice, it s one more thing to keep track of in a long list of accessories, all just waiting to be lost in the bottom of your shoulder

You can alleviate the fogging up of the lens by placing your gear in a sealed plastic bag and letting it slowly adjust to the change of temperature Avoid changing lenses as much as possible and remember that zooming in and out will pump humidity inside Favor prime lenses! Keep sensitive equipment in sealed bags and

Plastic and resin photochromic lenses rely on organic photochromic molecules such as oxazines and naphthopyrans to achieve reversible opacity These lenses darken typically in sunlight but not under artificial light since these photochromic dyes are UV (ultraviolet) sensitive Automobile windshields and glass windows

Mar , By selectively blocking parts of the color spectrum, the lenses effectively give us another type of color sensitive cone in our eyes The researchers hope to expand their experiment to the other two types of cones that respond to red and green light in order to explore the many hues we re missing in the rest

Mar , Fast lenses were then great options to freeze motion in low ambient light but they were not well corrected Fast forward a few years later, many camera sensors have reached or crossed the useable ISO limit of This increase in sensitivity gain would allow lenses to be used at smaller aperture rather

Jul , The new Livorno Polarized makes use of Serengeti s light sensitive photochromic lenses, and the injected nylon frames are both incredibly comfortable and flexible (even fitting well inside a track helmet) While most plastic framed sunglasses tend to have overly thick frames and temples that make them

Aug , In addition, people with sensitive eyes and allergies to certain solutions should pack enough for their trip unless they have confirmed the solution will be available at the destination Otherwise, it might be a better option to forego contacts and stick to glasses for the brunt of a trip to cut back on the amount of

Oct , Apple confirms the iPhone camera lens is sapphire, and under proper testing conditions achieves the hardness and purity results expected from sapphire I don t want to be overly sensitive to that, so that I stop explaining what s happening, but I just want to make it clear to everyone that we re trying to

Sep , Both cameras automatically trade off resolution for low light sensitivity when shooting stills in poor lighting Both also have trouble dealing with When I first saw the dual camera specs of iPhone Plus, it seemed disappointing that the telephoto lens only offered x optical zoom I was also skeptical of the

Jul , Plastic light diffusion systems match LED lighting needs (MAGAZINE) (UPDATED) So in LED lighting developments, engineers must design lens systems and covers that are optimized in terms of their light diffusion properties to eliminate The main d back to the haze parameter is its low sensitivity.