pvc sheet manufacturing machine

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Jun , This invention relates to a process of manufacturing coir fibre tufted mat and a machine for manufacturing the said mat The method comprises the following steps a Production of non woven coir brush mat by inserting cut lengths of coir fibre into a viscous PVC based compound or a rubber based

An improved process for making plastisol foams is disclosed, the improvement comprising adding to the plastisol composition, prior to foaming, a material which is compatible with the plastisol and which cures at about room temperature, then foaming the resulting mixture, then curing the material added at about room

Oct , The present invention relates to a process for manufacturing a conveyor belt with an image or functional element incorporated in the belt The applicant suggests that the resulting image on the upper surface of the belt is then covered with a film of transparent plastic protecting the belt and the transfer

The process employed in the manufacture of such a sheet has been found equally successful in the manufacture of plastic sheet material reinforced by materials other than glass fibers in the form of scrim or leno weave netting, or of other mesh material which has a strand diameter small with respect to the spaces between

Aug , (see figure ), a separate nip may be provided by the addition of a separate roll in juxtaposition to a final roll in the calendering head In either instance, the casting sheet is forcefully applied to the polyvinyl chloride film prior to engagement with the embossing rolls of the manufacturing process.

Sheets Sheet X EXTRUDER B SIZING TUBE PLASTIC TUBING AIR INVENTOR T E, BRANSCUM BY W A TTORNE Y In another aspect, the invention relates to an improved method for forming a thermoplastic pipe by venting vapors from its surface subsequent to extrusion In another aspect, the invention

Feb , used to work at wavin plastics on extruders we had top and bottom twin screws to start making plpes in Hey can you tell me which software you used for designing this machine we have a single screw pp sheet extrusion line, but we have problem of unequal sheet length after cutting..

Apr , The rigid PVC article of claim or , wherein the rigid PVC is manufactured by extrusion, injection molding, or a press The rigid PVC article of claim , wherein the manufacture process comprises a step of post curing treatment The rigid PVC of claim , wherein the step of curing is by exposure to

PLASTIC EXTRUSICN MACHINE WITH PRESSURE CONTROL MEANS Filed July , Sheets SheetI United States Patent O PLASTIC EXTRUSION MACHINE WITH In the accompanying d ings forming part of this specification, similar characters of reference indicate corresponding parts in all the views Fig.

Mar , Improved process for dissolving polyvinyl chloride resin for the manufacture of pvc solution EP A (text A process for the manufacturing of the PVC sheet, comprising applying the solution of any one of claims to to a surface, drying it, reeling off the resulting sheet A process according to

Jul , This tends to impart machine direction thermal shrinkage in the PVC sheet, rendering the film unattractive for floppy disk jacket and blister packaging applications One solution to this problem is proposed by F Nicoll, Manufacture of Continuous Plastic Sheets, U.S Pat No ,, (Jan , ), which

Feb , In the method of making microporous battery separators by the dry sintering process including the principal steps of spreading dry PVC particles into a Earlier attempts to reduce the pore size by simply calendaring the sintered sheet but without the pore formers or with the pore formers but at too high a

through are schematic diagrams illustrating successive steps in applying the extrusion coating process to production of an exterior automotive quality paint coat on a molded plastic car body panel The extrusion coated clear coat color coat film in this instance is bonded to a contoured surface of a molded plastic car body

Mar , An aqueous process for preparing a dispersion PVC resin having a mean particle size diameter of from microns to about microns at from ° to ° C using the Initial color is particularly noticeable when a clear film is applied to a light colored, opaque substrate like white flooring sheets.

Jan , Pvc stabilizer composition and process for manufacture of the composition WO A Abstract A primary heat For heat stability, the Congo Red test was used and in this test, small pieces of the prepared PVC sheet were cut and placed into a test tube A piece of Congo Red paper was then

A tenter clip type stretching machine for receiving and gripping thermoplastic films in an entering section having spaced apart tenter clips successively arranged along a processing section at each side of the film The clips are each provided with a gap to retain a section of the marginal edge of the film, and a feeder means is