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Apr , Written by Katherine Golovinova, Marketing manager of Allinpackaging creative packaging From an environmental point of view, most people have already got their answer in mind when it comes to using plastic or paper, the answer of which is neither, but what about plastic or glass While some people

days ago But a thorough article in the South China Morning Post, a Hong Kong based English language paper, gives a different spin on the story Tom Baxter and Liu Hua of Greenpeace East Asia don t bury the lede in their first paragraph Though the regulation is primarily designed to address major environmental

Feb , Some people in the former British colony live in what s known as inadequate housing, including apartments subdivided into tiny cubicles or filled with coffin sized wood and metal sleeping compartments.

Feb , Hong Kong s Lunar New Year celebration descended into chaos as protesters and police clashed over a street market on Monday night Protestors pelted officers with paving stones, glass bottles and other pieces of debris some threw garbage cans, plastic safety barriers and wood from shipping pallets.

Apr , i D has released a new documentary, titled The Plastic Age, in its entirety on YouTube The name of the short film is derived from society s current harmful use of plastic, which unlike paper, metal, glass or wood, does not oxidize or biodegrade Instead, it often ends up in our oceans, polluting the seas and

Oct , As part of its long standing collaboration with environmental initiative Parley for the Oceans, Adidas has updated one of its classic shoes from the s with yarns made from waste plastic The updated EQT Support ADV sneaker first designed in the s now features a two tone upper, which has

Oct , I love art that plays tricks on my eyes, making me see something that isn t there but is The upcycled Rising Moon installation created for last month s Mid Autumn Festival in Hong Kong is just such a piece of art Created by Hong Kong based firm Daydreamers Design, the massive, hemispheric sculpture is

Hong Kong Polytechnic University Optimized material composition to improve the physical and mechanical properties of extruded wood plastic composites (WPCs) SY Leu, TH An innovative wood chip framework soil infiltrator for treating anaerobic digested swine wastewater and analysis of the microbial community.

Apr , AT GCAT (All Terrain Gift Card Armored Transport) Team Name WOD Squad Materials Cardboard, plastic gift cards, st s and chopsticks Horse Team Name Grand Califragilisticeplalidocious Horse Materials Soap, metal chain, fabric, wood and plastic

Mar , He ran with the idea, and has made almost k in his first week on Kickstarter for his latest line of wood watches, Original Grain Ryan is one of the coolest guys I Many of the friends I know who live in Guangzhou or Hong Kong tend to export existing items already As for importing items, I hear that

Apr , April Ecovative Design has made a mission of replacing synthetic plastic polymers with natural mushroom based polymers After disrupting the packaging industry with a line of fully biodegradable mushroom packaging, they are now setting their sights on replacing manufactured wood products (Video

Advanced Environmental Recycling Technologies, Inc develops and commercializes technologies to recycle waste polyethylene plastics, and develops, manufactures and markets green building compounds The Company s primary products are composite building materials that are used in place of traditional wood or

Sep , Colourful shingles made of recycled plastic will nearly cover a temporary pavilion, designed for this year s Dutch Design Week The eight metre high primary wooden structure of the pavilion will comprise different frames held together with tie down straps and tension belts, which are more commonly

Jul , Sportswear brand Adidas has launched a prototype shoe with an upper made entirely from yarns and filaments produced using plastic salvaged from the ocean ( slideshow) British designer Alexander Taylor s running shoe for Adidas was unveiled during an event last week for Parley for the Oceans an

Oct , Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Shahar Livne has created a clay like material using discarded plastic, which she envisions as a valuable commodity that future civilisations will mine for The Israeli designer is presenting a range of sculptural objects created from her Lithoplast material at Dutch

Jan , You don t need no fishing rod what is this rod thing you speak of Heck, all you just need a little bit of plastic (or wood) that you can wind a bit o fishing wire around Fishing, Hong Kong, Style, rabbit fish, steamed, recipe, , And then just choose the hook according to whatever fish you want to catch and

Jan , Noah has never been the type of brand to shy away from supporting social causes as we noted in our feature on founder Brendon Babenzien, the company intends to use clothing as a vehicle to implement change. Now, directly following the unveiling of the label s Winter editorial, Noah and its

Apr , Pink, yellow and blue plastic ribbons hanging from branches led Ho up muddy banks and over rocky streams The poachers she tracked The island eventually became a hub for the wood s export and earned it the name Hong Kong, which translates as Fragrant Harbor To this day, agarwood features in

Apr , Footage captured in a fish market in Kowloon, Hong Kong, shows the shopkeeper weighing a basket full of fish while adjusting another bag hidden out of view of the customer She then appears to put the fish in the bag, but then brings the fish down and out of sight, throwing the weighed fish and the plastic

Nov , the East meets the West, Hong Kong is a densely packed urban metropolis and so to see a section of it replicated in such minute detail is quite staggering The Australian artist, who s year career has taken him across the world, built the replica from scratch using a collection of wood, plastic, cardboard,