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Nov , Home Sweet Home on a Budget Bloggers Finish Their Basements Written by Remodelaholic Every Friday during the month of November, I m going to take you on a tour of budget minded ideas for what I call fun spaces in our houses Basement Redo with checkered floor from Port before .

Sep , I would still tile the floor and shower If my budget or timeline was super tight I guess I would do vinyl flooring instead of tile and a preformed shower wall instead of tile I would add more lighting Probably one more recessed light I would install and paint the wainscoting before I installed the toilet and vanity.

Dec , As a brief primer, my ENTIRE house has exposed concrete floors and with the careful placement of a rug here, a chair there, they look all right And by all right I mean not very good They were a swirly twirly mess of different shades and stains The original stain was put on using a penetrating sealer and

Jun , Ivie s floor was my first experience and its held up really well, so well in fact, that I decided to rip the carpet out of Dylan s room and paint her floor too How To Paint Does the Sherwin Williams Floor Deck Enamel work on basement concrete floors It is the best and cheapest flooring for kids rooms.

Nov , Slippy problem solved, it was still looking like the best finished basement floor ever I was king of the basement Lord of home improvement And I reigned as king for several weeks, a month even brown sharpie fix for basement stain job Then chips in the floor finish started to appear I fixed the first few with

Sep , Finishing your basement will take away some storage, so be sure to leave as much room for the ugly realities of life as you actually need in order to avoid having your new living To make the floors extra durable AND toasty, we installed heated floor mats beneath inexpensive honed Brazilian slate floors.

Mar , Their basement did not have any sewage drainage built into the basement floor They had to install a power flush system to handle the waste from the bathroom shower, sink and toilet This thing looks sort of like a sump pump with a garbage disposal in it Completely gross but an adequate solution if you

Watch this video for tips on how to keep rainwater away from your foundation and apply masonry sealer to basement walls to reduce moisture You can apply masonry sealers to masonry basement walls with a paintbrush or long nap roller Make sure to apply enough pressure to force Sealing Basement Walls and Floor.

Jan , Which basement design software should you use to layout your new basement Whether you plan to finish your own basement or hire a pro, a well designed plan will make it a much easier and cheaper project basement design with framing and wiring I m just spit ballin here but let s suppose that you

May , When I was learning how to finish a basement I started by framing this exact room Stop worrying about getting permits or finishing some page design or budget Epoxy is like cement and the last thing you want is to remove a wall in your basement and see a part of the floor that isnt epoxy d (sp )

Sep , I did list HVAC as one of my phases of how to finish a basement but what you re probably wondering is So if your budget it tight you might be just fine waiting a bit Every summer it seems to be a different location different water mark stain but only in the locations directly below the floor registers.

Durable and easy to maintain, this practical, affordable floor covering is continually improving in looks and performance DIY or hire a pro Homeowners can install most tiles and planks themselves Let a pro lay sheet flooring How long will it last Warranties on vinyl flooring run finished basement with vinyl flooring.

Aug , That s why I spent some extra money and time to install insulation in all of the basement ceiling stud bays (the space between the floor joists) Plus My drywall guys did three finishing passes with the drywall mud and each time required sanding So expect about Go for the cheaper option Insulation

It s super easy and an inexpensive way to make your garage and or shop look like a million bucks! garage floor epoxy shield Whit and I are forever fans of the Rust Oleum Epoxy Shield floor coating So much that I applied it to my previous garage, Whit applied it to hers and now, I m applying it to my shop and garage in

Jun , Painting the concrete opens up so many budget friendly options! Eventually, I just used a crap load of duct tape all over the bottom of the rug (don t worry, it was a cheap rug) If when After Hurricane Irene last year we lost all of our carpeting in our basement family room so we decided to paint the floor.

Jan , We didn t at the time opt for Forest Steward Council certified wood flooring since we didn t have the budget for it The basement has a floating cork floor for sound, softness, and warmth I regret not adding another coat of water based polyurethane since the finish of the brand I bought, scratched Do not lay

May , Open floor plan Loft style basement makeover Walls are taken down and everything in I finally had Open floor plan basement update completed using paint, repurposed decor and upcycled materials from Stow D ing For an entire lower level renovation, I think we pulled it off on a pretty low budget.