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Jun , A newly released report finds that dry rot is to blame for the rapid deterioration of the wood beams that led to the collapse of this Berkeley apartment balcony and death of six people (Photo Jeff Chiu AP Image via ) In a report released a week after the incident, officials with Berkeley s Building

Apr , Kitchenettes are great features for apartments or guesthouses But be careful Guests may never leave with convenience like this This kitchenette features a cost effective freestanding refrigerator, a sink and a microwave Traditional Home Theater by By Brooke Interiors By Brooke Interiors The void below

Oct , We have strived to introduce o Building as an alternative to the vertical multi family housing model, which, in its commonest form, merely stacks up apartment units, said the studio o Building in S?o Paulo by Isay Weinfeld Rather than adding small balconies, the architect gave each home its own

Apr , So Scott and Shannon turned to architect Andrew Mikhael, who identified a spot where they could add a bathroom, without adding to the home s foundation at all Can you guess He was able to do this without expanding the home s foundation at all, which would ve cost a pretty penny (Image credit

Sep , Give a cozy and arm look to your balcony by adding couches, a small coffee table and a wooden themed wall if you re not a fresh graduate and moving into another apartment, most concerns are basically the same how you can conserve space and how you can design your apartment cost effectively.

Jul , Apartment renters need the landlord s permission to install anything on their rooftops This makes installing solar difficult for people who rent Because most of Step Detach the panel wires again and place the panel on the rooftop or wherever you get the most sunlight (garden balcony ) Attach the

Jan , In the Kitchen In a small home, you don t always have the luxury of adding an entire room off a kitchen for laundry Houzz user cbrysha executed a similar closet remodel recently in a square foot apartment above a garage The cost of running all this into a new spot in a house can add up quickly.

Jun , The patio at my apartment does not have a lot of space so to maximize its usage I wanted to install a bar that was not attached to any external add a railing to the edge of the countertop to prevent any accidents involving beer cans falling to the ground pc Outdoor Wood Patio Balcony Saddle Bar Set.

Dec , When sharing an apartment or group house, it only seems fair that those in bigger rooms should pay a higher share of the rent But, how do you From there, other square footage adding amenities, like a bigger closet or a terrace, need to be factored in If anyone wants to switch, the pricing is wrong.

Jan , This extended each flat by almost four metres, giving them floor to ceiling windows and a balcony tower block before and after Adding a metre deep extension also adds a highly efficient envelope around the building, dramatically improving its energy performance With triple glazing and improvements

Jul , LAVA s proposal consists of adding clip on curved balconies to improve amenity for the SIRIUS apartment building Image via At what cost The LAVA plan could be difficult to manage structurally, cost a significant amount of money and see Sirius occupants relocated

Jun , The problem with this approach is that it adds significantly to the cost of the glass, and some uncontaminated glass may break, further adding to the cost However, using only heat soaked glass will certainly minimize, if not eliminate, the use of glass with nickel sulphide inclusions Buffer zone A buffer zone

Apr , Building a mezzanine (an in between floor) or loft level for your bed is a fantastic way to increase the floor space of a compact flat In this apartment You can create a lot of new storage with very little disruption or cost, and you don t even need to have a staircase built, as a (safe) ladder is often enough.

Jun , Electric grills are allowed (provided the foot requirement mentioned above is met) in a NYC apartment building on balconies, terraces, roofs, or yards, as long as co op or condo rules To minimize problems, more and more newer developments are installing communal grills on their roofdecks, he says.

Feb , Pricing varies widely, depending on size, materials and many other factors, but you can find small, premade saunas for about , (uninstalled), while custom built models can extend well into the In addition, you may need to add an exhaust vent nearby to siphon off moisture generated by the steam.

Jul , We ran across these innovative window systems designed by Fakro, which can easily add a balcony or a small terrace to a room The clever mechanism, found on Inhabitat, is described by the producers as follows The upper top hung sash (of the window) opens upwards, whereas the lower sash can be

Mar , Russian lawyer involved in corruption investigation critically wounded after fall from apartment We have a lot of questions relating to what happened that we cannot receive answers to, the rep said, adding that the winch was strong enough for something heavier than a tub and none of the workers were

Jun , If you have to dig down a few feet, that cost will begin to compete with the cost of a ground level addition If you are completely digging out a basement or lifting your home to add one, do so if you can t add onto your home in some other way (for instance, because of lot coverage limitations), because that

Sep , ) Given the foregoing discussion, it may be obvious now the trap mistake answer is (C), which results from simply adding and subtracting the percents Well, the prices of balcony to orchestra tickets are in a ratio of , so in order for the revenue from balcony tickets to equal the revenue from orchestra

Jun , Like any loving mother, Audrey Amos Larkin was looking forward to her daughter Dina s return from a trip to Spain The year old second year law student had been with team mates from her university cheerleading team for a four day sports festival in Salou, on the Mediterranean coast While she