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Feb , From exotic flowers to a mini avalanche of thermocol and plastic, an array of decorative items end up straight in the trash after the marriage is solemnised As sustainable, vegan and zero waste become the new buzzwords at weddings, it is becoming increasingly necessary to take an eco friendly approach

Aug , Why Eat out of Toxic Plastic Containers When Tableware Made of Sugarcane Fibre Is Available by Tanaya Singh August , , pm You May Also Like This Pune Organization Converts Plastic Waste into Poly Fuel with No Damage to the Environment

Nov , NEW DELHI India on Saturday invited bids for a billion artillery deal while deferring a decision on acquiring Swiss Pilatus aircraft for fighter pilot training The bid for mounted guns is the first big artillery tender in nearly three decades since the scandal hit Swedish Bofors guns deal in .

Sep , It is then heated and dried The process does not lead to any waste and every Ecoware product is completely biodegradable as certified by the US Department of Agriculture Ecoware for me is more than a commodity we take pride in being responsible manufacturers, she concludes Download the app

Dec , They place the bins outside their shops and encourage buyers to dispose of cigarette butts in them A few corporate companies have also employed their services Once they have collected enough waste, Naman and Vishal will start selling these by products like manure and fly ash, which will help them

May , Menstruation is one thing which almost every woman has to deal with Every month Many Indian women still use scrap cloth from old saris and towels, the traditional method for managing menstruation for thousands of years On average, a single woman generates kg of sanitary waste during her