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Oct , How to use it Stahorn sumac can be used in large landscapes to provide screening, thickets for birds or stabilization on steep slopes by Holm Design Consulting LLC Holm Design Consulting LLC Planting notes Staghorn sumac is versatile and can thrive in most soil types It is an early successional

May , P Allen Smith and Erica Glassner have taught me a few things over the years, one being the use of light colors in the garden, the peonies just shine at sunset! These shows, packed full of great information from good garden soil to pest control, led to me writing note after note in my own gardening journal

Jan , Its dense foliage acts as a seasonal screen and provides cover for birds and other small wildlife Unlike Virginia creeper, which adheres with mucilaginous pads at the end of its tendrils that can damage wood and masonry over time, woodbine twines its way upward using simple corkscrew tendrils Because

Mar , In the meantime, I ll go ahead and get myself ready for the day that I can finally fill my front porch with flowers by choosing the planters that I want to use this year I especially love to mix multiple styles and sizes of planters together in a group! I ve rounded up a great selection of farmhouse style planters for

May , There are also windows on the far side of the smaller dining room and screened windows on the opposing side of the building in the covered porch area Really good The jalapeno cheese sausage was my absolute favorite at Kreuz, though I know that might sound strange to most of you How hard is it

May , That wood corbel shelf is AMAZING makes me think of Donna w Funky Junk! i love it! question is there a reason you don t spray paint or paint over your Swing through Des Moines on your way to the Great White North and I will introduce you to the greatest architectural salvage shop in the Midwest!

Aug , Leave it to a Mediterranean style home outside Chicago to look good in winter, with its white stucco walls set against the newly fallen snow This bedroom, bath home includes a master suite with a deck and a heated, screened in porch for taking in views of its deeply wooded lot See more listings in

Dec , The Trochecks remodeled the kitchen and screened the back porch in their years in the house and it is just amazing now Some of the best estate sale finds include the barn with wooden animals in the sunroom, the Restoration Hardware seating on the back porch, and the armchairs covered in Ralph

Best of all, you don t have to be like Martha Stewart or Bob Vila to create a pleasing front porch Enjoy exploring our Use our porch pictures below to find the right combination of these features from which you can create your delightful porch Then use our porch We like the geometric trellis along with the wooden bench.

Jan , The next day I played around with it some more, and then sanded off the black paint on our wooden initials so they didn t overpower the plates so much Another one of my favorite plates, is the one we picked up for a few bucks at Midwest Memories Antiques on the way home from recording our adoption

Working from their custom design or your existing plan, they use a combination of techniques that combines old time craftsmanship with the best of modern technology and materials Want a beautifully designed custom screened in porch Contact The Porch Company today Voted The Reader s Favorite s Award in the

Jun , I think painting the room one solid color, or using vertically oriented paneling all the way from the floor to the ceiling, will create a taller feel, visually She could even do a mix of I think she may be talking about how at first you guys talk while the screen is just white with the main label I thought the same

Permits you to convert your screen porch to a three season porch with glass inserts that replace the screen panels Mary and I like this option best because you don t have to store either the screen or glass Consider using wooden panels to create a knee wall subsequently reducing the amount of glass you will need .

Nov , Use familiar greenery that reflects your part of the country the forests, fields, mountains or beaches to create uniquely local and lush holiday Here I am, all bundled up, working on Laurie Mark s screened in porch Convert a rustic wood planter box into a low, conversation friendly centerpiece.

Jan , When we moved into our present home I told my husband that I did not want a patio,I would rather wait and save up to build a screen porch Are going to to just use it for sitting outside and relaxing,Or are you going to use it to entertain and eat meals I am in Illinois,look in your area for a good builder.

Oct , It wasn t until months later, when I was still blogging and photographing food on a very regular basis that I realized I had quite a bit to learn about how to make the food that I knew tasted fantastic look just as good on the screen It s been an extremely large learning curve over the last plus years, but I ve

Apr , Today, I thought I would share some of our past patio and porch decorating ideas, crafty diy projects and more! I added in a few more for good measure that I thought were pretty neat Colorful decorating on the We have a very plain screened in patio that I ve been dying to update Your ideas are perfect!

Aug , Don t you just love those vintage rackets and that pretty painted porch floor swoon The tiny green and white cottage (now nestled next to the green cottage) was a big time labor of love too Save Plucked from a weed tangled truck yard in Beardstown, Illinois for , the crusty little cabin could barely

These Institutions Are the Best Summer Camps in the Country And if hiking through the woods doesn t appeal, camps focusing on certain activitieslike marine biology or actinground out the options, proving there s Each cabin has single beds and bunk beds, bathrooms and showers, and a screened in porch.

You ll find plenty of porch decorating ideas, landscaping ideas and front porch designs from our visits to many different cities and towns across the country Our site is jam packed with ideas for you The porches in Pacific Grove were very colorful on floord vintage wooden bungalows It was evident that homeowners took

Aug , It s named a best book of the year by every publication that makes lists of best books of the year The Los Angeles It s adapted for the screen in a collaboration by Nicole Holofcener, Christopher Nolan, and Jill Soloway Reese He has my application to Syracuse s MFA program in front of him.

May , No, not Christmastime, but the shoulder months betwixt winter and summer when we can coast by without the use of heat or air conditioning By opening all of our windows and screened doors (ok, so we only have one screened door) before the heat of the day strikes, we re able to take advantage of

Nov , Coniferous evergreen shrubs and broadleaf evergreens provide privacy for sightlines that are lower to the ground Use shrubs to create a low screen around your patio or other sitting areas How to plant As with evergreen trees, space your planting of evergreen shrubs so that their branches slightly touch.

Aug , People have wildly divergent views about whether or not this leads to more soap use more water use If you use thin, you re going to use more conversely, with thick, you might spend more at the outset but use fewer squares per sitting (of course since we re Oh yes, tacky Midwestern food is the best.

Sep , Some have called it a Wrightian version of a man cave the two story structure contained a garage like space for Lowell s custom wooden motorboat, gear, and canoes, as well as a second floor space with a bed and desk There s both an indoor working space, fireplace, and screened in porch.