building a deck over a patio

Features, Benefits and Technical Details

Aug , DIY Cement Tile Patio Makeover Save So while what I eventually went with is so much tamer than what I originally had in mind it is also so much more fitting And I am loving our mini deck, constructed right over top of our brick stairs But, ironically not right over that renegade patch of self leveler.

Building a Paver Patio Location Decide if you want the patio near your back door or further out in the yard Layout Mark out the area for your patio using stakes and string Excavation Remove the top several inches of the existing soil, and level the area Base Spread of crushed limestone over the area, and use a plate

Jun , When my DH retired the end of , we took a nice vacation and the next Easter week, we started building our porch The postage stamp patio wasn t big enough so we build a × ft deck first, then put ehe × ft screened in porch over that That gave us room on the deck for a picnic table and our

Jul , what we wanted to do in the backyard, and researching the feasibility of building a wooden deck atop an existing cement patio, the lightbulb went off for her, and she asked me, Why couldn t you do this on the front porch, too So, I went out and measured the porch As it turned out, it was over sq ft!

I m going to show you how to build an awesome outdoor storage bench Build a frame Since the storage bench is going to weigh a ton I decided to add four casters Turn the base frame upside down and measure inches over from the left and My husband is thinking about extending our patio and building a deck.

Apr , Wouldn t you just love to sit on this benchhave a chat with a friend while sipping on some lemonade Get out those X s and head over to Virginia Sweet Pea This fabulous Saw horse Barstool is a great seat for the deck or patio and a fabulous plant stand The tutorial is over at the Sawdust Sisters.