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May , The eastern bigger wash continues as Cottonwood About an hour north after the descent from Yellow Rock, on the left on a bench just above the wash floor are some dinosaur tracks Small rock ( ft wide X ft long X ft high) This would be minutes after the large rock tower on your right as you

days ago The answer to the American people s dilemma can be found in ceasing to base our civilization on theft, fraud, and murder as empowered by the idea that some people But as soon as we proclaimed theft as our foundation, our liberty bell, that was intended to ring out freedom to the world, instead cracked.

Jun , Everybody is a know it all .but of course wont post their own videos Yeah, this isn t the industry standard for building a retaining wall, but It certainly isn t going to fall over in years either Definitely missed a few important steps if you want to have a long lasting wall but I think constructive criticism would

Mar , They will be put up in caravans and tents and provided with food and water for as long as the Battle of Crays Hill lasts There is a heightened sense of urgency to the arrangements because, for the first time in a decade, there s a realistic possibility that the country s most notorious traveller site will be

July Foliage for GBFD Posted on July , by Pauline Foliage day seems to have come round again so soon, so in a break from the rain (on the th of this month) I photographed as much as I could, starting with one of my favourites, Rosa glauca which is contrasting with its neighbour, Cotinus Rosa glauca.

May , Early Fall Pruning In the second year after planting, you should get a small harvest in the late spring early summer After fruiting, set your black raspberry plants up for a smooth ride through winter and a successful future harvest with an early fall pruning.

Apr , It is difficult to predict how long a cedar raised bed will last since there are variables such as the type of cedar used, the soil conditions in your garden, and After my installation of four, X ft, ft high beds proved to be rotting into compost after just years, in Los Angeles, I pleaded with the company to