waterproof co-extrusion wood plastic composite decking

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Apr , A coating method for gypsum board having a surface gypsum layer in which a polymer additive has been entrained including forming a gypsum board including the polymer additive entrained in a surface layer, application of a preferably acrylic primary coating, curing and drying the gypsum board, passing

Sep , Another goal of this invention is to introduce a watercraft construction method whose components can be made from extruded corrugated plastic and other plastic materials that are lightweight, but strong, and can The FOLDING KAYAK includes a hull a deck assembly , and a waterproof cover FIG.

May , , is made up of an upper member which is preferably of aluminum extrusion, a threshold portion forming a raised rib immediately below the a sill block which historically were formed of wood, but, is preferably formed of a rot resistance composite material such as a plastic wood fiber blend.

Feb , said insulating material is comprised of extruded polymer foam having a nominal thickness of between and A method for In cavity wall construction, an inner wall portion or wythe is usually made of wood or steel framing sheathed with gypsum board or other sheet material, or concrete block.

Mar , The method comprises placing plastic concrete in a form of a desired shape, encasing the concrete in insulating material having insulating properties equivalent to at least inch of expanded The product of claim further comprising a waterproof coating on the second primary surface of the foam panel.

May , A prescriptive method building system for composite structural building assemblies with conventional wood and light gauge steel framing, structural steel, inadequate and or non continuous reinforcement resulting in plastic hinge regions, a lack of ductile connections for beams, shear walls, or columns

A fiber cement composite material providing improved rot resistance and durability, the composite material incorporating biocide treated fibrous pulps to resist The formulation of Claim , wherein the density modifier comprises natural or synthetic lightweight materials selected from the group consisting of plastic material,

Apr , The membrane may be made of ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM), chlorosulfonated polyethylene (CSPE), polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or similar roof waterproofing single ply membranes To complete the installation, wood blocking often referred to as a nailer is used at the perimeter edge of

Sep , Original Assignee, Zhejiang Tianzhen Bamboo Wood Development Co Ltd Pvc composite material, foam board, production method and apparatus thereof, and flooring The polyvinyl chloride polymer composite material according to claim , wherein the PVC composite material comprises .

Jul , The reinforcing material should provide reinforcement and or strength to the foam material, and may be any mesh or wire configuration, made out of metal, synthetic material, rope, fabric, or plastic wood In the next step, a foam material is added to the pothole for encapsulating the rods or stakes and the

A hard PVC (polyvinyl chloride) resin layer is co extruded on the surface of an extrusion forming wood plastic composite material synchronously, i.e The co extruded wood plastic composite product is waterproof, moisture proof, environmental friendly, wear resisting and scratch resisting and can be

Jan , There are distinct dis advantages to such moldings when used with a cementitious sub floor system, in that they do not have the same expansion and contraction features as the cementitious sub flooring, if wood they may rot if vinyl they are too flexible and further may not have the same PSI strength.

Jun , A composite structure comprising an extruded polystyrene layer, a mortar layer and a primer layer, wherein at least one surface of the extruded polystyrene layer is planed, The composite structure of claim , wherein the mortar composition further comprises a plastic fiber Water proof and alkali proof.

Sep , A door entryway system according to claim , wherein the nosing strip is formed from an extruded plastic material threshold cap may be formed of single or multiple materials or components, wherein such suitable materials may include wood, plastic, a composite, or another appropriate material.

In other phases of building construction a much more waterproof and durable type of panel is required for example, in the construction of exterior walls of After the composite panel is prepared it is left in the form for sufficient time to effect initial cure, or complete cure if desired the use of a plastic film covering to retain

Mar , extruding onto said substrate via a squeegee equipped screed at a rate of overlay of th to ? of an inch in thickness, a composite mixture of a Also, older bridge decks, especially those with wood timber pilings, (characteristic of county roads), cannot withstand the additional weight load of full depth

Apr , The decorative laminate structure of claim , wherein vegetation is selected from the group consisting of wood chips, grasses, thatch, flowers, flower petals, wheat, grains, and natural papers US, Nov , , Feb , , Dow Chemical Co, Surface treatment on extruded plastic foam.

Mar , A composite membrane comprising a layer of rubberized asphalt having a heavy duty plastic film layer continuously bonded to one side and, optionally, a layer of adhesive and a protective coating are marketed as waterproofing membranes by Grace Construction Products, a division of W.R Grace Co.

Nov , For instance, Stramit product literature describes use of its st board as panels for roof decking, roof insulation, interior wall lining, ceilings, and No adhesive generally is needed for sufficiently unifying the bulk of the board, since, during the extrusion process, natural constituents of the st , such as

Jan , Waterproof engineered floor and wall planks have a veneer layer, an extruded plastic composite core, a click lock edge fastening system, and, alternatively, an underlayer In the flooring industry, there is a significant need for waterproof flooring that presents the appearance of a wooden floor In particular

Jun , , the expansion joint system is positionable between opposing substrates , which may comprise concrete, glass, wood, stone, metal, or the like, to accommodate the movement US, Sep , , Apr , , Goodrich Co B F, Extrusions having integral portions of different stiffness.

Feb , Particularly demanding substrates to coat include horizontal substrates such as sidewalks, floor tiles, cement garage floors and wood decks Other exemplary coating compositions for use under the coatings of this invention include those compositions and systems described in co pending U.S patent

Nov , Varying SIPS can be made from XPS (extruded polystyrene), EPS ( expanded polystyrene), or CCSPF (closed cell, spray polyurethane foam) The benefit x trailer, single axle, currently has aluminum car haul decking, might replace with wood ply to save weight Advanced framing, oc ×