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, The C values for the samples clustered around , as expected for organic carbon in plants and wood They apply their stepped combustion procedure, using only the highest temperature fraction, on such graphite samples to get a composite value of .± pmc for this background

Mar , The invention relates to surprisingly effective antimicrobial compositions suitable for use in the protection of paints, paint films, wood, wood composite products, leather, metal working fluids, mineral slurries, inks, dispersions and other products Background of the Invention Materials which can be degraded

i The invention relates to a sandwich element for sound and heat insulation, said element being made of a composite of two plates comprising a foam, reactive, or fiber material is a cement or gypsum bound material, metal, wood, wood fiber, wood pellets, wood chips, polyethylene, polypropylene , is,

, ,, (Christianson) Other uses for ceramic aggregate particles include, for example, roofing granules, filtration products, hard coatings, shot blast media, tumbling media, brake linings, anti slip and wear resistant coatings, retro reflective sheeting and laminate composite structures There continues to

, A composite material according to claim , wherein the cellulose is in the form of wood chips, newsprint material, paper chips or powder, sawdust or mixtures thereof A composite A product according to Claim being an in line extrusion product, an in line injection product or pellets A product

Mar , In still yet another aspect of the invention, methods of making and using the catalyst composite are disclosed Carbonaceous materials include activated carbon derived from coal, lignite, wood, nutshells, peat, pitches, cokes, and the like and non activated carbon derived from carbon char powder (e.g

, wherein the composite pellet has at least one substantially planar face with a cross sectional shape having a rectangular envelope, which has an aspect Compression molding is an important method for processing fiber reinforced plastics to create a variety of products for nearly every industrial sector.

, These coatings are useful on wood, paper, and metals and may be clear or pigmented The process for the preparation of RLPC product comprises heating a starting material of butylated ,, triazine or related species in the presence of water and an acid alkyl sulfonate and or an acid alkyl phosphonate

, An extruded composite structural artificial lumber product is manufactured from wood fiber and polyethylene, including recycled polyethylene, ,, ( , ) discloses a method of using a twin screw extruder to form composite thermoplastic pellets having polyvinyl chloride and

, The product is characterized by having a bending rupture stress (flexural strength) of N mm and is processable with machine tools used for wood U.S Patent No ,, describes a composite product obtained by first granulating a mixture of plastic and fibrous material, e.g a commercial,

, This invention pertains to a process for the preparation of corn fiber gum which optimizes a yield of a white, high quality product Description of Related Art For many years g of sodium hydroxide pellets and g of calcium hydroxide were added to the mixture g of hydrogen peroxide (

, The consumer product of claim , wherein the polyethylene terephthalate is present in an amount of about wt illustrative embodiments including the polymer blends of the invention including PLA powder in PET, PLA powder in PET, PLA Pellet in PET, and PLA Pellet in PET.

, The nonwoven structure of claim wherein said natural fiber is selected from the group consisting of wool, cotton, flax, hemp and wood pulp Nonwoven fabrics or webs are useful for a wide variety of applications such as personal care products, towels, recreational or protective fabrics and as geotextiles

, The pelleted hard activated carbon is then subjected to a final heat activation to yield a product with high density and activity An active granular wood based carbon is ground to a fine powder, mixed with water and a bentonite clay binder, extruded to form cylindrical pellets, oven dried, and heat treated at

, The crushing strength and reduction rate of a carbon containing pellet (composite) prepared from a cold bonded pellet (CP) and coke oven gas (COG) tar are examined The peak of the pore size distribution profile, at approximately nm, observed in the as prepared CP decreases with the increase in the

, ,, discloses water resistant starch products useful in the food industry that comprise an inner core of gelatinized starch, an intermediate layer of may further comprising the step of drying the blended dried PBS or PBSA and PVOH with the cross linker and the radical initiator or the pellet thereof.

Products are obtained which are too brittle to be useful as general purposes resins or as base compositions earth and vermiculite synthetic and natural zeolites portland cement precipitated metal silicates such as calcium silicate and aluminum polysilicate alumina silica gels wood flour, wood fibers and bark products

A composite structure comprising a polymeric substrate having a first and a second surface, wherein the first and or second surface has one or more layers of The presence of inert gases, nitrogen, or atmospheric gases during the process reduces the mean free path of charged products resulting from the plasma,

I have discovered that small metal or metal ceramic pellets of various sizes and configurations, having serrated or tile like surfaces, provide a tumbling media superior Another object of my invention is to provide an improved tumbling media which may be charged or loaded ,, Patented il, with a finishing

, Alternatively, the engine can be made of e.g metal alloys, ceramics or composite materials especially adapted to operate at high temperatures and pressures, A predetermined measure of anaerobic fuel is fed to this engine as powder, cartridges, pellets, capsules, slurry etc, and ignited by the aforesaid

, Instead, the plastic pellets produced according to the present invention are particularly well suited for use in making extruded composite products comprising a discontinuous phase of aligned cellulosic fibers dispersed in a continuous phase of polymeric resin According to one preferred embodiment of the

, Polymer Composites U.S Patent No ,, relates to a composite pellet comprising a thermoplastic polymer and wood fiber composite that can be used in the form of a linear extrudate or thermoplastic pellet to manufacture structural members The fiber can be modified to increase

, The resultant recombinant baculovirus is then used to infect susceptible insects or cultured insect cells and the protein product from the incorporated sequence into a cloning vehicle or vector molecule to construct an artificial recombinant molecule or composite sometimes called a chimera or hybrid gene.

, Fluid applied membrane barrier products are faster to install than sheet membrane barrier products at the jobsite those commercially available from United States Gypsum, Chicago, Ill under the trade names SHEETROCK, SHEETROCK FIRECODE, SECUROCK, FIBEROCK, and DUROCK.