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May , White curved walls merge into a tapered ceiling inside this yoga and meditation studio in New York designed by Clouds Architecture Office It s an ideal material for this application since it s comfortable against the body when sitting or laying down, and it has great acoustic properties, explained

Oct , The dash also loses the thick straight lines of the outgoing model in favor of an uninterrupted expanse that tops the whole instrument panel like a fitted hat And since a luxurious interior can t be had without a quiet cabin, the new Edge is fitted with an acoustic windshield and thicker firewall to muffle the

Feb , The team s aim is to shake up the way South Africa engages with finance and banking through well designed and really useful tech exposing the services yet presenting acoustic performance challenges, so a specialised high spec honeycomb acoustic foam panel system with LED strip lighting was used

Mar , Separating the new Camry Hybrid from its predecessor is a new EV Drive system, allowing the car to be driven on electric power alone for up to km, at speeds up to km h There is also new sound absorbing materials in the engine compartment, along with an acoustic windscreen, and Toyota says that,

Jan , A colourful rock climbing wall is located at the back of the hall, while panels of oriented strand board line the lower levels of the three remaining walls Gymnastics By its presence, the project aims to complete the overall design of the existing sports facilities, by standing as a new south gable A single

Feb , StokkeAustad panels at Stockholm Each one sits within a pine frame, which has been treated with lye and pigmented oil to enhance the experience of the textile According to Stokke, they can be placed on the floor or hung on the wall StokkeAustad panels at Stockholm StokkeAustad will

Wall Installation (Arndale Centre, Manchester, UK) Acoustic Panels Pentagonal framework (Adriel Designs) Board Game, Cairo Corridor , so far unique instance, at least in combination, is that of flooring and wall tiles from First Base Pizzeria, of the Paddocks Shopping Centre, Cape Town, South Africa.

Feb , Panels of wood wool are usually covered up beneath other surface finishes, but BAUX hopes architects and designers will create decorative feature walls using the colourful modular elements the The BAUX Tr?ullit collection of wood wool acoustic panels is a canny combination of form and function.

Aug , scott amp torafuku modern asian eatery scott scott architects vancouver canada designboom detail of custom made benches and acoustic wall paneling instead of physically separating the space into two zones, the architects created sound absorption panels of quilted cargo pad and denim cotton wool part

Oct , Projecting and recessed free shapes in the white Aalborg cement concrete panels of the walls of the Intimate Hall function as large and small scale acoustical diffusion surfaces by varying in scale and height LANDSCAPE AND SITE DESIGN The design of the site emphasizes both the urban character of

Oct , China Philharmonic Hall by MAD A seat rehearsal hall will be located beside the lotus pond on the south side of the building It s interior will feature curving wooden walls and an adjustable sound reflection panel to optimise sound This reflection panel, located behind the stage, can be raised to allow

Feb , Stockholm studio Form Us With Love has extended the range of colourful construction materials offered by its brand Baux to include a set of acoustic panels To demonstrate the product, the team built a wall in the heart of the woodland and covered it with panels in green and blue hues Read more.

Feb , When I posted the story about La Dorita restaurant and its dozens of recycled wine bottles lamps, a reader suggested that I took a look at another venue from the city which had a wine bottle ceiling.

Aug , Steven J Waller s Rock Art Acoustics page Were echoes the inspiration for cave paintings (G Douse) Ngomakurira in Zimbabwe (D Bartell) Twyfelfontein (M van Hoek) Klipbak, Steenkamp, Ncwaneng, and other much smaller sites in the Korrannaberg mountains of South Africa (R F Rifkin) ASIA

Jun , The custom made acoustic dampening walls of the interior consist of black acoustic felt covered in variously sized, white, wooden boards The wall has proven no more expensive than standard solutions When turning one see big windows facing south, outside pine treetops point towards the sea.

Oct , In keeping with the trend for products that make interiors quieter, Marcello Ziliani has created Snooze a range of sound absorbing panels for walls and ceilings to soften acoustics in open plan spaces Snooze panels are available in different colours or fabrics so that they can be can be easily combined

Dec , In , Citylab Orlando (Website), the Orlando location of the University of Florida Graduate School of Architecture, worked with the City of Orlando to get a , grant for an urban planning and design research project visioning exercise creating design proposals for the Downtown Orlando Under I

Nov , Go here for the first part of this series, which tells how to specify sound masking in facilities This video offers examples of products that are used for soundproofing and noise control in offices and conference rooms Some of the products include acoustical wall panels, acoustic ceiling tiles and acoustic door

Mar , Dezeen promotion Danish firm Troldtekt is inviting architecture and design students to submit proposals for innovative uses of the company s acoustic panels for the chance to win Update the award was won by Yajaira Escobedo Romero, Adrian Becerra Villase?or and Joshua Dominguez Ruelas