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Jul , Salvaged wood slats Leftover wood flooring pieces Bamboo poles Old doors To create a sleeker, contemporary headboard look, sand and slightly whitewash the wood slats (image below) so they don t feel rough, look dirty or too rustic in appearance For extra design appeal, offset your headboard for

Nov , Flawless modern design using walls of wood can accentuate the warm atmosphere of a house, be it minimalist, traditional or eclectic below and you will surely find at least favorite looks my top favorite is the first photo, where curved glass collides with walls of wood and guides natural light inside.

May , For those of you who are wood artisans especially wooden chair craftsmen we provide an application that you can use to get a design idea of wooden chair There are various wooden chair designs that you can apply and apply Be creative to use this application so that a wooden chair design can be

Sep , Most images are of such platform bed ideas that make use of wood as the main element, found in almost all types of such beds Mainly, such a bed would be seen equipped with a rectangular shaped wooden frame that is horizontal and may come with or without a headboard Sometimes, the wood is

Jul , Image Source Nina Interior Most people who own a Victorian home want some small sense of modern design in their home, and those who don t own a Victorian crave the Victorian Add carved wooden pieces everywhere possible not just in furniture, but in mirror frames, lamps, and picture frames.

Jul , Artist Woods and designer Sebastian Wrong have been collaborating for years, producing exaggerated and colorful wood grain furnishings that are full of an almost cartoon like playfulness The latest designs, the Bent Wood Tables and Logo Chairs, are limited editions for Galerie VIVID, each with

Sep , Maybe it is the unique minimalist approach they have to their furniture designs, or maybe it is the calm serene setting the designs can give your home wood furnishings, white linens, and simple flower arrangementsit is a marriage of down to earth attitudes with understated elegance (see image below).

Spanish designer Tess Hill transforms a wooden chairs into clothes hanger with shelf by simply cutting it in half, flipping and hanging it on the wall [Link] Multiplo Modular Furniture Turning the archetypal image of a keyboard, into a sofa bed, QWERTY is proposed to hold you on its soft keys The micro electric motors

Apr , Cyntia Briano Wanting to focus on producing environmentally friendly furniture, Alamillo works at reducing waste and cuts as many parts as possible out of each wood board Cyntia Briano a The Macadamia Chair (in all images above) is made from pieces of cut wood that fit and stay together by the

Apr , (images via Inhabitat) The Maze Bookcase by Woodloops offers an entertaining, eco friendly way to store and display books and d├ęcor The designer says that Woodloops furniture, made of FSC certified wood, covey our original views to common behaviors, weaving known circumstances into new and

Bed Furniture Design You can find the most unique and highly creative designs for your beds and bedrooms in this App Lovely and eye catching designs to add splendor and grace to your most private space The designs are never seen and unique in every aspect Go for this App and make your bedroom the most beautiful

Wood and furniture is a different part Wood is a part of tree and furniture is a thing that can help human activity Furniture Furniture is the mass noun for the movable objects intended to support various human activities such as seating (e.g chairs, stools and sofas) and sleeping (e.g beds) Furniture is also used to hold

Nov , CAPRI is an outdoor collection of modern furniture designed by Matteo Thun Atelier for Italian brand Very Wood that s made of iroko wood The warm wooden structures are paired with upholstered cushions available in pattern color variants, but we re partial to the one featured in the images a

Nov , It s time to forget all the standard and conventional rocking chairs you ve ever seen, because here are examples of creative designs for modern rocking chairs See more photos of this chair, here Furniture Ideas Awesome Modern Rocking Chair Designs Colorfully painted wood can be

Everyone who owns a house must have goods whose name chairs, tables and cabinets that include all the furniture is called furniture or furniture Furniture will feel its function if not at home For example we want to lie on the floor, selonjor, sleep on the floor will feel cold This is where the function of furniture is very useful

Natural wood picture frames, mirror frames, wooden shelves and bookcases, wooden beds and ladders, kids toys made of wood and wooden storage units beautifully blend the striking beauty of natural wood with painted wood furniture and soft decor accessories in any color Modern interior design and decorating ideas

Oct , Among other things, Shortage of space is one of those key things you need to keep in mind when buying furniture because not everyone has big homes like celebrities Your furniture needs to be adjustable according to all sorts of homes These furniture design ideas are perfectly able to resolve your

May , The result is an unusually reflexive portrait of a boy and his wood the material seemingly assimilates the literal flow of Vito s creative outputs and his inspirations, as can be found in his tabletops and much reputed sofas Check more images of Selma s work after the jump Check out the rest of Selma s

Jan , The designs of furniture logo usually look the same with each other due to the fact that newbie designers normally depend heavily on images that are often linked with the appliance industry Here are the A mark suitable for a company which makes handcrafted wooden furniture Living Concept