replacing the deck on a pantoon

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Oct , A convertible bench seat platform that is pivotally connected to the deck of a pontoon boat and is movable between an inboard position adjacent to the boat side rail for use as a bench seat The collapsible changing room is formed in part by the passenger seat positioned adjacent the rear entry stern gate.

A pontoon type floating roof for liquid storage tanks comprises a pontoon ring, an annular tension buffer assembly disposed concentric with respect to the pontoon ring, and a roof deck connected between the pontoon ring and side walls of the tension buffer assembly The center part of the roof deck is located lower than the

Nov , Last year, our sailing club was given a pontoon boat to use as a race committee boat at a very good price Make a list and replace them when possible Wash the trap and then bury it in any earth for a week or more or leave it, un set tied onto the foredeck to get rid of your human scent and then only

When arriving at a pontoon, if the pontoon is parallel to the shore (at degrees to the wind) come close to the pontoon, turn head to wind and under the jib alone allow the boat to drift alongside the pontoon (see Fig ) If the pontoon is at right angles to the shore (pointing straight out), sail on a broad reach to close on the

Jun , Hello, my name is Bill and I was once a pontoon boat hater So would I buy a new pontoon boat with plywood decks I could see the basic platform even replacing pilothouse boats, with adequate cold weather protection (not canvas and isinglass) in other words, a pilothouse on a pontoon platform,

Jun , If you re new to pontoon boats, you ll want to know these tips But your usual enemythe windhas a lot more to grab on to, thanks to those vertical fences surrounding the deck And at the same time, the logs (as each If you get into a fix, try operating in reverse instead of forward Which way you turn