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Jul , Yet it fails to take into account that there s a fundamentally unequal biological and in turn, social dynamic which puts women at a disadvantage when it comes to power in relation to men on a sexual level reproductively, not to mention on level of sexual violence which women are subject to at disturbing

Jun , These disadvantages only developed and manifested very gradually, probably so slowly that people living at the time were scarcely able to witness it happening It is not as though these ancient farmers were dunces who would decide to be sicker and shorter as a trade off for an easier life and a more

Feb , This is not only a disadvantage for the manifestation of the passivator effect of the nitrite but also endangers the stability of the passive oxide layer of zinc with the increasing globalization and intertwining of the economic regions throughout the world, the demand for reliably functioning VCI systems and

Aug , It s globalisation, but intensified, made more accessible to a wider economic spectrum of people, more of the time Mobility is not just for the rich any more working remotely is increasingly common you can take a sabbatical to work from Bali and not miss a beat Taste is also becoming globalised, as more

Nov , The current wave of business globalization had already begun, and TRIPS made clear that industry could count on some level of respect for trade secret In effect, the patent applicant had to weigh the disadvantages of too much or too little disclosure, and whatever the decision there would always

from the ruins of the Berlin wall, the thesis of a liberal end of history proves to be somewhat premature Globalism industrialization unleashed a productive power on a scale unknown before while it simultaneously Zygmunt Bauman, Globalization The Human Consequences (Cambridge Polity Press, ), pp ff.

Aug , Historically, cities have been constructed to be safe havens inside protective walls to protect against attack from the outside (medieval towns in Europe), or as places of There appears to be no evidence, though that larger cities would put humans into a disadvantage in getting the upper hand in this.

Feb , The second area of seemingly gratuitous Trump trade bashing comes from a Wall Street Journal news article on the Trump administration s efforts to Now Obama didn t do that when the Chinese started importing solar panels into the US below the cost of production to drive Solyndra to bankruptcy.

Oct , She also spent a year living and studying in Beijing (that s her pictured above on the Great Wall) Next up is Kayla, who teaches at a vocational school in Semarang, a city in the Central Java province Indonesia has been a challenge I have never felt so other in my life Staring from adults is endless,

Jun , However, this proposal has the significant disadvantage that the VCI system fixed on or in the packaging material tends to absorb considerable amounts of were affected, or until the degree of corrosion on individual test sheets could no longer be assessed by visual inspection through the film walls.

Dec , To maximize growth we need to d on all the world s brain power and that means we need a world of peace, trade and the free flow of ideas is part of that, chip size has contribued about as much and will probably become a larger contributor in the future as we hit the wall on transistor and wire size.

Mar , And, according to economists, automation is a much more important reason for job losses than globalization Meanwhile, the short termism of Wall Street pressured companies to reduce investment in training and workforce development, which tends to disadvantage workers with fewer skills, who might

Apr , If by outsource you mean throwing stuff over the wall to a third party, then I d never advocate this for core development If, on the other hand, you mean collaborating with a firm The last part, on globalization, is exactly what Mike Moritz said in his talk I agree with this But Jim hasn t convinced me about

Apr , Hana Havelkova, for instance, once began by saying how disgusting she thought the other people were on her panel You re all just liberal We never had any money, and that was an advantage and a disadvantage, although I m coming to believe now that it was more of an advantage Some western

Jun , Globalization is not a bad thing, but it will start here and spread Other countries will copy us and maybe even If the health care system doesn t change, it will only continue to get worse with even more power going into the hands of the insurance companies Little do most people (including physicians)

Jan , All of this is well and good but it seems much more likely that Homo neanderthalensis suffered from a technological disadvantage that led to their demise Homo sapiens had something that they did not Maybe it was control of fire More likely it was an advantage in food acquisition or production, such as

Mar , It couldn t be purely the economic pain they faced in the wake of globalization after all, European countries are also affected by globalization, and their residents are getting The very act of doing worse than their parents generationwhat Case and Deaton call cumulative disadvantageis killing them.

Jul , With Star Wars programming moved to Disney s own D Expo the week before, there s a little less star power this time out Only a the proper narrator and understanding the advantages and disadvantages of using first person third person limited omniscient narrators, indirect discourse, verb tense, etc.