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, I linger on the side wrapped porch, enjoying the cool breeze and endearing squeak as I rock back and forth on the porch swing, capturing views that few words can describe, those my heart will remember forever Greeting me as I step inside the front door are dark wide plank floors, white shiplap walls,.

, It was custom built for a family, and similar build would cost , ft bumper pull chassis Largest tiny built by Rocky Mountain Rusty corrugated wainscot, barn wood board and batt, and cedar shake exterior Fold down porch with Transcend decking King size bed in master L shaped loft

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, Steve s crew installed Transcend composite decking boards for this build The homeowners were really excited about this, By making the deck just a little shorter, Steve can purchase composite boards and provide a more cost effective solution Here are some images that show how the deck

, Being poor is having to go to the food shelf for free food because you have no money to buy any and sleep on the living room floor of friend s bedroom certain material possessions, not because they can t afford them, but because they see a cost of owning that possession that transcends the price tag.

Mar , It s the smallest in size but also the brightest, opening right up to one of the two spanning piazzas (porches) pictured above If the turndown chocolate doesn t satisfy your sweet tooth, there s a little honor cash bar in the third floor library with wine, local beer (which Nick wasted no time in sampling), and

, Do it yourself projects today are a beautiful way of to save energy, a beautiful way to recycle and an extraordinary way to spend time with family and friends, forging memories Part of a sustainable movement that manages to recycle and up cycle a reuse hundreds of thousands of materials and elements

, For city dwellers across the globe, prices are going up while square footage is plummeting While the concept certainly applies to the physical trappings associated with coziness (cashmere throws, plush pillows and faux fur everything), it manages to transcend the material, focusing as much on the

, A mix of modern midcentury and classical pieces, such as the Aerin floor lamp, Corsican étagère and Artistic Frame settee, blend seamlessly to fit the He was inspired by the fall Paris runway collection by Balmain and wanted his space to transcend the separate categories of design, fashion and art.

There are no delays for inclement weather and no waiting for an inspector to show up so construction can move on to the next phase inspectors are routinely on hand on the factory floor Cost, Financing and Other Considerations Manufactured homes can cost half as much as a comparable site built home, while modulars

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, The luxury concept of this hotel includes important art pictures proposed by the owner and displayed around the complex with the chance to buy them The wide windows fill practically all the main fa?ade of the room and the guest overlooks to the outdoor landscape the beach through the porch and the

Prices are not from all markets Sources include SIX The Company s railing products include Transcend Railing, Select Railing and Signature aluminum railing It offers Transcend Porch Flooring and Railing System, which is an integrated system of porch components and accessories The Company