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, Bathroom Old House Corner Shower Curtain Gray Vanity White Walls Save The banister in that photo is what s around the staircase that leads back down to the kitchen that I blogged about the other day I like to pretend I have just over half a mil burning a hole in my pocket and yell SOLD!.

, Acoustic panels come in a range of colors and fabric styles and can be designed into your interior decor Installation is Acoustical Solutions can duplicate a high res digital photo on the fabric, so it looks like artwork If you are in an office with pocket doors, think about moving your office to another room.

, The Roman shade is a lined or unlined quantity of drapery fabric sewn to internal rings for operability When d n into the upright position, a Roman shade creates a series of concentrated folds Whether used in conjunction with another window treatment or left on its own, these flexible shades have

, You d never guess from the photo of this headboard, but mohair fibers start off white and very fine Culled from the long, silken fleece of the Angora goat, it s an extremely durable and long lasting upholstery fabric Not to be confused with Angora wool, which comes from the Angora rabbit and is used in

, The awning of a pool house in Southampton, N.Y frames the view of a gunite pool with an infinity edge, spa and sun shelves that in the past decade, the choices for aluminum, wicker, resin and teak outdoor furniture and fabric options have become almost as impressive as what they have for the inside.

, ( Technically a roman shade should be folded the opposite direction, but I found that the fabric didn t lay right when I pinned it in place that way So I opted to fold up the way I show in the picture above You ll have to play around with the sides of your shade to figure out what looks best for you, using pins to

I bought two king size blankets, sewed a pocket across the top, slid them onto the curtain rod and voila! We also lived in a poorly constructed s place where you could feel the wind blowing in the winter time from across the room from the patio door (It was brilliant example of self sufficiency and good for the pocket.

, From pocket size dining nooks to petite formal dining rooms, these creative homeowners have packed their small spaces with personal style Eclectic Dining Room The formal dining room gets a big hit of color from above with a sunny yellow ceiling and yellow curtains Ellie Lillstrom Photography .

, In the past the roller shade has perhaps received second billing to window coverings such as draperies or Roman shades Traditional white roller shades have been the humbler, less flashy option But a new crop of shades is changing perceptions of the window treatment These models are equipped with

, A bench cushion means no more lost change between the seats Getting rid of that center crack between cushions means that far fewer pennies, gummy bears, dog treats (and whatever else your family seems to have spilling out of its pockets) will end up below deck Beach Style Family Room by Huffard

Mar , There is so much to consider when selecting window treatments for a room We may need privacy, light control or both, but don t overlook the fact that curtains and shades can also add a welcome pop of color Whether streamlined, luxurious or something in between, window treatments can give your room

Mar , Curtains that open and close are great in some situations, but stationary draperies can give you a better view (and save money too) Erika Bierman Photography Honestly, unless I have a client with very deep pockets, I always opt for stationary panels with a separate privacy solution behind.

, Layla I was one of the anti curtain peeps but I have to say that the second I saw your mock up photo I realized I was wrong I actually really like it with the You could do them as pocket doors since you still have the wall unfinished, or sliding barn doors on the dining room side I think both would give a

, We have a GREAT sunroom It s got a huge vaulted ceiling and french doors on both sides and lots of windows But, we also have a computer at a desk in the corner, and the light from the windows can cause a glare on the screen Hence the need to occasionally cover up these gorgeous windows with

, Blackout shades on their own are not very attractive If you re building a new home, consider installing a recessed pocket above the window to hide the shade when it s not in use Or pair the shade with another treatment, such as a curtain, valance or decorative shade Some companies sell shades in pairs

, Photos by Joe Schmelzer A sliding pocket window over the sink opens to the family room (formerly a covered patio) so whoever s in the kitchen never misses any of the action The Luries chose a vintage floral print for the master bedroom curtains to visually connect the room with a courtyard alcove.

, Hardware for most window treatments is designed to be flexible So try turning the bracket Contemporary Bedroom by Churreria Photography Churreria Photography If this is the case in your home, consider replacing traditional doors with a stylish folding, sliding or pocket door These take up less

, We ripped out the teeny, tiny existing boards and continued with our taller choice, and while we were at it, we gave the first floor picture window substantial trim and an sill, too sill done I love the velvet pole pocket curtains in regal blue, especially with the oversized metal rod Your curtains look

, Hem the sides of the fabric and then create the two rod pockets For the top rod pocket, fold ? inch of fabric over and press to flatten Fold again inches, press flat, pin it down and sew it close to the edge Leave the sides open to allow the rod to slip into the pocket (See the photo below.) Create a pocket in

, On the other end of the spectrum, some wallpaper patterns can emphasize existing architectural details, or in some cases create the semblance of architecture that doesn t exist In this sunroom, a trellis wallpaper pattern not only emphasizes the height of the angled ceiling, but also hints that it s physically

, You can see in this photo taken at the foot of the bed how the rubber or latex backing that had broken down or rotted away on the back of the rug, only deteriorated in the area I had the same exact rug on the tile floor in my sunroom and the same thing happened Glad to have this tip in my pocket!

, Discover the best ways to work these casual curtain styles into your home The construction of tab and tie tops is nearly identical Strips of fabric between a half and inches wide are self lined and sewn to the drapery as loops or ties, through which a decorative drapery Eclectic Patio by Stedila Design.

, Hello boys and girls, it s time for a brief little architectural discussion In the world of architecture, do y all know what a transom is There are actually two definitions the very back of a nautical vessel where an engine gets mounted (so what who cares we wanna talk about houses, not battleships) and a

Mar , Traditional Living Room by Mary Prince Photography Mary Prince Photography Robin enjoys preparing new recipes in the kitchen, while Jim loves grilling on the backyard patio The Buhrers added a garden for herbs and tomatos when they redid the landscaping We love to cook and entertain, and it is

, I wanted to have more information on the attachment of the screens and screen frames as well as more detail on the curtain rods, their attachment and composition I wondered if I made a Key Lime Pie one winter and brought it out onto the porch where the lighting was better to take pictures The wind

, Understanding these drapery hardware options is essential to window treatments that hang properly and look polished In this photograph, you can see how one end has a decorative finial and the other end just has a cap that finishes off the drapery rod Tip In a situation like this, you can either use two