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Sep , My fall garden is planted! While we were working on the picket fence for the garden around the train depot we were also working on raised garden beds Our soil is fairly acidic so I talked to our local NC State Agriculture Agent Christy to see how much lime I should add to the soil raised garden beds soil

Dec , Every year, when the holidays roll around, extension agents and master gardeners often find themselves facing questions about holiday plants Let s face it many holiday traditions involve plants and plant life, so there are going to be questions Given the number of old wive s tales and urban legends

Jun , (What else would you call leaping fences in the dead of night for stealing from a secure location ) Then I went out and purchased some taller poles to erect a new security measure the invisible fence Deer don t like running into things that they can t see, really who does So I also purchased fishing line.

Jul , Shorter fences often will serve as a decent deterrent, especially if you plant the right plants and disguise the plants with scents I won t be mention the plants I planted in the garden until my next post but I do want to talk about disguising them from the deer Many people will advocate using scented soaps,

Nov , RJ Sangosti, The Denver Post A women walks past a construction fence around where crews work on taking down Mark di Suvero s , pound sculpture Lao Tzu in the Denver Art Museum s Acoma Plaza on Nov , in Denver The artwork will be dismantled into multiple pieces and then moved

Sep , Rather than throw away your biodegradable wastes from the kitchen you can compost it and use it later for the garden Composting For other compost bin options you could use chicken wire wrapped around posts, pallets, cedar fencing materials, or buy a ready made compost turner There are many

Mar , In the last six months, several top agency officials, including former Director Julian Pierson, have been forced out amid revelations of multiple, serious presidential security breaches In September, a Texas man armed with a knife was able to climb a White House fence and run deep into the executive

If you have a complaint against a letting agent, there are a few available options, but your options are limited by circumstnce which looked as though there could have been a fire and the garden was a total mess (which was my father s pride and joy where all the fences were down and the garden was totally overgrown.

is damaged or destroyed by a hurricane To see if your policy includes a hurricane deductible and how much it is, contact your insurance agent Emergency supply kit with water, flashlights, batteries, canned goods, radio, matches A hurricane emergency kit should include water, flashlights, batteries, and other supplies.

Aug , In this Nov , , file photo, Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler () warms up before playing against the New York Giants in an NFL football game, in East Rutherford, N.J A person familiar with the situation says Cutler, a free agent quarterback, has agreed to terms on a contract with the Miami

Apr , According to Mike Wilson, an organizer of the Post Office Defenders, protesters had been assured that they would not be removed for trespassing He said there were five protesters at the post office overnight and a number of homeless people not associated with the protest in the garden on Milvia Street.

So last week I received a noticeably snotty text message from my tenant s neighbour s landlord, informing me that one of the supporting garden fence posts, which at the receiving end of unwanted phonecalls earlier this week, from their tenants agents after storm Katie through a hissy fit over the Bank Holiday weekend.

Nov , A fence or garden lawn sculpture that flaunts the bounds of good taste Any of these nerve wracking scenarios is enough Before you do anything, like call the police or municipal code enforcement agencies, it is wise to talk face to face with your neighbor Approach your issue respectfully and see if any

Nov , The worst picture was that of our vegetable garden It was as yet unplanted or even tilled up and looked like a mass of weeds with a wire fence around it That was the only picture of the Read more ? Vote UpVote Down months days ago T.Doom Guest T.Doom Share On TwitterShare On Google.

Aug , A post sleeve provides a substantially permanent base for supporting a post for a fence or sign, and from which one post can be removed and replaced with It can be provided with a pattern draft, or a release agent is applied to a thickness sufficient to permit removal of the core, without a pattern draft.

Up to date community news, events, planning applications and information about Great Shelford, including Shelford Rugby Club, Shelford Post office and the Shelford Feast It also includes Great Police are investigating after a Great Shelford man had part of his garden fence sawn through and stolen (External link).

Nov , J.D Martinez is swinging for the fences in free agency, too The former Detroit Tigers outfielder has Scott Boras as his agent now, and that means hefty demands from the guy who finished with a career high home runs last season How much Try million per season, according to USA Today s Bob