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Aug , One of this year s Shed of the Year Competition submissions was a green roofed tiny bike shed by Marcus Shields, the Eco Shed, made from recycled yogurt plastic The roof is natural EDPM rubber coating over ply sheeting, with Corten steel edges that create an earthy, oxidized rust finish that is very low

Jun , If you stack on an additional tire or two and cover it with plastic sheeting, you can create a miniature greenhouse This will give Fencing Tires can be stacked like bricks and filled with gravel or sand to make very solid, stable retaining walls The same method can be used to make a fence for your garden.

Apr , Materials used pallets, screws or nails, and metal sheets Cost free to cheap Difficulty easy Capacity chickens Shed Chicken Coop chicken coop designs and ideas photo by ana Materials various lumber, plywood sheeting, nails or screws, and shingles Cost average

Aug , A veneer panel system is used with a wall or a retaining wall to provide a natural stone appearance and or to improve the appearance of an existing wall Panels can be interlocked to form a stable veneer structure The structure is attached to a wall by various attachment devices.

Jul , The trench would be dug to hardpan depth, about deep, and lined with doubled over sheets of galvanized metal roofing The job went well, exposing many roots mainlining into our beds, and within a few days the bulk of offending roots were severed, and blocked from entering the garden.

Apr , When treating cedar with a preservative such as Eco Wood Treatment, treat the wood on both sides and all edges with a liberal application Once the bed is filled with It s best to leave the cedar fence boards unstained and untreated when used for compost bins or raised garden beds Guest years ago.

Our new eco bike h??se replaced our clapped out B amp Q shed given that we have bikes between my wife and I, we realised it had to be a decent size! From this the idea of a green roof materialised, which defined the sustainable approach for the project, using natural light, recycled plastic sheeting, Corten steel and

Make your tree stand more user friendly by cutting a two foot diameter circle from a piece of plywood Then attach your tree stand to the plywood with small screws Wrap plastic sheeting under the plywood and staple it to the top This forms a stable base for the tree while the plastic protects the carpet from water spills and