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Oct , (a) a round or oval dome shaped bearing plate for contacting, supporting, and compressing a mine roof in an underground mine (b) a center A motorized roof bolter places a roof bolt in a roof ceiling After a hole is placed in the roof, an epoxy resin in a pliable plastic tube is inserted in the hole Next

Aug , It was discovered hanging from rather messy webs on the ceilings of caves, as well as in undergrowth in redwood forests Its genus name, Trogloraptor, means cave robber Former beats blogger Doug Main, now at Our Amazing Planet, has interviewed the scientists who made the discovery and has

Jul , The ceiling of the shelter may include one or more solar panels to provide power for the shelter The shelter s container provides the essentials The shelter may be made of a strong, sturdy material, such as recycled plastic, recycled wood or the like The shelter may be made of insulating materials, such

Jun , The heating element according to claim , wherein said location of enhanced heating comprises plastic housing fabrication of a heating element, comprising temperature self limiting (TSL) electrically conductive threads fibers, which is economical to manufacture does not pose environmental hazards

Mar , The water collection pan of claim wherein the ceiling portion of the drainage channel extends across substantially the entire width of the collector The water collection pans may be fabricated from any water impervious, corrosion resistant construction material, such as molded plastic, sheet metal,

These forty two cookie jar picks for your home or office specialize in making cookie stashes hard to keep away from Made of ceramic, glass or plastic, they feature hooting owls, sly foxes, a cookie loving Snoopy, Star Wars favourites and the classic cookie muncher, Cookie Monster Take a scroll down our top choices to see

Mar , Tucked behind the shipping airfields, the cooperage was originally a furniture manufacturer, the building erected in Later Workers wear hard plastic goggles, leather boots and gloves, pressing stave boards against giant jointers with circular, upright blades as large as monster truck tires It s chilly

Dec , Optical free form surfaces are figures of burgeoning interest, because of both theoretical advances in their mathematical description and technological advances in their cost effective manufacture With the advent of injection molding of plastic optics, mass replication of free form surfaces becomes possible.

Jul , a power button located on an outside surface of one of said side panels to control an electrical power source to power said sound generator said enclosure, and said detector shapes are selected from the group consisting of rectangular, oval, circular, trapezoidal, triangular, and any combination thereof.

May , A vent screen system to be mounted in a duct opening of a floor, wall or ceiling for retaining debris, comprising Because it is possible to form most or all of the component parts of plastic, or metal or metalized plastic the cost of manufacture of the register assembly is reduced which also results in a

Jan , The cellular material may be glass or foamed plastic, for example The facing material , which is generally factory applied during manufacture of the fibrous insulation board, is preferably FSK, but may include any other suitable vapor retarder, such as ASJ (all service jacket), or PSK (poly scrim kraft).

Jan , Also, the dryer vent box is adapted for use in through the wall, through the wall and floor, through the wall and ceiling, slab or peer and beam construction, stacked washer and dryer units, and multi unit dwellings using upper and lower housings, PVC pipe, and elongate rectangular extensions as necessary

Jul , Have ugly ceiling fixtures in your small apartment Cover them up with a DIY drum shade to repurpose old ceiling fixtures into a beautiful stylish statement You ll see in this episode how easy it is to customize this DIY drum shade to fit any d├ęcor, all with inexpensive and easily sourced materials This is do it

Apr , A partition according to claim wherein the panels have an external cover constructed of materials selected from the group consisting of roll formed sheet metal extruded aluminium extruded plastic fibreboard and fabric A partition according to claim including an inwardly upwardly recessed panel

Sep , A stiffening bulb is below suspension wire receiving holes so that a loop of the suspension wire through the tee has a narrow profile and thereby avoids interference with ceiling panels during their installation or removal Other embodiments of a tee share the feature of a narrow, suspension wire receiving

Aug , I saw this on Traci s blog and now on your blog (which I LOVE)!! I am wondering if I could do this in our kitchen that has an oval tray ceiling above the breakfast nook I m just trying to figure out how I would finish out the oval area No one else is going to tell you something like that, even the manufacturer.

Sep , consisting of plastic, cardboard, or polyethylene hard foam The method of The method of claim , wherein the chimney extends from the floor to the ceiling of the container In another embodiment, these holes are score line vents on the long panels and oval vent holes on the short panels.

Feb , Apparatus includes pair of movable interior forms for defining the interior surfaces of side walls and ceilings whereby one interior mould at a time can be , for Method For The Manufacture of Prefabricated Housing Units, a method of making such rectangular concrete structures is described.

Jun , According to his company website Asmund Laerdal, the founder of Laerdal Medical, based in Stavanger, Norway, became a pioneer for making resuscitation aids out of soft plastic A user of CPR, in the s he developed Resusci Annie, otherwise known as Rescue Annie, a life like mannequin used to

Aug , Produced by Swedish lighting brand Zero, the Block panels are designed to absorb high and low frequency sounds to create a more pleasant working environment Their half oval shapes are mirrored in the cable tidy system that is also used to suspend the panels from the ceiling Block by Johanna

Sep , wherein said tether plate, when mounted to a ceiling, provides a base from which to attach one end of said tether, another end of said tether being attached to said toy so as to cause said toy to fly in a circular or oval pattern when powered by the embedded blower assembly said flying toy includes wings .

Nov , a nozzle cap or plastic fitting, with a first end of said nozzle cap identified as the end nearest said real bottle bottom with nozzle, furthermore, with use position in gravity fed dispensing with the uncapped, open bottle facing towards the ceiling, and automated factory capping equipment first aligns the top

Aug , Makeup Mirror The Conair Oval Shaped Double Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror will help you do your makeup in peace outside of the bathroom Alarm Clock The Electrohome Projection Alarm Clock projects the time onto the ceiling, gives you the temperature, automatically sets itself, and wakes you up.

Jul , The aircraft according to claim with circular or oval cross section fuselage, having at least three passenger and or cargo cabins spaced vertically, wherein said airplane has stepped upper, lower and middle decks floor and ceiling structures, an aisle portion of the upper deck structure is lowered lengthwise