simple wood stair designs

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Mar , Patrick Jouin and Sanjit Manku have expressed their vision of this former stud farm and historic site, in a design that is both elegant and simple Wooden strips coil around staircase at Strasbourg hotel by Jouin Manku They have deliberately chosen to limit the range of materials used solid wood, natural full

Nov , Simple and austere, the wooden stairs connect the day time zone to the night time one For the flat design I adopted a certain principle The big patches of space were made at the lowest expense possible but the details were in turn selected carefully, which translated into higher costs With one exception

Nov , Built in handrails look great, take up less space than a more traditional handrail and add a touch of design flair to your home or office This wood and steel handrail is built into a section of the wall for a more industrial look Stair Design Ideas Examples Of Built In Handrails This wood and

This staircase wraps around to the glass floored mezzanine level, its light wood treads ensuring the staircase accentuates the simple interior design Architect Jochen Specht The classic bookshelf and staircase combination is a timeless favorite This one is for a children s play area Note the open bottom design to

And then the next treads Step We use a carpenter s pencil for a gap between the treads Step And just screw all the treads down And that s the quick and easy way to build stairs! Preparation Instructions Fill all holes with wood filler and let dry Apply additional coats of wood filler as needed When wood filler is

Traditional Staircase Designs That Will Amaze You in which we are going to show you what a real traditional staircase design should look like Keep in mind that these designs of traditional staircases are very stylish and elegant as opposed to what most people consider a traditional staircase a normal wooden staircase

House with Interesting Wooden Staircase Design and Child Hideout and dark This same element is repeated within the balustrade of the staircase and the ladder to the loft Had all the wood all been the same, the cabinetry would have simply disappeared monotonously into the floor rather then singing as it does now.

More often than not staircases are designed simply as places to get from A to B in the vertical sense but staircases can also offer the opportunity to feature unusual design Designed by Design Associates, it incorporates concrete edging and thick solid wood treads for a boxy look that is inspired by Japanese design.

Feb , Hi friends!! Last spring my basement flooded, days before I left for Mexico I have been putting off the home repairs for quite some time But enough is enough, now is the time to get cracking and so, I have been tackling all sorts of renovations this winter! Starting with these stairs leading into my main living

Aug , I figured as much, but I think my husband was holding out hope the wood could be stained or painted My plan was to cover up the wood stairs with new treads (the step) and risers (the facing), so we bought a couple of unfinished pieces to try and figure out how it would work I knew it was too simple

Aug , We all can t be interior design buffs, but with a little help, we can have our homes adorned by stylish stair rails that suit our tastes and amaze even the most Simple forged iron stair railing This beautiful and unique driftwood stair rail and the bleached wood floor stairs adds such a beachy feel Take the

Sep , Or in this case, either start the biggest sanding job of your life or learn how to do a faux wood painting technique The idea behind them is your foot only uses half of the stair, so you can cut the other half out to allow more step up room between treads that would otherwise overlap The space savings of a

Slightly stained concrete provides a smooth, solid and modern basis for a quite classic set of wooden treads and risers set within The addition of small circular lights to illuminate the way also references non residential stair systems, making the overall effect a curious mix of antique, modern and almost institutional.

Dec , Stairs are an essential part of the second floor of the house or included into the interior design of the house Stairs to illustrate that not only the exterior design of the house was the most important thing in the house, but the interior design of the house such as stair design is very important Choosing the

Mar , The smooth appearance of this modern white and wood spiral staircase makes it look like it could have simply twisted down from the ceiling This small modern spiral staircase is a made from polished metal with wood stair treads wrapping around it The staircase travels through a hole in the ceiling to

The warmth and feeling of the wood is the ideal accent for the bright, white living area Creative Staircases that Make a Statement Design Sponge A Portland farmhouse s stairway is kept simple and white to go perfectly with the home s refined design Creative Staircases that Make a Statement Design

Done right, you can make your stairs design into the focal point of your hallway or entryway They do often get decorated in simple ways during the holidays, but mostly they are just another thing in your home with no special attention given Wooden stairs are can classical look that can work with any kind of home.

Feb , Today, I want to share how we added a slide to our stairs (since everyone was so sad to leave the slide in our last house!) It was actually a pretty easy project We dreamed up all kinds of different ways we could do it, but ended up with just doing a fairly simple, but sturdy design Our stairs were wider than

Dec , Staircase roundup Milanese architect Francesco Librizzi created this unusual staircase out of a series of wooden boxes and platforms, supported by a slender blackened iron frame that creates graphic patterns The structure rises through a triple height hall in a converted fisherman s cottage in Sicily.