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Aug , The protection of the limits of this enlargement of the deck does not happen by a conventional railing but by a bench with seats in cumaru wood and The rooms open to both sides obtaining the proverbial cross ventilation, more than justified by the simultaneous coastal and mountain air of the place.

May , the bottom part of the cleats on to our railings with two coarse thread screws per railing for security After all the cleats were mounted to the deck, I made sure to caulk all of the gaps and unsightly joints on the trim and panels of the flower boxes Just remember to buy paintable caulk suited for outdoor use.

Sep , She knows about the proposal but has no confirmation that the developers have secured the necessary air rights over the tracks Even if they had, she told me, no project could proceed without the city s say so If the developers challenge the city through legal channels on its plan for a rail deck park, as it

Aug , Each floor support has curvilinear lower and upper rails, the lower serving as a base member for bearing against a subfloor or other supporting surface Foundation is provided with an opening through which heated air under pressure from the abovementioned air heater may be supplied or through

Oct , Project gets unanimous support despite questions over fairness to suburbs, costs and air rights Toronto wants to build a downtown park over the open rail corridor between Bathurst and Blue Jays Way I believe that rail deck park will be a new Central Park for all of Toronto, Mr Cressy told council.

Sep , At the end of every up shift you saw six new lengths of gleaming rail among the boot and track prints, and on the edge of the horizon, the blinding spark of Sexual violence, games of power were in the air we breathed, the water we drank, the narrow corridors through which we squeezed, pressing up

May , The have a disadvantage that tracks must be laid and are relatively difficult to move, for example when the mining face moves in an open pit operation Rail systems typically involve one or more locomotives pulling or pushing a number of unpowered bulk material carrier cars In this configuration, a

Apr , He is also not wearing a hat, something that would be highly unusual for a formal outdoor event attended by the fashion conscious debonair actor The following map shows Booth s route until he was shot days later at a tobacco barn and died on the front porch of Garrett s Farm in Virginia in the early

Nov , This morning at Everett Station, the first of five new double decker buses began regular service on Sound Transit Express routes London s New Routemaster double deck buses are diesel electric hybrids with a front, middle, and rear door (which can be left open for hop on, hop off like the classic

Jan , OK, so you are aware that the path does not go through downtown, but is a longer alternative route to get from the steel bridge to the old PPB stables Recommended Thumb up No more open air meth, crack and heroin use on our greenways and commons! It s time we stand up and made our voices

Toronto wants to build a downtown park over the open rail corridor between Bathurst and Blue Jays Way Jeff Gray CITY HALL REPORTER Published October , Updated March , Developers who say they have purchased the air rights over the very downtown rail corridor where Mayor John Tory is planning

Jul , Where are the railings The southern portion of the porch serves as an outdoor eating area The large bathroom is open to the backyard on the south, where the roof overhang (larger, given the setback of the bathroom from the corridor wall in plan) shades the space in the summer to help keep it cool.

Attach Rails Once the concrete has set, attach long x pressure treated wood stringers (rails) to the posts near the top, bottom, and middle using The first step to installing a fence is establishing the route it will follow, which should be entirely on your own property, so make sure you check an official survey Pulling

Mar , Maritime Monday for March , Whaling, Commodore Perry, and the Opening of Japan Part She was built to give impetus to the trade with the Orient, trading with Japan and Hong Kong and traveling the Pacific route The so called toilets were small, wooden spaces along ship s railing.

Aug , We imagine this DIY could come in useful for anyone with a large outdoor area that may need to be contained, or like us, maybe you have a need indoors The first panel would need to be raised off the floor to allow for the other two panels to swing freely, but because this panel needed to be immobile, we

This not only adds more light and fresh air to the basement, but also creates another emergency egress route Creating a space around your home just to have a There s another project that can add even more value to your home that s on the outside and that s building a deck A perfect place to gather all of the family and

Oct , the Bentway, underneath the Gardiner Expressway, will open to the public The vision includes a skating trail, performance venue and public art Nearby, Mayor John Tory has thrown his support behind the possibility of Rail Deck Park, an area of up to acres that would be suspended over a rail corridor

Mar , To my mind, it s the most promising high investment transit corridor on the books right now in the Twin Cities (High investment = not an aBRT line that s a long story for another post!) Unlike the two planned Minneapolis light rail lines, which in some sense are really expensive commuter rail lines to the

Bond projects update at the start of summer BUSES ARRIVE All new route buses and one of two new activity buses have arrived An additional activity The historic seating in the balcony was retained, but a safety railing has been installed, with thick glass panels to avoid obstructing sight lines Balcony safety rail

Aug , To hear more about the bridge design, I attended a Sound Transit presentation to the Citizens Oversight Panel on Thursday about the interface between the bridge deck and the rails I came away with the impression that, if anything, Sound Transit is being excessively conservative with their failure

Jan , Lines of Life by Nikken Sekkei We took the design approach to integrate the communities the rail corridor touches into the design itself to make a truly meaningful public asset within a broader urban context, he said MVRDV and Studio Makkink Bey to transform Seoul overpass into High Line inspired

Oct , Upholstered sections are framed by architectural trim This dining room has a pretty floral fabric edged by a chair rail and crown molding Contemporary Entry Contemporary Entry This corridor installation features upholstered panels framed by applied wood trim Contemporary Bedroom by Michael Abrams

Jul , A modular pre cast concrete cladding, using eight different moulds, with canted edges and different sized glazing panels is playfully arranged on a rigid grid creating surprising interior spaces The rooms are gracious and full of light, and there are many double, even triple height spaces Internal corridors all

Oct , Piet Mondrian inspired yellow panels accent the roofline and southwest corner, where they form a backdrop for twelve white corkscrew wind turbines arrayed in two columns It s the Greenway The building s open air layout eliminates the need for a ventilation system, which saves energy A daylighting