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, No ready method has been reported for removing a polyvinylchloride (PVC) pipe entrapped on the penis Aim To present our experience in using hot melt method to remove a constricted PVC pipe on the penis Methods A long melting split was made on the PVC pipe entrapped on the penis by using the

, Dutch Design Week Amsterdam designer Pieke Bergmans developed a technique similar to glass blowing to create these plastic lighting installations ( slideshow) Vapor by Pieke Bergmans Pieke Bergmans experimented with heating and rapidly inflating the PVC plastic so the final form is partly

, Most of the estimated , tourists are men and, although sex work is illegal in South Africa, many unwanted babies will inevitably be conceived by and thinks that she has aborted her foetus, but she hasn t she has given birth to a living, breathing baby, tied it up in a plastic bag and left it for dead .

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, Pitfall traps consisted of plastic (PVC) pipe ( cm diameter, cm deep) buried flush with the ground, with a fly wire base to prevent animals escaping A m long Munks SA, Corkrey R, Foley J Characteristics of arboreal marsupial habitat in the semi arid woodlands of northern Queensland Wildlife

, Sprouting tubs small plastic tubs from a dollar store, with holes for drainage drilled in of the tubs each = Plastic cutting board free, as we had one we weren t using that came with our grill black seedling trays (available at plant nurseries and online) each = high dome

In Mumbai (formally Bombay) last year, the Council banned plastic bags as they were littering the streets and clogging up the drainage and sewerage SOUTH AFRICA ============= Known as the country s national flower because they litter streets retailers handing out the bags now face a fine of

, Joining Bottles by Micaella Pedros, plastic bottle furniture, plastic bottle joining material, recycled Related The New So far, we ve taken one gyre cleanup advocate across the South Atlantic, from Brazil to South Africa We had days of Half of it, like Coke bottles and PVC pipe, sinks What does a

, pH has created an inflatable plastic dome by London s River Thames that will be pumped full of scented vapour to provide a modern take on the Named the Horticultural Spa Apothecary Experience, the installation consists of an inflatable PVC membrane, ballasted with two tonnes of steel scaffolding.

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, The American Chemistry Council (ACC) and other chemical industry groups maintain the safety of currently manufactured flame retardants, and the ACC on flame retardants that as much as a third of the weight of plastics used in airplanes comes from one type of PBDE flame retardant, known as deca.

, Basic sheets of plastic, paper or fabric can be transformed into complex inflatables using a method devised by researchers at MIT Media Lab s Tangible up the technology could create inflatable architecture in the manner of Bureau A s black PVC nightclub or BIG s cloud like Roskilde festival pavilion.

Mar , Reduced performance of a PVC coated Biogents Sentinel prototype in comparison to the original Biogents Sentinel for monitoring the Asian tiger Williams CR, Long SA, Russell RC, Ritchie SA Field efficacy of the BG Sentinel compared with CDC Backpack Aspirators and CO baited EVS