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Jul , GIXD and electron diffraction suggest that CdSe nanorods adopt a preferential contact plane on the substrate after rubbing The high in plane alignment of the Strong Polarized Photoluminescence from Stretched Perovskite Nanocrystal Embedded Polymer Composite Films Wen Gao Lu , Xian Gang Wu

Feb , A substrate for hosting a chemical reaction, said substrate comprising a nonwoven sintered refractory ceramic composite Examples include motor vehicles, locomotives, marine applications, recreational vehicles, tractors, construction equipment, generators, power plants, manufacturing facilities, and

Sep , To greatly improve the permeation flux and functionality of the filtration membranes, a bioinspired dopamine coating procedure was adopted to intercalate high Biogenic Calcium Carbonate with Hierarchical Organic Inorganic Composite Structure Enhancing the Removal of Pb(II) from Wastewater.

Jul , The Marines also wanted heavy aircraft that could support their Leathernecks on the ground The bad news was that the Corps could field about KC J aerial tankers for the price of a plane AC J squadron Lighter options like the AC J Stinger II would probably tally similar costs, once R amp D

Apr , Sulfur Mediated Self Templating Synthesis of Tapered C PAN g CN Composite Nanotubes toward Efficient Photocatalytic H Evolution Fang He , Gang Chen , Jianwei Miao , Zhenxing Wang , Dongmeng Su , Song Liu , Weizheng Cai , Liping Zhang , Sue Hao , and Bin Liu ACS Energy Letters

Oct , By adoption of some active processes in the composite of two or more materials, such as energy transfer, charge separation, and exciton plasmon coupling, a series of novel nanophotonic devices could be achieved for light signal manipulation First, we provide an overview of the research evolution of

Sep , Four D coordination polymers, [Co(OH)(HO)(ina)(ip)]·HO (·HO, ina = isonicotinate, ip = isophthalate), [Ni(OH)(HO)(ina)(ip)]·HO (·HO), [Co(OH)(HO)(ina)(pip)]·HO (·HO, pip = phenyl isophthalate), and [Ni(OH)(HO)(ina)(pip)]·HO (·HO),

Mar , turnover of around million and generated EBITDA of around million The sale is expected to complete during summer following receipt of regulatory approvals The Board s decision to dispose of the business reflects the declining EBITDA and cash flow performance in a competitive market,

Aug , As a result, when PEDOT PSS acted as binder, CN particles with size of m and an optimal loading amount ( mg cm) were adopted the as prepared CN photoelectrode had much superior photoelectrochemical activity than all other counterparts Therefore, this study would pave the way for

Oct , Two modeling approaches were adopted In Approach , the casing model was one where only the conductor casing was accounted for For the complex wellhead casing model in Approach , the casing was assumed to be cemented back to the seafloor, so the composite casing model was employed

May , Meantime, in situ introduction of drugs (heparin and vancomycin) to mesoporous silica was also adopted to improve the drug loading amount Osteogenic and antibacterial properties of vancomycin laden mesoporous bioglass PLGA composite scaffolds for bone regeneration in infected bone defects.

Oct , JEC Group to honour companies for innovation JEC Group, one of the largest composite organisations in the world, will recognise international companies for innovation in several major application sectors Aeronautics, Automotive, Construction, Marine, Racing Car, Railway, Transportation, Wind

Jun , The combination of therapies and monitoring the treatment process has become a new concept in cancer therapy Herein, gelatin based microcapsules have been first reported to be used as microwave (MW) susceptible agent and magnetic resonance (MR) imaging contrast agent for cancer MW

Jul , Adopting a different method to that described above, Oceaneering is approaching the development with a subsea injector method based upon particularly for extensive intervention operations (e.g fishing), but it will provide a lower cost method for more basic operations such as sand clean out and

Aug , Additionally, DS HNPs showed excellent light scattering ability as a scattering layer in dye sensitized solar cells due to their structural properties, such as a composite, double shell, hollow structure, as well as intrashell and inner cavity pores The DSSCs incorporating DS HNPs demonstrated an

Oct , Plasmon induced charge separation (PICS) at the interface between a plasmonic nanoparticle and semiconductor is now widely used for photovoltaics and photocatalysis Here we take advantage of PICS for site selective nanoetching of silver nanocubes on TiO beyond the diffraction limit A silver

Nov , Construction of a hydrazone linked chiral covalent organic framework silica composite as the stationary phase for high performance liquid chromatography Kai Zhang , Song Liang Cai , Yi Lun Yan , Zi Hao He , Hui Mei Lin , Xiao Ling Huang , Sheng Run Zheng , Jun Fan , Wei Guang Zhang Journal of

Jan , Plasmonic AgMoO AgBr Ag composite Excellent photocatalytic performance and possible photocatalytic mechanism Zhongliao Wang , Jinfeng Zhang , Jiali Lv , Kai Dai , Changhao Liang Applied Surface Science ,

May , We re wasting fuel unnecessarily because pavement design has been based solely on minimizing initial costs more than performance how well the Integration of the results of this study with the Mechanistic Empirical Pavement Design Guide recently adopted by the American Association of State

Feb , Success of the invention will depend on whether oil sands producers and refiners are willing to adopt the technology at a cost that is roughly equivalent to shipping bitumen with diluent now, CN says The tablets wouldn t prevent accidents like the Lac Mégantic rail disaster, which killed people

Jun , As result, magnetic hollow micro nanospheres (ranging from m to nm) made of a polymeric shell of poly(l lactic) acid coated with FeHA have been prepared Several hybrid composites containing different amounts of inorganic phase loaded to the polymeric shell were prepared The amount of FeHA

Aug , One of the recent strategies adopted for the improvement in luminescence dissymmetry of organic systems is through the controlled self assembly of chromophores In this Perspective, we Chirality and energy transfer amplified circularly polarized luminescence in composite nanohelix Dong Yang

Dec , HP then sends a replacement cartridge along with a postage paid envelope to return the used one, which lowers the cost of buying a cartridge while rerouting to shift away from relying on extracting materials, said Thomas Singer, principal researcher in corporate leadership at the Conference Board.

Jan , The investigation into the surface chemistries of cellulose nanofibers beyond the adoption of toxic solvents can enhance the economic usefulness of the process and also yield a new Heterostructure nano NiO BiOCl composites with advanced adsorption and photocatalytic performance for organic dyes.

Aug , The electrothermal response of the textile electrodes remain unaffected after cutting and sewing due to the robustness of the conductive coating Coated, conductive cotton yarns can also be plain woven into a monolithic fabric heater A demonstrative circuit design for a soft, lightweight, and breathable