concealed fastener wall panels

Features, Benefits and Technical Details

Mar , Curtain walls typically consist of glass panels defining a major portion of the exterior surface of the building, with structural members separating the glass panels A type of curtain wall is known as VEC facade, or structural glazing, and is characterized by the absence of exposed fastener devices between

Aug , In the wet sealed system, exposed caulking is applied along the vertical and horizontal joints between panels to form a weather tight exterior wall surface In the dry sealed system, it is required that practically all sealants, such as gaskets or sealants, be concealed from exterior viewing except smll areas,

Mar , Adjacent planar panels are attached to secondary support members which form a recessed joint incorporating a concealed drainage channel Front and rear eave and rake sections are installed at the perimeter of the roof to form a finished, moisture proof joint between the roof and walls An outwardly

Feb , Apparatus and systems for a fire resistant rated fenestration including curtain wall systems for multiple story buildings capable of withstanding a seismic load Fire resistant The inner structural shell member is connected to an elastic panel fastener that is connected at its opposite end to fire resistant panels.

May , The invention relates generally to a J runner for shaft wall construction apparatus used to hold wall panels in place during constructions of shaft walls in buildings Background of the Invention Walls around shafts, such as elevator shafts, were traditionally formed from concrete Such installations required

Feb , An interlocking curtain wall insulation system for a building having a backer bar spaced from a floor slab defining a perimeter void between the floor slab and an outer wall, a safing insulation disposed above the backer bar and compression fit within the perimeter void between the floor slab and the backer

Dec , Disclosed is a suspended ceiling system, a securing member, and process of installing a patterned suspended ceiling system The suspended ceiling system includes a grid system having first members and second members, and at least one substrate which extends below the grid system The at least one

Jul , , A and B, a visible system for fastening laminate panels onto a building wall is provided As stated above, this system is considered a visible cladding attachment system, because the cladding fastener component(s) are not hidden behind the laminate panels As used herein, the

Aug , A roof structure as in claim , wherein a rectangular plate is welded to each of the ends of each roof brace and fastening means are extended through the A roof structure as in claim , wherein said roof panels are free of attachment to the side walls and are secured to the end walls, so that lateral forces

Jan , It is well known to secure standing seam roof and wall panels, including translucent panels, to purlin or girt substrates using hidden clips and related clip The clip assembly is secured to a substrate via fasteners that pass through the holes in the lower horizontal flanges c and c.

Jun , A curtain type facade structure is described, comprising a fixedly supported substructure of vertical or horizontal basic profiled supports and crossing horizontal or vertical profiled supports mounted thereon, panel holders which are fastened to the supporting profiles, and facade panels which are retained by

Apr , The folded fire hose is retained in the storage compartment by a flexible strap harness having releasable snap fasteners and vertical side walls, a movable closure panel for said open side, a stand pipe and valve positioned in the cabinet body near one vertical side wall thereof, a hinged substantially

Jul , Variations of the Eickhof concealed shutter mounting system have achieved significant commercial success in the columbarium industry However, a simpler and more cost effective concealed fastener system is needed in view of the recent trend away from using large × stone panels and

Mar , A sliding clip for a floating standing seam roof for allowing buckling of the roof panels to relieve excessive thermal expansion The relative arrangement of the stops , the low ends of the panels are secured to the wall by means of any appropriate fasteners The other ends of the panels, which are

Aug , Variations of the Eickhof concealed shutter mounting system have achieved significant commercial success in the columbarium industry However, a simpler and more cost effective concealed fastener system is needed in view of the recent trend away from using large × stone panels and

Mar , An object of the present invention is to provide a trim panel assembly and a plastic interior trim panel for use therein wherein a conventional pin fastener in combination with a raised hidden connector portion rather than a surface marring screw are used to fasten a plastic flag section of the interior trim

A further object is to provide such coupled panel structure embodying an integrated connector or tie means especially adapted for blind nailing fastening to rafters or studs Another object is to provide a novel roof, ceiling or wall structure with an air cell insulation developed by coupling two rows of channel section panels in

Jul , If they are not properly countersunk, the heads of the screw fasteners can project above the plane of the extrusion channel and get in the way of insertion of the edge of the panel therein The conventional extrusions are also pre formed to accommodate a single thickness of wall panel, and therefore the

May , A drainage system for draining rain water and internal moisture from the rear of exterior wall panels so as to effectively drain such rain water and The exterior wall assembly recited in claim together with a base trim attached to the bottom of at least one of said panels with concealed weep holes in said

Apr , mechanically fastening the antenna and the antenna components to a back surface of the panel like component A B are perspective views of typical window constructions for a curtain wall system in which antennas and related components may be concealed in accordance with the teachings of the

Jul , A system for covering fasteners that are provided at an exterior building wall for mounting storm panels The system includes cover plates that are located adjacent to the fasteners The cover plates are mounted so as to be pivotable about one side of a mounting track This permits the cover plates to pivot

Sep , ,, invented by R M Welch entitled FASTENING APPARATUS FOR PANELS These fasteners function well and provide a permanent, yet concealed connection of furniture parts for environments which so require, such as in applications prone to vandalism Normally, this type of locking fastener clip

May , MODULO The concealed fastener, closed joint modern fa?ade system from FunderMax This modern fa?ade fastening system with high design décor offerings makes it possible to install pre fabricated panels on a concealed clip system without any open joints vertically or horizontally The panels can be