gaga pit made with plastic playground borders

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, Accounts show HMRC made special payment after mistaken tax demand Also wrote off £m after scaling back efforts to recoup tax credit debt Came in Dame Lin She later became head of the now defunct UK Border Agency, where she was criticised by MPs for a catastrophic leadership failure .

, Fidget spinners, which have become this year s must have toy for children across the globe, consist of a ball bearing which sits in a three pronged plastic device which can then be flicked and spun round Catherine Hettinger, a mother living in Florida, created the device in the s as a way to entertain

, In this remarkable video, a kitten is dragged into a pond by a fish at least twice its size after it got a little too close to its prey The footage, filmed in Japan, shows the kitten edging closer and closer to the pond s surface, transfixed by the koi carp passing underneath it Unbelievable moment KITTEN gets

, To former vicar Colin Coward, it is nothing short of a marriage made in heaven But the year old Currently in the UK on a holiday visa, he and his husband to be are waiting for the green light from the Borders Agency, which has requested details of their relationship and residency This is expected to

, On y , the th Borders were supposed to have crossed No Mans Land first and taken out the German front line trenches, and the Dorsets, in the second wave, would then take Mouquet Farm It soon became clear something had gone wrong, however, because as the Dorsets advanced through

, Records show she and Paddock lived together in a two bedroom home on Babbling Brook Court in the tiny desert community of Mesquite, which is miles north east of Las Vegas near the Arizona state border The property cost , (£,) The shooter s brother, Eric Paddock, told CBS News

, It wasn t just in and it wasn t just concentrated in border areas like Dundalk, it was some individuals but it was more widespread We found no evidence that would indicate police knew about the planned attack beforehand and could have done something about it, or that anyone was protected from

, Helen Floyd took her mother, father and young children to northern France in , to a tiny village called Fromelles close to the Belgian border She will be attending the official opening of Europe s first war cemetery to be built in years The ceremony comes exactly years since that fateful day when

, A Syrian refugee was kicked to the ground and beaten by an angry mob after he molested a woman in Turkey Omar Monda, , is said to have touched the woman, , inappropriately as she was walking in the city of Mersin, in southern Turkey The city, which lies just miles from the Syrian border, has

Mar , It started in Tennessee, wound into Virginia and took him to hallowed ground in Kentucky the place where Fort Boonesborough was built in after Boone and his band of axe After five days of traveling alone, Penix was joined by walking companion Givan Fox, , near the Virginia Kentucky border.

Mar , Church Stretton, which has a population of just ,, is situated in the South Shropshire hills on the English Welsh border It is renowned across the world for its countryside walks, beautiful views and geology with some of the oldest rock formations in existence Its picturesque surroundings have even

, He said Devolving decisions down to national level will allow each country to make up their own mind and thereby free up GM technology from the pressure of intense Farmers and consumers across the EU will be more accepting of GM technology when they can see its benefits across their borders .

, Not good enough Army helicopters burn a cocaine laboratory near the border of Venezuela In the US, The White House said in an annual report this month that Venezuela, Bolivia and Burma had not made a great enough effort to tackle global narcotics smuggling Air France said an investigation had

, Two thirds of public playgrounds are thought to be contaminated with roundworm eggs stomach churning parasites that grow up to in long in canine Roundworm look like cooked spaghetti and are probably the most common intestinal parasite in dogs, says Vicki Larkham, a vet with the People s

, Much attention has been devoted to how playground swing amplitudes are built up by swinger techniques, i.e body actions However, very little attention has been given to the requirements that such swinger techniques place on the swinger himself The purpose of this study was to find out whether