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Nov , When strangers ask me what we do at Column Five, and I hear myself say data visualization, I sometimes sense their disinterest Perhaps this is because when most people put the two terms together, they think of Excel generated charts While the cardinal rules of data visualization are clarity and

Feb , My only complaint is the desk chair did not seem like a piece of furniture I would want to sit on for hours working desk chair Hard wooden desk chair did not seem conducive to comfortable desk work Large mirrors on opposite walls of the room created an interesting visual effect SLS Mirrors The view from

Dec , Shan Shui City (the city of mountains and water) is one of Yansong Ma and his MAD architects latest conceptual architectures The design responds to the theory and methodology of traditional garden design and landscape architecture in China Just imagine a future in which the skyscrapers in the city,

Jun , I remember when Crocs first came out I actually bought a pair of pink ones for a friend as a joke because I thought they were the ugliest pair of shoes I had ever seen Ironically, in the following months, I had heard a lot of friends and family discuss how lightweight, durable and comfortable the material was

Sep , Designed to accompany a show of Scheltens Abbenes work at Museum Jan Cunen in Oss, The Netherlands, Unfolded recreates the physical experience of walking through the exhibition via renderings Beautiful photographs, and a novel way to present them Via scheltens .

May , For the past year and a half, my brain has been focused more on printed matter than digital, so I thought it would be appropriate to share some of my favorite magazines Starting with a recent findPUSS PUSS PUSS PUSS is a publication for culture , fashion , music and catlovers that is tasteful,

Apr , Overused in our vocabulary are superlatives, such as brilliant, superb or exceptional. I try to hold them in reserve when I talk about new work in design But every once in a while, something comes along that is so different, so current, so enviable, that only a superlative will do And so, let me introduce

Nov , Picture Room, the art store offshoot of Soho bookstore McNally Jackson that specializes in rare prints, posters, and art publications, doesn t only host work from the likes of Dexter Sinister and Robin Cameron (opening in January), but also has a killer branding Behind the visual identity is artist and designer

Jan , The th floor of the Conrad Miami outdoor balcony provides a panoramic view of the Miami Harbor and Cruise Port and southern Biscayne Bay DSC_ Biscayne National room had two chairs In the room space of there was only one chair and a live plant occupied the space next to the desk.

Jan , Chairs are placed strategically in areas that are either void of social activity, or conversely, those that are rich with life, but lack comfortable places to sit. Tactical Urbanism, vol Broad Avenue Arts District Memphis Mayor s Innovation Delivery Team Report from Hamilton, Ontario Tactical

Oct , I am cognizant of patio door locks after Kelley shut the patio door one time and we were locked outside on a th floor balcony at the Scandic Hotel Nijmegen, Netherlands during a major Most of the tables were dirty The patio was far too bright for me, but probably more popular than indoor seating.

Apr , The cushions on the couch were too soft and thin and the couch seemed lower than a standard chair I kept making My primary complaint was the accessibility issue for the rooftop lounge patio and the basement fitness center The hotel holds outdoor concerts on the roof and the season started April .

May , In my opinion, The Gentlewoman is one of the best indie magazines being published today Penny Martin and creative director, Jop van Bennekom, along with their team are publishing something really special that honors the interesting and talented women featured in each issue There s not a copy I

Oct , Mexico is where it s at Some of the most creative, open minded and hardworking designers can be found just to the South Marco Lukini is certainly one of them Combining a photographer s eye with a sculptor s mind, Marco creates contemplative image making that channels Lazlo Moholy Nagy, French

Jun , The park is divided into three sections that each frame a different program for the park the Red Square, an open plaza that is carpeted in a giant red supergraphic the Black Market, a meeting area that is patterned with white squiggly lines on blacktop that contains barbecue facilities, tables for games, and a

Jul , Francesco Franchi lives and works in Milan, Italy, where I also happen to live and work I ve followed his work for a while and would argue he s an individual designer with a truly original and significant voice in the world of editorial graphic design Bridging different traditional styles and genres of graphic

Jan , There is a large outdoor deck during better weather days DoubleTree SkyLounge Amsterdam DoubleTree SkyLounge sign DoubleTree SkyLounge deck The empty room behind the SkyLounge sign is for private rentals There were probably people behind me filling the rest of the SkyLounge bar

Jun , I am fortunate to share studio space with Nan Na and Sophie, aka Hvass and Hannibal They just came back from a trip to Australia where they made visuals and scenography for Efterklang in Sydney Opera House I like the dark and mystical visual universeit fits perfectly with the music of Efterklang.

Mar , As a news junkie, I m a bit old fashioned in that I like my news delivered to me with facts and thoughtful, engaging dialoguenot necessarily quiet and monotone (i.e NPR), but not overproduced either (i.e all the other cable news networks) As a designer, this is everything I wished I could do if I had the

Apr , Bay Area design duo Lab Partners are consistently putting out envy inducing, high quality design and illustration work They recently developed these Chevy Volt conceptual storyboards for Goodby, Silverstein and Partners as a fun and educational way to explain how the Volt works The unique illustration

May , I fell in love with the simplicity of Felix Pf?ffli s Lucerne Cultural Centre S├╝dpol poster immediately upon viewing it His architectural draping of type marries an extravagance with his confident use of one color This is really what only a truly gifted designer can achieve It was an extreme pleasure to be

Nov , Nothing pleases us more than laying out body copy with a typeface that works extremely well Like a good car, we tend to favor ones that have a winning balance of beauty, rugged handling and come packed full of features High performing fonts reduce the amount of time needed to make adjustments

Sep , The graphic designer in me is a sucker for black or white objects that shouldn t be But given how many times in a day those of us in the States see the flag, it s a little disorienting to see it reinterpreted in such a stark fashion Without the color, and the associations the red, white and blue bring, the nation s

Sep , I love how the ceiling and the floor work together in both color and texture The reflective sheen of the ceiling, paired with the fantastic chrome pillars, collapses the space between the interior of the ship and the outside vista But I think the brilliant foundation of it all is the faceting of the color palette.

Mar , Most fun I ve had with a project in a while. This is a tweet from Dan Cassaro (aka Young Jerks) about the project he just completed for GOOD Magazine I like Dan for this reason He enjoys making stuff Loving what you do is a simple idea, but it s really important I find when people are doing work they

Jun , It all started in a bookstore in Spain a few years ago with my unfamiliar role as a new father While browsing the children s section under the pretense of picking reading materials for my daughters (translation selfishly shopping for myself), I stumbled on the kind of eye catching cover I had not seen since the