plastic siding for homes

Features, Benefits and Technical Details

As a renovation contractor I see Carpenter Ants in just about every home I work on, mostly around damp wood as a result of water intrusion or lack of proper maintenance Most baits sold to homeowners come pre packaged with the insecticide and food attractant confined within a plastic, child resistant container.

One of the things I ve always liked about the construction industry is that no matter how long you ve been in it, you can always learn something new My lesson today was on thermal distortion Most people know that vinyl siding can melt and if they don t, they soon find out when the grill gets too close to the siding on the rear

Mar , It may well be the ugliest house we have shown on TreeHugger, and it is made of garbage, too But Ian McPherson of Welsh startup Affresol takes plastic waste, grinds it down to little granules They then mix it with liquid resin and pour it like.

May , Your biggest concern is if the house catches fire Even the ash is dangerous, said Caplan Even a small house fire that affects the vinyl siding will lead to the release of a host of toxic chemicals known to severely damage lung and kidney tissue He added that the binders in vinyl siding are also affected by

By Jason Carpenter of This Old House magazine Photo by Webb Chappell Replacing a broken clapboard isn t that difficult, but as This Old House general contractor Tom Silva shows on the next two pages, it s a delicate process that takes patience and precision If you re not careful, How to Repair Melted Vinyl Siding.

The vinyl walls in mobile homes are the complaint from homeowners Learn Older manufactured home usually have a faux wood paneling or walls made from vinyl on gypsum (VOG) panels If you have an older home, sealing around the foundation to prevent air from entering where siding overlaps the foundation.

Nov , Vinyl siding has the desirable attributes of attractive appearance, durability and low maintenance This material does not need to be painted, and is relatively impervious to wind and rain This siding is typically applied in horizontal sections to the side of the house or other structure The edges of the siding

Based on our estimates, over of plastic shutters that are thrown away are completely structurally sound and are replaced simply for aesthetics So what does a homeowner In addition, most painters will tell you to take the shutters off of the house to prevent accidently painting your siding or stucco Painting is more

Apr , Without getting into non disclosure information, LP sponsored of our tiny house exterior with their SmartSide product They specifically Its widespread use has dwindled as other siding materials, including steel, aluminum, composite, and vinyl siding have taken over the siding market It is still

Watch this video to learn about the home improvement projects that add the most value to your home, including bathroom remodels and kitchen renovations This feature prevents the warping sometimes associated with vinyl siding, and it allows the panels to be manufactured in a greater variety of profiles which look more

Mar , There used to be only a couple of options available to cover the exterior of your home Nowadays, new products are hitting the market with fervor The problem is that with added options come both advantages and disadvantages It is no longer just a question of wood, aluminum, or vinyl siding Now you

What To Consider When Cleaning Vinyl Siding Here is a list of things you must consider as you prepare to clean your house consider house surroundings Size of your home Type of siding House surroundings (flowers, bushes, grass, shrubbery) What is on your house (Is it dirty with algae, mold, dirt etc).