composite material for floor

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Jul , Fiber reinforced polymeric composite materials are used in conjunction with edge glued laminated wood flooring to provide improved mechanical properties, moisture protection, fatigue resistance and light weight Conventional wood flooring for over the road truck trailers is normally manufactured with

Jan , Waterproof engineered floor and wall planks have a veneer layer, an extruded plastic composite core, a click lock edge fastening system, and, alternatively, (c) the waterproof core comprising a composite of a plastic and a material selected from the group consisting of a dust, a filler, an additive and a

Dec , The upper heater level may include, for example, a resistance element disposed in layers of a thermosettable dielectric material The present invention provides an aircraft heated floor panel wherein the metal face sheet may be secured to the underlying composite structure during a high temperature

Jun , An aircraft seat assembly configured in accordance with an example embodiment of the invention utilizes composite materials to achieve significant weight savings relative The lower end may, for example, be designed for compatibility with seat mounting rails that are integrated into the floor of the aircraft.

Jul , Solvay and Mubadala Development, an Abu Dhabi based investment and development company, have created a joint venture to deliver composite materials for the empennage and floor beams of Boeing s new X program Solvay and Mubadala are creating a joint venture to supply carbon fiber

Sep , The disclosed composite armor, particularly used as vehicle floor armor, is designed so as to greatly enhance not only crew survivability, by markedly is a perspective fragmentary representation of one preferred composite floor armor showing the material layers in partially separated relationship for

Oct , A load bearing deck structure is made from at least one sandwich panel formed of a ploymer matrix composite material The sandwich panel Then, the modular structural section is positioned on the load bearing pad with the flat floor of the beam positioned on the load bearing pad The methods of the

Jun , A floor system for residential and light commercial construction utilizing the composite action of a thin concrete slab and cold formed steel sections Light timber framing has serious disadvantages in respect to its combustible content, its high labor and material costs and its span limitations The use of the

May , Wood concrete composite floors are especially hazardous to emergency responders when there is a fire below the floor, exposing and burning away the structural support for the concrete, writes Gregory Havel.

Apr , An aircraft floor system includes a composite panel which generally includes an inboard layer, an inboard interlock layer, a core layer, an outboard interlock layer and an outboard layer The advanced sandwich core material may include K Cor or X Cor which is pinned through at least one ply of dry

These criteria may vary according to a number of secondary factors such as the intrinsic properties ofthe materials (e.g the ultimate yield stress of the metal or the compressive strength of the concrete) the intended use of the composite floor (e.g apartment buildings, office buildings, parking garages, etc) the requirements

Jul , The laminated glass floor tile of claim , wherein said backing substrate is selected from the group consisting of a metal, ceramic, a composite and mixtures thereof However, glass may be easily broken, and for this reason, glass has generally not been readily available as a flooring material U.S Pat

Mar , The combination of cell size, wall thickness and density of the material that is used determines the weight of the core, which is expressed in pounds per cubic foot (pcf) Composite honeycomb having weights on the order of pcf to pcf are preferred for aircraft interior panels For aircraft floor panels,

Jun , The precast structural floor system of claim , wherein the composite floor panel further include an edge member coupled to the composite floor panel, wherein the composite floor system further comprises a binder material applied over the edge member and the concrete stem wall of the composite girder.

Dec , The flooring system of claim , wherein each of the transverse bridges, the longitudinal beams and the side sills is formed of a fiber reinforced composite material The flooring system of claim , wherein each of the transverse bridges and the longitudinal beams is formed of a fiber reinforced

Jun , Lower fuselage shatters In the composite plastic , by contrast, the lower fuselage is shattered, with multiple holes And the passenger floor has broken away from the fuselage and collapsed, leaving passengers with little chance of reaching an exit Worse, the Boeing study projected that the impact on

Aug , A precast composite flooring system utilizes girders and floor panels having steel lower structures placed in tension and concrete upper structures places in Conventional precast structures, however, suffer from several disadvantages such as being heavy, requiring more material, and requiring more

Sep , The composite fiber and resin reinforcement is a fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) composite comprising a thermoset polyurethane resin matrix and a plurality of fibers Typical uses will be as a reinforcing material for wood laminates, such as wood support beams (glulam), truck floors and truss fabrication.