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Apr , This application relates generally to fireproofing products and more specifically to fireproofing panels Fireproofing Fireproofing is also applied to elements such as walls, bulkheads, or decks In a fire Screws must be long enough to pass through a fireproofing panel and roof decking However

Oct , Okay, we have FEQ, that s First European Quality, Teak and the width isn t a problem any length spec However, whether a lumber dealer or manufacturer, home builder or contractor, we all need to be asking our customer what they mean by top grade or grade A or what they mean even when they

Jul , Studs are welded in rows on structural steel decking then concrete is then poured over the studs and the decking, effectively creating a composite Roughly years ago, the Nelson Stud Welding Company, now a Division of TRW, marketed a device which held stud guns and rolled along an I beam.

This invention also discloses the formulation, the method of manufacturing and the final fiber cement products using the biocide treated fibers Claims (OCR text may contain errors) WHAT IS CLAIMED IS A composite building material, comprising a cementitious matrix and individualized cellulose fibers incorporated into

May , The ribbed molded composite products of the invention further have increased stiffness and handleability in the ribbed direction over its corresponding panel products The advantageous properties of the inventive product allow it to be an excellent component in applications such as pallet decking, pallet

Aug , A composite siding and planking board having an appearance similar to a natural solid wood product and method of manufacture employing a base layer The present invention provides an improved wood siding planking, paneling ceiling and flooring boards and method for manufacturing the same that

Oct , Original Assignee, Butler Manufacturing Company a steel roof deck laid over said mesh and supported by the purlins, the safety advantages are provided even with a rigid board insulation, such as Thermax (trademark of Celotex Corporation) or Butler Manufacturing s CMR insulation, or plywood

Dec , In a cellular flooring for a composite floor of a building comprising nestable corrugated steel decking stations connected in side by side arrangement, each A further shortcoming of prior art cellular steel flooring products is that the access openings or penetrations in the crest surfaces are relatively small

Nov , The same basic molding process can additonally be used to manufacture a wide variety of other products such as roof decking, grape stakes, decorative or protective siding, beams, columns, etc It is significant that the inclusion of a substantial portion of bark, approximately or more by weight, in the

Aug , The system is easily installed over a system of conventional underlying supports to provide a strong, rigid deck for supporting a waterproof composite Manufacturers of roofing materials have identified a number of different loci of steel deck roof structure movement that contribute to noise that can be heard

Jul , For example, exterior building products are exposed to solar UV radiation and to cycles of heating and cooling upon exposure to the sun Composite building In one embodiment, the substrate material is a composite building material (decking, siding, roofing, railing, and the like) Composite building