canadian wooden gazebos at home

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, The project was resembled with a gazebo providing views of the valley Here is more from the architects regarding the materials used to build this home The load bearing construction of the timber frame house consists of I beams, thermal insulation of mineral wool and wainscotting, the flat ventilated roof

, Additional lumber was added to the frame to create a wooden canopy separate from the building s exterior shell, which drapes over the original structure like a loose cloth mad architects, japan, Okazaki, aichi prefecture, kindergarten, adaptive reuse, natural Clover House recalls the structure s former life as

, Michael tzen s M Velopes are based on the M House, a reconfigurable structure that has been exhibited in the Museum of Modern Art in New York The pod like buildings are made from painted and preserved sustainably grown wood, and they can serve as garden gazebos, art studios, personal

, Architects Fernando de La Carrera and Alejandro Cavanzo created this contemporary home in for a client located in Girardot, Cundinamarca, Colombia It consists of three distinct volumes private areas, social areas and a kitchen On the poolside facade, large shutters can be opened for an

, The building was conceived a large wooden canopy that floats over performance and learning spaces for an ethnically diverse young population Several hang out and kai Three separate volumes of the Center house different functions performance, music, and visual arts Local ethnic groups carved

Kawartha Lake Cottage is located in Bolsover, Ontario and thanks to the unique design features by Canadian architectural firm, Uufie, this mountain cabin i It is as though the home is a large gazebo and not a home at all Here the wood stringer is notched to support stone slabs that act as the treads to the stairwell.

, These are the hooks the chain will attach to so I placed them evenly in the corners of the outer pieces of wood and the centre of the middle one I also added in screws to each support piece for extra support mason jar chandelier hook I had the fine folks at Home Depot cut my chain into pieces for me

, peeling gazebo Gazebo at home in need of restoration SHIRLEY KOWALCHUK Hey! The gazebo s old fashioned horizontal wood planking with its The kiddie spaces are on the Chikeema (a freighter and passenger ship) and Northland M.S Lady Canadian (a fish freighter and survey boat

, The amazing combination of rustic elements such as wood, leaves and twigs together with the comfortable bed, playful pillows and alluring dining table creates a genuine feeling of freedom Relaxation comes naturally in this type of uncommon gazebo and so do pleasant conversations between family and

, The design of the Canopy House was inspired by the leafy hardwood forest originally found on this mountainside Laurentian site Canopy House Location Saint Sauveur, Canada These spaces are crowned by a vast wooden canopy that also includes the kitchen at the heart of the residence Canopy

, The wood heated hot tub was waiting after all Outdoor living room gazebo at the riverfront getaway at Eco Retreat in Hope, BC Canada So I went home for one night to mow the lawn, see my kiddo, take in a scheduled class, pet the cats, then returned with my truck the very next AM fully packed from the

, The tent like room and silhouette of the house connects to the idea of the least complicated way to spend time in nature, but it is also inspired by the older Swedish pavilion and gazebo architecture, light buildings carefully placed in the landscape, the architects said The results often have a flavor of easy

, Glendon College in Toronto This college is affiliated with Toronto s York University, and is located on the former estate of Edward Rogers Wood who was a very prominent Toronto financier in the early nineteen hundreds The Glendon College campus is home to several ghosts that have been recognized

, Old window turned gorgeous mirror, by Finding Home, featured on Funky k Interiors This gorgeous cabinet from reclaimed wood is a true, one of a kind treasure, custom built to suit an old window! Garden junk at its finest this pergola made from old windows is a true garden feature winner!

, Situated in front of one of the busiest shopping malls in Madrid metropolitan area, this L shaped store holds different stalls under one wooden roof canopy, which is the most visually striking element that can be seen from the street, covering the entrance area The wooden canopy has responded to a

Today, a checkerboard of dirt roads unites a gritty Canadian West living history museum with boardwalk sidewalks, bearded brew sippers, sassy female bartenders sporting armpit hair, and at home First Nations artists mingling in wooden establishments Still a sleepy small town despite seasonal crowding, Dawson also

, Made from a collection of planes, each formed of larch white tinted wood planks glued together, the gazebo has a nautical shape, inspired by the owner s career choice A black brick barbeque topped off with a black steel chimney is prepared for BBQs, while a modern white dining table seating

, A single story house built over a square ground plan, without a cellar and with a flat roof, three bedrooms with amenities facing to the north and delineating the common living area with extends to the exteriors through roofed terraces, the facade, with its glazed walls, are covered by larch wood shutters witch

Sheds can be made of wood or other materials in different styles When you choose the design of your mini home, make sure it is matched with the style of the main one and the exterior itself You may opt for a traditional small house with a gorgeous fairy tale look or for a modern design with geometric lines Either way, you

, Wooden flower boxes are mounted on the walls surrounding it as well as sections of the facade, hinting at the vegetated roof terrace, which features manicured flower beds, an outdoor fireplace and a gazebo Orsi House by Keivani Architects Inside, the ground floor lobby links with a shared staircase and

Mar , A wide shallow lot in Toronto ,Canada has this beautiful house .It use black sliding woods that accents for Toronto home.According to its shallow site it sits against the western neighbor,to create a private fenced courtyard Skyline views are also visible through a green roof and a deck.Its welcoming,warm

, Environment Canada is looking for photos and eye witness accounts of the exceptional storm which ripped through Southern Manitoba last week It headed east through the community causing extensive damage, including lifting a house off its foundation The tornado went further east across the

, Kick off your shoes, grab a cold Canadian brew and enjoy this Ontario oasis Patio at a Glance Who lives here Interior designer Karen Sealy Location Toronto Size The tight yard is pie shaped and extends about feet from the house Patio of the Week Sealy BEFORE Sealy describes the original