wood front step railing

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Jul , Enter the wood tiles that I have used multiple times in my house (like this wall and my kitchen backsplash) Only one problem with the wood tiles, they aren t necessarily meant to be used outside Or I should say, they had not tested them for outside uses yet I had a talk with E S Tile (the perks of this

Use a homemade jig to transform stock lumber into flatsawn balusters to dress up the front porch Sure, they make it look easybut they also give you everything you need to know to craft your own custom railing Download the cut list to Build a Gingerbread Balustrade here Shown Balusters pine ?x, for a foot

May , You can really see how small the steps are here! They took the railing off and then poured the new, much wider steps We couldn t walk on the new ones for a few days, so I got some other stuff done that I ve been meaning to take care of The teeny tiny ceiling on our teeny tiny porch has been looking pretty

The how to build a porch process from the ground up along with our porch design elements to create your perfect porch! Adding a front porch addition can From railing photo galleries to design options, select the right style and material before your build as it may affect your overall porch design decorative porch stair hand

Jun , front stairs DIY While you can see the faded, splintered wood and crooked construction on the left, above, the photo just doesn t do justice to how rickety the stairs really were Our new design would be rock solid, easy to measure and assemble, and would match the existing porch railings perfectly.

Sep , And now, we decided against the typical porch railings on the front porch in favor of horizontal railings (Perhaps I didn t want to go with the same hog panel railings like we did on the back porch just a little too rustic He got to work wrapping the existing posts and installing the barn wood ceiling.

Feb , And this little ahem, huge remodel effected the entry, stairs and living room, which also was effected by the kitchen, so I had to know what everything was going to look like all at once, and I am a sort of plan and change things as you go girl (And this people, is why I haven t built a house yet.