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, Anything you build out of Baltic birch should last a good, long time Improved Strength and Stability All plywood runs the risk of warping, and the most common type of warp in plywood is bowing Baltic birch is not immune, it s still a wood product However, Baltic birch has the odds stacked in its favor

, The sixth generation of the BMW series arrives this ruary in the United States in sedan form, at least and it s safe to say that the biggest question on the mind At least the design of the new series (the F, to BMW fetishists) is unlikely to put many people off, as it hews closely to the previous car.

, The bill was referred to the Senate Insurance Committee It would have to pass the full Senate, full House and earn a signature from Gov Rick Snyder to become law View Comments RECOMMENDED FOR YOU Weekly Financial People In Heavy CC Debt Are In For Big SurpriseWeekly Financial Undo.

, How to deter animals from digging under your gate, fence, or garden User (that is you) He has literally destroyed my wooden retaining wall in attempt to get into my neighbours yard (they also have beagles) but their apple tree attracts rodents I ve tried what good is this video if you have already did it.

, The views afforded by the tiny airplane window whether it s cloud cover, city skylines, or mountain ranges apparently aren t good enough for design firm Technicon Their French office has created a concept for a private jet called the Ixion that would replace windows with floor to ceiling digital screens that

, Using the company s recent Vision ConnectedDrive concept car as a starting point, the Hommage features modern materials and lightweight design techniques The original weighed just pounds, and in its honor the Hommage uses lightweight materials almost obsessively the structure,

, State Farm, by market share the biggest insurance company in Pennsylvania, had , auto damage claims from that single storm, compared to , hail claims for autos in all of , company spokesman Dave Phillips said The company had , home claims from the storm, compared to , hail

, Clever Uses for Clear Nail Polish Just like covering the run in your tights prevents further ripping, you can use a little on a window screen tear to keep it small Clever Uses for Clear Nail Polish A splinter in wooden furniture can be coated to prevent snagging Small scuffs and dents in wooden floors

, The eDL is powered by a hidden battery and is modeled after classic urban commuters while the eDL is a compact city bike complete with a briefcase cargo hold and front wheel mounted electric motor A sister design to the Onyx, Peugeot also presented the Onyx bicycle concept, which ditches

, On Monday I shared with you the husband s biggest project yet, custom built in wardrobe closets for our master bedroom The husband is obsessed with these Komplement pants hangers (we had them in our other house, too), so we started our entire design based on those Wooden closet dowel rods

, NHTSA will interpret driver in the context of Google s described motor vehicle design as referring to the [self driving system], and not to any of the vehicle occupants, NHTSA s letter said We agree with Google its [self driving car] will not have a driver in the traditional sense that vehicles have had drivers

, DETROIT General Motors issued a recall for certain models of SUVs because the windshield wiper motors might overheat Due to the risk of fire, the company advises owners to avoid using the wipers until they are replaced.

, A transparent silica film containing nanoparticles of indium tin oxide prevents infrared light from shining through glass The percentages of tin in the films are shown above each piece of glass Particles containing tin absorb the most IR light Credit ACS Appl Mater Interfaces Sunlight streaming

, GM Adds Autonomous Chevy Bolt EVs, Creating Biggest FleetFor Now Proposed Laws Favor GM s Self Driving Cars and Sideline Competitors GM Will Test and Build Autonomous Chevy Bolt EVs in Michigan All of this hardware requires electrical powerand lots of it Two independent

, It s that need to package an electric powertrain in a new type of chassis that led BMW design chief Adrian van Hooydonk to call the i a once in a lifetime have to convince buyers that they don t need to drive more than miles in a day, and that interiors made from recycled plants and plastic are cool.

In other words, the changes shouldn t mess up a good thing A mechanical torque vectoring rear differential is available, and the optional Sport Chrono package now includes dynamic transmission mounts Porsche also switched to electromechanical power steering, just as it did with the latest the larger Porsche sports

, What looks like a spare tire at the back of the Ford Nucleon is really a small atomic reactor In the late s, a personal use nuclear power plant, with scaled down reactors and shielding, seemed within grasp Engineers.

, ID Ready is a clear plastic pouch that mounts to the inside of a car windshield and holds a driver s license, registration, insurance card and (if applicable) concealed weapon permit The product s developer, Eric Cardenas, says the pouch protects both driver and officer by eliminating any need for drivers to

, In the process, the company downplayed its iconic Like a Good Neighbor tagline with a new campaign launched last year by Omnicom Group s DDB, Chicago, called Get to a Better State The ads promote service and value, including spots featuring NFL star Aaron Rodgers touting the discount double

, Asked whether that was good news or bad news for State Farm customers in Virginia, Brower recommended that policyholders check with their agents to find out what deductibles were set in their policies Customers, in many cases, will be paying a lower deductible, said Erin Zabel, a State Farm agent in