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Jun , Based in Winchester, Virginia, Company is the world s largest manufacturer of high performance wood alternative decking and railing, with more than Elevations materials also are composed of percent recycled steel, and any excess materials from a jobsite are percent recyclable.

Aug , To address this problem, new for the decking season are composite deck boards that optimize heat reflection Manufacturers are frequently making improvements in the aesthetics and design of their composite boards, especially with vibrant colors and striking visual patterns that emulate exotic

May , Whether made of wood, vinyl or composite, every deck requires some routine maintenance to keep it looking good and performing well Tending to your deck Remove any dirt and debris that may have collected in the gaps between the boards, using a putty knife, if necessary Unless you know what

Dec , When selecting nails or screws, there are good, better and best options a plain shank nail a ring shank or spiral shank nail, which will hold better than a One challenge that screw manufacturers have had to overcome is mushrooming, which occurs when the composite material coming out of the screw

Oct , More and more building material manufacturers are specifying the use of particular fasteners in their installation guidelines, like PVC and composite decking companies This includes understanding what fasteners pair best with materials, including wood framing, cabinetry, roofing, drywall, and decking.

Apr , They work equally as well in traditional composites The color matched screws for PVC and composite decking are approved for use with ACQ treated lumber All the Starborn Cap Tor xd screws feature extra deep star drive recesses, undercut heads, tri lobular shanks, Type auger tips, and are available

Oct , A load bearing deck structure is made from at least one sandwich panel formed of a ploymer matrix composite material instead of concrete, steel and wood, the bridge has individual modular components which are fault tolerant in manufacture, as twisting and small warpage can be corrected at assembly.

Aug , Composite lumber has some of the strength of wood, it looks and feels very similar, it can be worked with wood tools, and it uses waste products that might otherwise end up in a landfill In terms of green building, the biggest objection to composite decking is that, although it lasts a long time, it is very difficult

Check out these tips from the outdoor living experts at , the world s largest manufacturer of wood alternative decking and railing, to ensure your DIY deck Choose the right materials When planning a do it yourself deck project, select wood alternative materials that will look like new even after years of heavy foot

The impetus for this occurred while I was shopping for lumber at one of the big box home improvement stores for a deck I ll be building for a client this week The best composite decking does look quite a bit like real wood When it s new But composites fade They also get scratched Yes, wood also gets scratched, but it

Jan , The substructure will almost surely be constructed with treated lumber but the decking itself can be wood or one of a variety of composite materials available today You ll see in my deck design below, I cut the rails at degree angles on one portion of the deck, as I thought it might look kind of cool.

Dec , Dutch manufacturer Esthetic has been making composite decking for years and it currently offers colours with a variety of caulking shades The Solar Glow takes things up a notch and the luminous material can be installed in any desired design or pattern You can even have the name or boat logo

Jul , Deck A deck is a platform with decking boards, usually made of either wood or a composite material A deck is ideal for sloped yards where you want a flat area It s also good for homes that sit high above the ground or atop a basement, because they can be built as high as you need If your home sits

Aug , I wrote a response to a similar questionin regarding the comparison between composite decking and wood and heard back from the may be one of the better manufacturers of this product but again there is green washing in their marketing I looked up their MSDS (Material Safety

Apr , Expensive Because of its inherent qualities of durability and long lifespan, HDPE is considered the highest quality of recycled plastics The material is costly to manufacturers of raised beds, and this cost is reflected in the price Recycled plastic raised beds are more expensive than cedar raised beds.

Jan , Redwood Decking I can t say I know a whole lot about this material, but I have used it on occasion here in Florida (as well as magnolia, ipe and a host of composites) So I did a little detective work and got into contact with the good people over at the California Redwood Association Their kind PR leader