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Oct , Could it be I m stacking the deck It s possible Opal is the Oregon crystal opal of carats with botryoidal agate inclusions (private collection) Having just spent When I first saw that Oregon opal, however, its botryoidal agate inclusions made me think of snorkeling in the ocean Speaking of the sea,

Jul , We ve reported before about how nostalgia, a desire for simpler times and the popularity of Apple products have helped lead to a resurgence in midcentury modern design Modern architects of the mid th century continue to be household names, and their projects are often thought of as treasures to be

Jul , But, this is Oregon So we ll see The boards are installed in such a way that they would be very easy for me to replace one off if needed, but hopefully it won t come to that, at least not anytime soon Consider this my own personal experimentif you want to be totally assured that your deck will last a long,

Aug , Behind you are the stairs to go up to the second floor where you can enjoy a spacious bedroom with a sq ft upstairs deck balcony The main level is x This home was designed and built by MurchTech Consulting Corp using a patented composite steel wall system Pricing for this unit starts at

Artistic Tile s Knot mimics the natural end grain of cut lumber, and provides slip resistance ( per square foot for by inch planks ) the digitized version of the U.S Army s page Field Manual on carpentry to find anything from how to plan a deck to the actual measurements of nominal lumber.

Jul , It ll be furnished with a queen bed, night tables, dresser, and table and chairs (on the deck) I can t wait to sleep in it! Tent Platform Here s the platform as it looked last week The only thing left to do is lay the rest of the and then put up the vertical supports My Portable Potty Building Here s my portable

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Jan , means mounted to said table for supporting a plurality of first deck boards in a first common plane which is initially inclined upwardly apparatus which permits the assembly of pallets at a high rate of speed, yet which is relatively simple in design and is therefore inexpensive and easily maintained .

Mar , The atrium lobby of the re imagined Disney Wonder saw some major changes during her extensive dry dock in The most drastic change was the removal of the starboard staircase followed by the replacement of the Chihuly chandelier The Ariel statue was repositioned in th same fashion as

composite of four gingerbread house contest finalists View as slideshow Here at This Old House, we re big I used graham crackers for the deck of the ship Pretzels and graham crackers were used for This is a replica of a real house located in Eugene, Oregon For the base, I used a Skil saw to cut plywood base

Given the tight spots I need to get into under the deck and between joists while I am on a ladder to remove the old railing posts, I could really use a compact recip saw with some Sorry Canadians are not included in your offer too win prizes.but thank you for the great tutorials and I will continue to buy Dewalt products.

, Have your soil tested, some nurseries do it, some states have a state extension (google search for one near you), or purchase one of those inexpensive soil test kits and learn how to do your own testing, it s actually very easy and doesn t require much time Apply pelitized lime at least once in mid Spring, it will help