green building practices and technologies

Features, Benefits and Technical Details

Mar , According to the EDA, a green certified dental practice has to meet eight qualifications Sustainable Location, which pertains to the building housing the dental practice Considerations include whether the site is a certified green building and its proximity to public transportation Waste Reduction in all

Jul , LEED has become the standard in the US, and there are others including The Green Building Initiative and The Architecture Initiative, both whom have their own practices and requirements The federal government offers tax breaks for those replacing older, low efficiency appliances with new more

Green technology s goal is to replace practices and methods that damage or deplete natural resources with alternative practices that are sustainable and efficient By partaking in Green building, also known as sustainable building, refers to a structure that is resource efficient as well as being environmentally responsible.

Dec , factor and the large scale benefits to our planet, green and smart building technologies are changing the way we live and work, and creating As demand for sustainably created and operated buildings continues to grow, we expect more exciting developments will move from the lab into actual practice.

Jul , Benefits of green building With new technologies constantly being developed to complement current practices in creating greener structures, the benefits of green building can range from environmental to economic to social By adopting greener practices, we can take maximum advantage of

Feb , To accelerate the growth of the environmental industry and to maintain Singapore s image as a City in a Garden, the government has initiated several funding and incentive schemes related to energy efficiency and clean energy, green buildings and construction, water and environmental technologies,

Aug , Destinations that turn a blind eye to sustainable practices risk depleting their resources and shortsightedly under investing in the preservation of their By implementing green technologies and policies, destinations can contribute to the double bottom line of environmental sustainability and profitability.

Jan , If a self storage company is committed to developing its holdings in a way that benefits the corporation, community and environment, green building must be an inherent practice How we construct and maintain our properties makes a huge difference in the health of our planet and its inhabitants as well as

Apr , Situated within the David Johnston Research Technology Park (R T Park) in the Idea Quarter, near a acre environmental reserve, the construction Aiming to go well beyond current green building practices and integrate systems that give back to the environment, a geothermal exchange system will

Jan , Notwithstanding the increased technology, simple economic pressures prevent owners from hiring higher paid building managers who have the sophistication Doster, Kantor Reed, P.A, in the Real Estate Transactions, Development and Finance Commercial Leasing, and Environmental Law practices.

Jun , It s that handsome combination of IOU (inefficient, old and ubiquitous) technology, the potential for inexpensive solutions and the wow factor that green design techniques lend buildings like the California Academy of Sciences that lay at the heart of the market Building hasn t been as popular with VCs as

Feb , According to percent of the architects and percent of the contractors surveyed for the report, the use of green building technologies and practices encourage the use of the design bid build delivery model Twenty six percent of architects and percent of contractors said they drive design build

By building and managing a green home for you and your family to live in, you will be engaging in a positive atmosphere and creating a green space that could lower down your carbon footprint Solar panels are an emerging and hot technology for people who want to utilize the natural power all around us, the sun.

Dec , A few weeks ago, we wrote that videoconferencing might be the best green technology available in terms of bang for your buck, according to data culled from a green retrofit at Appliance makers fought vigorously, but California passed appliance and building regulations (Title and Title ) anyway.

May , So what causes Sick Building Syndrome, and how can sustainable and green building techniques help overcome it The motivation for healthcare facilities to incorporate sustainable green design, construction and operating practices is that improved indoor environmental quality improves the efficiency

Aug , We use Google Apps to help us track progress toward our goalswhich meet or exceed the U.S Green Building Council s LEED standardsand share what we ve The interior renovation was designed by Boora Architects and built by XL Construction, using healthy building materials and practices.

Jan , If your company is thinking of renting in a green building, these five best practices will make going green an easy transition Know the Law When signing any lease, it s critical to have it thoroughly examined by your legal team They will ensure your interests are protected and that you have a full

Sep , Launched in early with the support of IEEE Future Directions new initiatives committee, the Green Information and Communications Technology initiative interfaces with various IEEE societies and other technology initiatives (e.g Cloud Computing, IoT, Smart Cities, etc.), and seeks to foster the

Jan , It s difficult to do LEED for Health Care, Usually, it s achieved when you use technology like smart shading, Bosch says So instead of imposing Western building practices and techniques to achieve LEED for Health Care Silver, Perkins Will looked for ways to design and build that were rooted in Accra.

Oct , Emirates Insolaire offers Kromatix solar glass in gold, green, or terracotta, with an opaque finish that hides the power generating technology inside But how do you measure, compare and make choices about the environmental footprint of different products, materials and building practices Over the past

May , Like any ambitious construction project, the new MIT Sloan School of Management building has a story to tell one that does not primarily revolve around architecture or technology, in spite of a striking fa?ade and state of the art classrooms Instead, the story of E, featuring the Joan and William A.

Mar , Here as well, sharing matters The vision for West Arbor reaches beyond just being a green building for low income residents and actively includes the wider community High school students are creating videos that serve as manuals for West Arbor residents to learn how to use energy efficient technologies

Oct , The Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Building Technologies and Renewable Energy Conservation was conceived to meet the urgent need for tradespeople, site managers and construction workers who are skilled in the practices of sustainable building It is also designed to be one of most innovative

Apr , With green building becoming a critical part of today s world, more and more new construction technologies are being developed to keep up with demand While zero energy buildings are more expensive upfront, the long term benefits of energy saving and sustainable business practices compel