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To further explaining of solar energy, through the use of non conventional prism solar panel, the gaining power from the solar tree will supply sufficient pockets of space in between each bridge that intercepts the interior circulation for access to the outdoor spaces like the amphitheater and the playground, and lastly, to act

Jan , The site boasted an intricate fourth century mosaic floor, whose centerpiece is a wheel of the Zodiac with the figure of Helios in the center The good water supply and location near the Golan Heights and hills of Lebanon and a low lying valley leading to the heart of Israel made this spot strategically

The building has floors a technical space in the basement, shared programs on the ground floor, and student apartments in the upper nine floors The roof is covered with m2 of photovoltaic panels to generate electricity Rainwater is harvested on site in a basin pool used for watering outdoor green spaces.

Oct , That fire, which started on a second floor exterior wooden balcony, was already extending to the upper floor and attic when the first OFD units arrived These materials include vinyl siding, which melts away when exposed to sufficient heat rigid polystyrene insulation panels, which are often placed just

Jul , Visitors enter through a wooden porch that leads to the main living space Unobstructed views are achieved through floor to ceiling glass, allowing the expanse of the bay to act as backdrop to the activity inside , said the Below, stone steps lead to a secondary outdoor space, which floods at high tide.

May , A study on students of Chinese ancestry in the Singapore and Australia has also found correlations between among of time spent outdoors and lower rates of Please observe that those who work outside in natural light and toil in the sun, like mechanics, panel beaters, and construction workers etc etc

Feb , For the cost of a dollar ventilation fan, you could easily push that methane outdoors and solve the problem This problem is easily avoidable and very cheaply fixed Sharon years ago Does this also happen with horse manure piles Iain years ago @ Mad Max Thunderdome entrepernial

Sep , the outdoor lighting for the shenzhen universiade sports center by conceptlicht Gmbh emphasizes the strict crystalline and faceted appearance of the of strict geometries paired with contrasting elements and materials stark white walls, aluminium, dark wood floors all united by a central steel and glass

Aug , Clean hardwood floors with gallon of hot water, ? cup white vinegar and drops of orange essential oil This blend also works well with any type of hard Rub or spray a small amount on your skin before heading outdoors to help keep the bugs at bay Diffuse wild orange and grapefruit essential oils to

The ground floor is ideally presented as a transparent glass box The middle Cyclops is dedicated to the rest of the family and children with access to private outdoor terraces In addition, a facade of photovoltaic cell panels clad the southern wall of the second floor enabling greater use of electrical needed power.

Mar , He said that during four days of detention they were flogged, forced to take off their clothes in cold weather and stand at a.m outdoors on floor covered with stones I was taken to clean a bathroom, and the man pushed my head inside the toilet and sat on me, he said I was dying every day, and at one

The whole entrance lobby is located under the gentle slope, creating intentionally the dark governance and the great blood shed atmosphere before the Revolution walking upwards and entering the nd floor, the visitors may feel the hard spiral course of the Revolution the exhibition hall and the outdoor display area

Nov , By positioning the essential services around the perimeter of the buildings, the central area on the ground floor is able to accommodate an open plan living room that opens onto a terrace At the rear of the living space, a courtyard is carved into the plan to create an additional outdoor space that facilitates

Dec , Tall Outdoor Concrete Planter This is the big kahuna! Learn to use concrete dye to tint the planter a different color and how to make your own large concrete form from melamine, including adding a decorative detail Remodelaholic is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an

Mar , Here is the description we received from Sahar Located in Chtoura, in the beautiful Bekaa Valley in Lebanon, this residence stands out in terms of design It is the only such modern building in the area, as opposed to the traditional designs surrounding it On the exterior facades, we used Basalt stone in

Jan , As this year s Shooting Hunting and Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show opened in Las Vegas last month, Vice President Joe Biden was submitting his recommendation on gun safety that But on the SHOT Show floor it was business as usual Features include a pull out ID or badge panel on the right arm.

rear, that is made of structural insulated panels (SIPS) Courtesy of Maziar Behrooz Architecture Photography Matthew Carbone The lower level houses an office, a sitting room, a garage and work out areas part of the lower level opens to a courtyard that allows cool air circulation and a distinctly private outdoor space.

Jul , Swiss architects Herzog and de Meuron have designed this apartment tower with overhanging floor plates and terraces for Beirut, Lebanon Herzog de The project is founded on five principles layers and terraces, inside and outside, vegetation, views and privacy, light and identity The result is a

Jul , Built by DW Bernard Khoury in Beirut, Lebanon with date Images by Ieva Saudargaite The wood panel cladding of the reception space is defined by a layout that starts at the floor, folding onto the walls and ceiling, and extending throughout the rest of the rooms This same cladding layout defines

Solar Panel System You re all familiar with solar panels But did you know that they are a product of biomimicry Courtesy of ThomasKohler The solar panel system mimics the way leaves As in the termite mounds, the air enters the building into the lower floors and offices before escaping through the chimneys at the top.

More recent apartment developments have responded to the height restrictions, but attempt to achieve commercial viability by increasing the number of floors, The design review panel noted that this control was at odds with the intention to reinforce the streetscape and proposed that a zero setback continue to level this

Oct , The inclined site meets the entrance road on the southern end of the nd floor, where one enters the auditorium The main entrance to the building is located further into the site, with an outdoor space separating the two entrances The nd floor is provided with a double floor ceiling height and the largest

Sep , Let alone tell what floor you re on When you re outside, with a clear view of the sky, this usually works well When you dial , your cell phone uses signals from the Global Positioning System or cell network to locate you Icons licensed from the Noun Project GPS not the best For years, the FCC has

May , I know I will rarely have a decaf, but when I do, it amp s because I visualize holding that warm cozy mug in my hands, sitting quietly outdoors listening to the birds etc Perhaps it amp s not the substance but the related relaxation time Or, as another commented, the relaxed socializing that often occurs with it.

Dec , the tower is comprised of multiple programs that complement one another, as well as the surrounding community, including office space, executive zones, trading floors, boutique retail, restaurants, conference centers, heath facilities, and concealed parking that fully supports the project in response to the