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Aug , Enya EUS X Ukulele That first Enya review was of their camp style round EUR X made from all HPL laminate (the non wood, paper and resin composite used for kitchen counter tops and identical to the stuff used by Martin in their X series I REALLY liked the EUR model, as it was extremely well made

Nov , The composite of claim , wherein the shape memory polymer is programmed at a temperature above the glass transition temperature of said shape Initiation of cracks and other types of damage on a microscopic level has been shown to change thermal, electrical, and acoustical properties, and

Mar , While classic design features such as bulls eye air vents (now also fitted in the rear compartment), high quality mirror matched wood veneers, leather hides and hand finished Acoustic glazing with infra red reflective interlayer (except front screen to allow use of mobile communications and readers).

Jul , Just picking one at random (the nearest) NP aerospace a leading provider of advanced composite armour systems, armour solutions for US tactical vehicles has various STANAG threat level solutions, including samples of composite armour solutions for mm and mm rounds The armour is part of the

Oct , With said method composite structures may be obtained for various applications, for example such structures, which comply with present requirements of construction boards, acoustic boards etc The invention provides simple, continuous, flexible, economic and effective means for producing porous

Nov , The F also picks up features like optional active rear wheel steering, which countersteers the rear wheels for a tighter turning circle while using in phase Dark Burl Ash wood trim interior trim is standard, appearing in sweeping expanses on the dash, doors and front center console Ash Anthracite (gray

May , Carbon fiber (and other composites) is not affected by weather and humidity the same way that wood is Improper storage of wood guitars can The sides of the guitar were rounded like an Ovation style guitar, because carbon fiber doesn t bend well around sharp corners I chose to use the stock design

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Assemblage A work of art made up of one or several kinds of materials such as photographs, pieces of paper, cloth, wood, glass, or metal and or objects such as knives, nails, shells, chairs, and tables Assemblages may be two or three dimensional A collage is one kind of assemblage Asymmetrical Balance A form of

Oct , The advanced chassis, the ultra lightweight aluminum body and the richly appointed interior round out the profile of the S, a model athlete that is scheduled for market launch in The most recent stage in the evolution of the ASF principle is composite construction with steel to further improve crash safety.

Oct The invention relates to a composition and method for the production of lightweight structural mortar containing lightweight fillers, a type II synthetic anhydrite and additives, for use in ferrocement construction systems having thermal, acoustic and earthquake resistance properties and for use as a coating for

Nov , A flexible aerogel based insulation material (based on a composite containing methylsilylated Silica and polyethylene terephthalate) has been developed rather than synthesizing the cellulose fibers directly via bioengineering processes or from natural materials such as wood pulp, this may be more

A fully adjustable acoustic guitar bridge is claimed that allows the strings (e.g nylon or steel) of an acoustic guitar to be separately and continuously intonated, on each saddle provides stability, continuous threading capability, and the freedom to use acoustically resonant materials (e.g bone, phenolic, composites, etc.)

Jul , One example is the porches, where the floors are traditional beadboard while the steps are made of , a composite wood alternative that is low maintenance and lasts for a long time The dining room boasts a classic foot long farm style table, which was salvaged from a hospital in upstate New York.

Jan , Crosslinked polymer aerogels, polymer aerogel composites and methods for preparing the same US B TABLE Functional Group, Crosslinker For example, the cross sectional shape of the fibers may be one or a combination of a round, hollow, porous, oval, star, or trilobal shape.

The present invention is directed to increase the resonance of an instrument by applying a conductive medium formed of a mixture of resonance increasing materials to the instrument According to the present invention, the method for increasing the resonance of an instrument such as a woodwind

May , The present invention relates to a material for thermal and or acoustic insulation comprising an expanded elastomeric and or thermoplastic elastomer of Plastics, Elastomers, and Composites, , pp ) Some patents confirm this in practice by consequently using NBR to blend SBR into PVC.

() Temperature variations of the string and its supporting string frame, and of the wood bridge, wood sound board, etc with vibratory bridges, or other piano like vibratory systems coupled tightly to a string system so as to obtain similar actions and reactions with suitable mechanico electro acoustic translating systems.

Oct , For example, magenta can be obtained by using a mixture of Solvent Red Dyes or a composite black can be obtained by mixing several dyes Inks as disclosed herein can also be employed in other hot melt printing processes, such as hot melt acoustic ink jet printing, hot melt thermal ink jet printing, hot

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Jul , A relatively non rounded shape of the struts of solid material that define the sides of the open cell foams may also enhance the cleaning efficacy of the Melamine based foam is also marketed for acoustic and thermal insulation by many companies such as American Micro Industries (Chambersburg,