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Jan , US A Abstract An armored vehicle having a stable, fast, relatively inexpensive retrofittable gun or weapon system including a retractable mounting platform which, in a lowered position, fits a weapon within the interior of the vehicle and, in a raised position, the gun or weapon above the roof of the

Sep , The shed s translucent exterior invites closer inspection, so we asked Reese to tell us about it Large sliding doors, one sheathed in plywood and covered with flat seamed break metal, and the other a steel framed, translucent polycarbonate panel, bypass each other via double track barn door hardware.

May , In addition, an active solar energy system is presented without the corresponding problems associated with roof mounted solar panel systems Heretofore, prior art has used the roof and attic as a passive solar energy device when modified with a transparent or translucent roof material and combined

Oct , We typically only used those if some of the panels would be shaded but it looks like your roof is pretty wide open to the sun Natural gas and electricity only have a few household uses in common, so unit energy doesn t tell us that much, and even if unit energy was a helpful comparison electricity costs a

Mar , Custom designs are integral to the PolyBilt engineering team PolyBilt engineers work with you to build a truck body unique to your specific requirements and include full sweep out compartments floors, voluminous storage, and integral water and foam tanks as needed Call us today for a Body Built for Life.

Feb , The th U.S president, Donald J Trump, is bent on gutting environmental protections, andwith a polluter friendly Congress at his sidehe ll likely do everything he can to dismantle our fundamental right to a healthy environment The Capitol Watch blog series will shine a light on these political attacks

Aug , It s got a lattice screen roof providing a bit of shade and interest, rounded ends , translucent panels to let in light, and sliding glass doors It s made to be fully off the grid, can be reconfigured or extended The WorkPod is the smallest of all, built for a single user with a typical installation time of just days.

Oct , A modular fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) composite structural panel component for structural support systems having a plurality of cells adjacently connected forming a top side, Structural panels are continually needed in constructing and repairing walls, floors, decking, bridges, roofs, and the like.

Aug , The good news is there are many examples of entrepreneurs who have successfully built their own trailers and trucks without any formal experience A Air conditioner, B Fume hood, C Rear door, D External power hookup, E Generator cover panel, F Circuit breaker, G lb propane tank, H Propane

Jun , Craft Studio at a Glance The panels for the shed s floor, roof and walls were constructed in a , square foot factory miles from Seattle and delivered by trailer and ferry to the The exterior is a combination of James Hardie HardiePlank lap siding and clear grain red cedar accents and columns.

Jan , However there are legitimate reasons to criticize the fiberglass batt insulation which is the status quo in US house construction Its a brief list of No foil or kraft paper vapor retarders are offered Furthermore the insulation value of these dense Mineral Wool panels approaches the performance of foam.

Aug , The idea was that as a business we wanted to make clear that we don t take anything too seriously except for the beer, Jansen explains One of these breweries is the bike themed Crank Arm Brewing Company that sports a panel interactive sculpture built out of gears, wheels, chains, and neon.

Aug , Multi time Hot Rod Drag Week winner Jeff Lutz built a new Chevy race car to compete in this year s Drag Week competition (September , Pro Automotive in Butler, Pennsylvania, who deftly massaged the steel and composite panels before laying down the smooth base clear combination.

Sep , Support political leaders who use fact based information to craft and advocate for sound energy policy A clean energy future is within our grasp, but it s going to take vigorous, ongoing effort by all of us I hope some of these ideas motivate you to step up your own game For my part, I look forward to working