decorative patio fencing ideas

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Transform your yard with four DIY outdoor projects on a budget, like concrete landscape edging, that will make it look like your paid a pro DIY wood fence in a yard Image The Camie, from the blog Home is Where They Love You, thinks her decorative and functional concrete curb looks like a pro job, and we agree.

For custom designed fence panels or contractors Contact Latticeworks directly Latticeworks logo Marcus McAvoy, President of Latticeworks Company President, wanted decorative vinyl lattice panels for his own deck There wasn t a good alternative so he created his own company Learn more about

Jul , You need a monster size fence to protect your garden from deer, but it doesn t have to look like a monstrosity A Deer Fence Can Be Decorative as Well as Protective in a visually obtrusive way Plus, it also serves as a support structure for vines and is an enchanting way to enclose an outdoor space.

Jul , Whether you love an inspiring backyard retreat or just need a spot to stow a hoe, these great outdoor sheds have some ideas for you The greenhouse is decorated much like an outdoor room, mixed with interior accents, like the chandelier Salvage container barn Consider cargotecture Can you

May , In this courtyard, I love the way the owners made the driveway disappear by enclosing it in triple arches made of iron from the patio side and then created an arched pergola over the drive (attaching to the arches on that side and a fence on the other) Since it wasn t blooming, I m not sure of the flowering

Oct , So if your neighbor decides to put up a fence where one hadn t previously been, don t just assume that it s to keep you out or that it s an unfriendly gesture Contemporary Deck by GEREMIA DESIGN GEREMIA DESIGN The idea is to keep the communication open and friendly throughout the process.

Sep , Here, we ve gathered the most cool Halloween outdoor decorations and DIY projects ideas to help you to create a perfect ambience on this fun holiday or front yard This entry is part of in the series Awesome Halloween Decoration Ideas Here is an awesome idea to repurpose old fence boards.

Jul , A tighter weave means more protection Traditional Patio by C Marie Designs, Inc C Marie Designs, Inc A more open lattice weave is a good way to create a sense of separation without completely blocking your line of sight This barely there fence allows for a cool breeze and a clear view too More

Sep , Use one or all of these ideas at once I love it that just about anything goes in the garden Personally, I like to keep indoor decor quite simple, but outside, well, that s the place to get quirky and creative As a famous Empress of Dirt once said, a bare fence is an outdoor garden And there you go! Lots of ideas

Aug , We shall show you some awesome lanai porch ideas to inspire you for your own outdoor area Lanai porch ideas would combine the tropical appearance and the roofed outdoor area Decorative pillows, large baskets, vases, stones all these accessories will add to the charm of your lanai Remember