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tested a marking method in greater sage grouse breeding habitat and modeled collision as a function of fence marking and control covariates, females and peaked during the breeding season (Patten et al , Wolfe et al ) southeast Idaho We constructed fence markers using vinyl siding undersill (Wolfe et al.

Its age is starting to show, especially in your electric and water bills Time to switch it Luckily, the electrical connection is fairly straightforward just make sure to clamp the wires be they metal sheathed BX cable or vinyl wrapped Romex to the unit s junction box This protects Want to hire a pro for this project This Old

May , Awhile ago, I saw a great video of a French craftsman shaping a deer hoof leg he was using Liogier rasps pretty much start to finish Mostly what caught my eye was that these rasps seemed to work my previous experiences with rasps were with Nicholson and rasps (American made, pre Brasil)

Apr , When Dad knocked over the fence with a backhoe, I tried a new fence post mix product that expands as it dries As with most product reviews, there are always two elements at play when things go wrong either the product doesn t live up to expectations advertising, or user error (or well, I guess they re

Nov , The Kontrol S ships with Traktor Scratch Pro This causes a lot of confusion for people What s the difference between Traktor Scratch Pro and Traktor Pro The only difference is that Scratch Pro allow you to connect turntables or CDJ s to the Kontrol S and use Traktor timecode vinyl or CD s to

Most sheet vinyl floors these days are glued only at the edges, which makes it easy to cut out the damage and harvest a patch But if the Shown A damaged vinyl floor can be fixed with a patch from the same material This Old House has partnered with HomeAdvisor to connect you with trusted home improvement pros!

prime See Reviews × About to Project Cost to hours Estimated Time Skill Hard Requires mid level plumbing skills Required Tools Shopping List Want to hire a pro for this project This Old House has partnered with HomeAdvisor to connect you with trusted home improvement pros!

Pro customers get a full range of business services and benefits, from advanced order pulling, dedicated parking and pro only checkout and order loading to bulk Check out all the different fencing materials which includes wood, vinyl, composite, chain link, metal, barbed wire, bamboo, lattice fence, and even pet fencing!

Oct , MLS photos show a large hole in the upper right hand side of the roof, charred walls and blackened household items strewn about One of the only recognizable items in the home is a retro How to rope in more seller leads with Mega Agent Pro Outsource seller prospecting and focus on what you do best

May , The next build video in the No Comment series (Tim Burton Table) will cover all the Onyx work for the top cap Since that relies on this Gryphon wet bandsaw, I thought to review it first so I don t have to do that part in the build video This saw is popular among artisans since it is so well designed and fits

Jan , It was also the loudest show I ve attended in my life and I have the hearing damage to prove it As if they haven t done enough for the vinyl loving community these days, Drastic Plastic proved again what great taste they have by giving this album a very high quality vinyl reissue and the real winner here is