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An improved process for making plastisol foams is disclosed, the improvement comprising adding to the plastisol composition, prior to foaming, a material which is In the manufacture of articles from plastisol foams, which articles have a thickness of greater than one inch, difficulty has been encountered in that the thicker

Apr , The sandwich comprises a fiberglass reinforced plywood plastic unit having one or both facings which are in the form of a sheet or film of a Xentex by the Xentex Company, a division of Exxon Enterprises, Inc Londonderry, N.H From the Xentex literature, it appears that the panels are self skinning foam

Apr , A polyvinyl chloride (PVC) composition is provided, comprising an epoxy system, with a heat distortion temperature (HDT) of above °C In an embodiment of the invention the PVC is a rigid PVC In an embodiment of the invention, the PVC resin is at K value, of between and In an embodiment of the

The selection of a suitable chemical blowing agent compound for forming cellular or foamed plastic products is commonly made with reference to the In atmospheric or in open mold blowing operations, such as in blowing or forming cellular sheets or layers on a carrier sheet, from to parts per parts of the resin

Jul , A method for manufacturing a starch foam is provided A mixture is mixed to form a foamable mixture The mixture includes a starch, a nucleating agent, and a foaming agent The foamable mixture is foamed to form a foam The starch includes a cereal or a root crop The cereal includes rice, wheat or corn.

, M I TREATMENT OF UREA FORMALDEHYDE RESIN FOAM Leonard S Meyer, Toledo, Ohio, assignor to Libbey Owens Ford Glass Company, Toledo, Ohio, The solution is whipped to a foam of the desired specific gravity and is allowed to harden in any desired shape to form a sheet, a block II oranother body of

, WITNESS FOR VEHICLE RECLINING CHAIRS Sheets Sheet INVENTORS ATTORNEY United States Patent Office Patented August , The resilience than the body of the backrest, the! steps of flexing a thick rectangular foam headrest cushion of low density type .fo arnable plastic .materialto bend, the

Apr , The present invention relates to a method and apparatus for sealing the edges of corrugated plastic material Description of the Related Art It has long been known that boxes and containers could be produced from substantially flat sheets of material having fold lines U.S Pat No ,,, issued Dec.

Jan , Pvc stabilizer composition and process for manufacture of the composition WO A Abstract After approximately to grams of zinc oxide had been added the mixture had begun to foam vigorously and some pentaerythritol was lost due to sublimation minutes after all the zinc oxide

In the manufacture of boat hulls, it would be desirable to fill the bilge area and side walls with foamed plastic This would have several significant These all may be fabricated from fiexible sheets of molded, translucent fiber glass contoured to seat in the hull sections for which they are designed They share the common

(Cl ) This invention relates to a method of manufacture and more particularly to a method of insulating refrigerator cabinets and other insulation spaces This excellent insulating efiiciency, the lightweight and structure reinforcing ability of substantially rigid foam materials has been recognized However, when these

Jun , The rails and stiles are connected using dowels in addition to adhesives, or, alternatively, using screws and traditional mortise and tenon joints Holes are drilled into the stiles and then screws are driven into the rails from within the holes The holes are then filled with foamed plastic plugs over the screws.

A TTORNE YS United States Patent O ,, METHUD F MANUFACTURING REINFORCED PLASTIC SHEET William R Mclelvy, Atlanta, Ga assignor to Lamex, Inc Norcross, Ga a corporation of Georgia Filed Mar Pressure roll has a resilient surface and is preferably made of rubber, e.g foamed rubber.

Apr , Texas researchers found foam padding in crib mattresses release significant amounts of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) The mattress samples are from manufacturers The researchers What about new carpet what about new plastic water prooof sheets toys, and nylon sheets

A further object of the present invention is to reduce the expense of construction of casket units by utilizing improved manufacturing techniques and readily obtainable and The plastic foam and sheet material are disposed, in a manner to be explained, in individual units which are completely sealed against the elements.

May , The present invention relates to a material for thermal and or acoustic insulation comprising an expanded elastomeric and or thermoplastic elastomer A process for manufacturing the claimed material according to claim wherein the material (A) is expanded and given shape to preferably tube or sheet,

Sep , We have developed a new article of manufacture and a method of making such a article of manufacture which we call microcellular foam Our microcellular The resulting sheet had a uniform microcellular structure with average cell size of m, as determined by scanning electron microscopy The void

Jan , A foam plastics sheet material having a decorative relief finish, such as a wallcovering comprising a substrate web with a foam coating characterised in that some at least of lA, B, C and D show sections taken in the steps of manufacturing a material corresponding to the first way mentioned above.

May , This paper describes the typical processes and materials that are used in instrument panel manufacturing Included are ,, These comprise plastic facing sheets on one or both faces of a rigid foam core with fibrous glass fiber mat material mechanically connecting the facing sheet to the core.

A dispensing nozzle is disclosed for use on a mixing head of the type employed in blending and dispensing polymerizable liquid components, especially in the manufacture of foamed plastic products The nozzle is continuously self cleaning without need for solvent flushing, making possible long periods of operation free of

Mar , Also, the present process and resulting article of manufacture joins the PVC tapes and polystyrene sheets to the foam with PVC flexible joints and water resistant glue which not suggested in the references The process and resulting article of manufacture use a shrinkable sheath that accepts the board