how to install tongue and groove flooring

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, planked floor notched heat vent Once we had fit all the planks down, we used a pneumatic nail gun to drive nails in, and tried to be pretty regular about where we put them Tip Since we were going for a rustic look, we tried to get the boards to fit together as tightly as we could, but we didn t sweat it too

Ask This Old House general contractor Tom Silva helps a homeowner patch a hardwood floor to make it look seamless Lay out the rest of the flooring, but be sure to stagger the joints so they do not line up Use the What would be the instructions for patching a tongue and groove wood floor when there is no subfloor

An underlayment is spread on the floor, and the tongue and groove boards are adhered to one another during installation There are few scenarios where we recommend this type of installation But for the few, sometimes the floating floor is the way to go Primarily you ll use a floating application where you cannot fasten to

, From this point forward, you can use full length planks It should be noted at this point that some laminate requires the tongue and groove attachment of the planks to be glued This is really a personal preference but does result in a more durable one piece floor Now it s just a matter of laying (and gluing if

, Careful planning is necessary to choose and install a wide plank floor, but the end result is a truly one of a kind impression on your room The tongue and groove joint will allow for movement across the width as long as an expansion gap is left between the boards Make sure your client is aware that the

, It was originally glued in place, but everything you find today sort of locks in place with a tongue and groove system The individual planks or tiles are said to be floating because a layer of foam material is used between the sub floor and what you are installing to reduce sound and moisture For more in

, We knew our floor boards were tongue and groove so we couldn t just pull up one board without those little tongues and grooves messing things up for the boards in perfectly good condition And he s using needle nose pliers and our cat s paw is laying right there so you might need those for this part, too.

, A little sidenote I opted for the tongue and groove planks instead of just plain old pine planks for a couple of reasons First, they re cheaper always a bonus But the biggest reason was because, while I love the look of a planked wall with those tiny little crevices in between each plank, this is a kitchen.

, If you ve ever put in the effort of tongue and groove flooring installation, you know what a challenge it can be Not only is your body in an uncomfortable posture bent at the back, weight on your knees for long periods of time, but then there s the standing up and kneeling down again for trips to the saw for

, Oak Hardwood Tongue and Groove In the shot above, I m installing a pre finished oak hardwood floor more than a decade ago I used Bruce flooring material, and the planks are all fabricated with tongue grove sides they re engineered to fit into each other for a nice snug and precise fit This is

, .aside for.a.year hardwood floor top I recently dug it out of storage, and decided to use some spare hardwood flooring on it for a top I was short one board using full length boards I had t rip the tongue off of one of the boards, and the groove off of another tools needed I worked on putting the