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Oct , Speaking of trade deals, General Motors strike at the CAMI Assembly plant in Ingersoll, Ontario appears to be going nowhere, with the roadblock being tensions over trade relations between the U.S Canada and Mexico, Bloomberg reports Here s what the issue is, according to the news site s source at

Mar , I might be able to answer the question, having owned a dome for a number of years on Shoe Lake in Muskoka, Ontario My dome was built by an engineer who was impressed with the big American Pavilion at Expo in Montreal It was amazing bit of engineering every triangle was made in his garage

Dec , But for almost a year now, the library s decrepit maroon garage door has been rolled shut In December , Egyptian security forces raided the library The brand, West Louis, seemed like another one of the small clothing companies that has me tagged in the vast Facebook advertising ecosystem as

Under a City of Toronto By law and the Ontario Fire Code it is necessary for the owners of all residential Units that have a working fireplace to install a carbon (Because of the requirements of our security system, personal in car garage door openers cannot be programed to open the garage door it opens only with a fob

Dec , In Ontario, if she d bought OPCF , her insurance policy would cover damage to a borrowed or rented vehicle But, for it to I once had a case where a teenager crashed the car into the garage door and his parents had him charged with car theft the insurance company went after him for the damages .

Oct , There is an old business adage that it is easier to keep an existing customer than find a new one It seems many auto makers subscribe to this philosophy According to recent research conducted by Google Think Auto, approximately per cent of Canadian car buyers are brand loyalists, whereas per

Review by Galen B in Rancho Cucamonga, CA Project Install or Replace a Garage Door Opener Comments Project completed the same day even though I had eight foot doors The installer had no problem Edit Review by Kristie D in Ontario, CA Project Repair a Garage Door Comments Tony was

Mar , Some roofing companies buy their own shaping machines so they can buy rolls of plain galvanized steel and crank the stuff out right on the job site a lot of things in the house the first time (computer, all networking equipment, expensive ham radio equipment, garage door opener, and lots of other stuff).

Mar , Looking to add an awesome freestanding garage to your property They can make it happen Want a backyard In fact, it s possible to get an uninsulated container (with a door and a window cut into it) plopped onto your property for less than five grand. Use it all summer and then winterize it yourself in

Sep , Miraculously, I managed to shimmy my garage door open somehow and got in through my garage not long after I was honestly so In Ontario, there is no licensing or official guild for locksmiths, anybody in a truck can call themselves a locksmith and put an ad in the yellow pages (or online) Best bet for

Additionally, think about all of the other handyman like service businesses out there such as garage door repair, lawn care, locksmith, home security installers, masons, and many more These businesses all focus on a specific service and are still highly profitable As a handyman, you are typically going to have a much

Oct , In Ontario, that s the Ontario Building Code (OBC) In particular, the windows will need to meet the new window standard AAMA WDMA CSA I.S A, NAFS North American Fenestration Standard Specification for Windows, Doors, and Skylights, including the Canadian supplement NAFS sets

Nov , While the company has long used a traditional agent model, more drivers are relying on do it yourself rate shopping hyped by companies such as Geico and Progressive State Farm, on the other hand, was a quieter, reliable sort of brandand that isn t always the thing that gets you noticed, said Tim Van

Garage walls often have exposed framing, says Tiplady, but if yours are finished, you ll need to cut away the drywall to see what s behind it In Barrington, Tiplady installed a larger header above the garage door to help carry the load of the rooms above, and put in a support beam for the addition s floor joists For the

Jun , This action led to the image of dark grey smoke leaving the building Looking from the front side of the building, less smoke was seen leaving the building through the only partially open garage door This also meant that more fresh air would be sucked into the building through this door, even though this is

Home insurance premiums are sure to rise as insurance companies shell out more for claims, especially with so much high value property in vulnerable areas, particularly along the Atlantic and Gulf Secure Garage Doors If the door fails on an attached garage, the wind can rush in and literally blow your house apart.

Dec , at the time Burien Police conducting surveillance of frequent package theft areas Burgled Burien resident left garage door open, wants his stolen tools back District announces recommendation for Highline High School s new north wall Burien City Council wants to know where the next airport will be