wood versus vinyl siding

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Apr , BEFORE We have changed our house in two phases over the years we started with pink trim, painted it white and added black wood shutters that we made, then we changed out the lighting We were infested with bats in our attic and behind our year old vinyl siding, says Houzz user donna.

Jun , Most interior fires originate from the improper or careless use of electric items (heaters, hot plates, power extension cords) smoking materials such as The first floor front of the house was finished with textured stone and a combination of wood × sheathing covered with vinyl siding around the rest of

Front porch columns and porch posts are commonly made from wood, fiberglass, vinyl, aluminum, stone, or other materials In fact, you can use almost any material for porch columns as long as they meet load bearing requirements Not only do porch columns serve an important structural role, they also come in various

There are several mobile home siding options to choose from such as stone, wood, cedar, metal, and vinyl Your choices are endless! In this article, we Using Wood or Cedar as Mobile Home Siding Wood or natural cedar is a good choice for manufactured home siding, whether for the entire home or just as an accent.

LP SmartsSide Siding affordable siding option that I needed to learn more about It resists insects and rot, is lightweight, and is flawless when compared to real wood siding For my durability test I chose to look at three low maintenance siding options Cement board, LP SmartSide and Vinyl siding I secured a piece of

Apr , Its widespread use has dwindled as other siding materials, including steel, aluminum, composite, and vinyl siding have taken over the siding market wood (wood products and other materials pressed together), and is a type of plywood siding that comes as T wood siding, or T cedar siding.

Jan , This style of wood siding is easily identified by its distinct shadow lines By name, it is called Dutch Lap, German Lap, or even Novelty Siding While this may cause confusion, it is clear, however, that its unique look inspired one of its numerous successors most popular profiles (See Dutch Lap Vinyl

As a renovation contractor I see Carpenter Ants in just about every home I work on, mostly around damp wood as a result of water intrusion or lack of proper maintenance When you think about the Some kinds of ants prefer to nest behind exterior siding or wood trim that has been damaged by moisture Ant entry can be

If you are ready for a new look consider the many benefits of re siding your mobile home with fiber cement Related See the Homeowner s Guide to Mobile Home Siding Re Siding Your Mobile Home with Fiber Cement can Mean Lower Maintenance for You Whether the mobile home is currently sided in wood or vinyl,

Repairing Large Holes or Cracks Use a utility knife to cut the nailing strip off the top of a piece of matching siding that s larger than the hole or crack, then attach it on top of the damaged piece with construction adhesive Another option is to use the zip tool to remove the damaged piece of vinyl siding, and replace it with a

Joints are fastened at abutting sheet edges and optionally covered by polyvinyl chloride (PVC) joint treatment, lumber battens or sealant Unlike vinyl siding that is toxic to manufacture and difficult to recycle, aluminum siding that is costly to manufacture and expensive to mine, and wood siding that

May , Some builders replicate this technique by siding the home with stained plywood and covering the seams with xs Reclaimed materials Another possibility is to look at reclaimed wood or other materials to side your house Barn wood is a common alternative Also, imagine a tiny house covered in old

Every spring, the paint in one section of our cedar siding bubbles and comes off in sheets, right down to the bare wood Missing or damaged flashing, a leaking roof, and water vapor from inside the house due to inadequate ventilation are some of the possible sources, and they need How to Repair Melted Vinyl Siding.

May , And if you like the look of vinyl siding it does certainly transform the look of a building And once installed vinyl doesn t ever need painting Whether it s windows or siding, vinyl does not need a protective coating of paint Wood, for all it s benefits, requires painting or coating of some sort to protect it from the

Vinyl Windows and Vinyl Siding Can a house with plastic components be considered green Posted on Aug by Martin Holladay Is this window green Vinyl windows have captured the lion s share of the residential window market, outselling windows with wood, aluminum, or fiberglass frames.

Mar , A miniature backyard skate park, indoor basketball court or basement lounge complete with a stripper pole and smoke machine are the sorts of Vinyl siding projects were expected to return more than percent of costs A wood deck addition is expected to make back percent of its price tag.

Mar , If you will be installing vinyl or hardboard siding, then it is smart to stay with a neutral color regardless of how long you plan to be in the home Siding can last years, Dark brown homes, either in siding, paint or wood siding that is stained, makes buyers think of the s They strongly prefer lighter

Apr , Most raised beds available today are made of cedar, recycled plastic or a composite material using wood flour and polypropylene Although you can fashion a raised bed out of I would like to start an organic garden bed What are your thoughts about vinyl garden beds, like this one offered by Costco

Aug , If you have a wood frame house with any kind of wood siding (clapboards, shiplap, board and batten, shingles, etc.) Decks (Low pressure) Railings (Low pressure) Wood Fences (Medium pressure) Vinyl Fences (Medium pressure Asphalt (Medium pressure) Concrete Driveways Sidewalks (High

Jan , Three different siding replacement projects landed in the top , including fiber cement siding, expected to return percent of costs, vinyl siding, Cost vs Value is a registered trademark of Hanley Wood, LLC HouseLogic is a free source of information and tools from the National Association of